Mac & Cheese AND Veggies!

Mac n Cheese n Veggies!

That, right there folks, is how I justify giving my girls (boxed) Mac & Cheese. OK, you gourmet foodies can shudder at the thought of BOXED! MACARONI! AND! CHEESE! BOXED!!!

Their old pediatrician back in NJ used to always push us to “…feed them more fruits and veggies, etc! Don’t always get fast food, don’t always give macaroni and cheese, etc.” And, as a sidenote, we do a lot of home cooked meals. Problem is, I did realize we didn’t put a lot of veggies or have veggies at all! So now, pDaddy and I are trying to make that conscious effort of having veggies at every meal – especially at home. But, I didn’t want to deprive them of their favorite macaroni cheese so, we compromised. They can have mac & cheese as long as they eat veggies too. What’s easier that putting the 2 or 3 together? The pic above is mac & cheese with kale and spinach.

Here’s how it’s done –
Rinse kale and remove stalk and spine. Toss w/garlic salt.
Boil macaroni and add some salt (I like garlic salt) and kale. Kale takes a bit to cook, so I thought it best to just boil it w/the macaroni.
Once macaroni is cooked, drain both and prep according to box instructions.
I put the butter AND baby spinach so that the heat from macaroni and kale can cook the spinach / wilt it a little bit.
Add Cheese and Milk and VOILA! Semi-healthy boxed mac & cheese 🙂

It’s not the best meal out there, but it works for my girls and they get veggies AND it’s quick 😉


Your thoughts?

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