So, how ’bout them Giants?

Ok, so I’m not a huge football fan, but I’ll watch it here and there and will usually watch it more around this time when it’s SUPER exciting…just like a few years ago. I mean, I did just learn the jist of the game 4 years ago and am STILL learning!

This past Sunday was the 1st football game I watched (almost in its entirety…mommy duties, y’all) and I’m glad I did! We now live in the midwest and while I’m sure everyone and their mothers around us were routing for the Packers, I just couldn’t do it. I routed for one of my old home teams, the NY Giants. Everyone had their money on the Packers (15-1), I’m sure, but the Giants (7-7) proved everyone wrong, again and won the NFC title with a Final Score of 37-20. Now, let’s see how they do next week vs. the 49ers.

Wish I got my Eli Manning jersey before we left NJ…everything’s sold out in my size! Then again, I’d probably get crazy, sideways looks over here. teehee…

If you’d like to read more, here’s the official NYTimes article.


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