Bringing back the Cam…

Since the advent of phone cameras and the fact that they now come in higher and higher megapixel resolutions, I’ve gotten into a rut habit of taking pics with my phone and not a camera-camera.

It’s just SO much more convenient and sometimes, faster, but of course, not as great a quality as taken from a DSLR or even a point and shoot sometimes. So, I’m going to start partaking in photo challenges again to get back into taking pics AND reacquainting myself with our good ol’ DSLR, the Canon Rebel EOS that has been pretty abandoned since we got the 7D last year. Sure, the screen is smaller and whatever else that makes it “weaker” than the 7D, but it still gets the job done 😉 I’ll also be trying to use our point and shoot – Canon Elph 300 HS.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not totally giving up my phone camera…how else could I capture pics such as these?

By the time I get my camera turned on and ready, I would have missed this face!

Shrimpie's "bungisngis" face

or she would have climbed out of the pot by the time I got my camera!

Shrimp in a Pot

Shrimp in a Pot


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