In Love w/Rouge in Love…and Lancome

It should go on record that it took me a few days to write up this post due to all the links, apprehension of posting so many shots of my face (almost sickening, right? um yeah, ALMOST. lol) and well, life happens… Thing is, I liked talking about beauty and skincare and my finds…so hmm…will be the 1st or the last? Only time will tell, right? Because again, LIFE HAPPENS. I’m now a Mom to 4 – 3 girls (ages 6, 4 and 18 months) and 1 7wk old puppy…

Emma Watson for Lancome's Rouge in Love lipstick line

Emma Watson for Lancome's Rouge in Love lipstick line

Thanks to In Style magazine, Emma Watson’s ad pictured on the left ( (aka “Hermione” in “Harry Potter”) and Michelle Phan, I’m now more aware of Lancome products and decided to give their new lipstick line, Rouge in Love, a try. Doesn’t hurt that our local department store was also giving away free gifts with purchase.

At first, I wanted a springy color and so I tried on and liked “Roses in Love”, but, they didn’t have any in stock so I’m waiting for my order to arrive (actually, just got delivered). I remember it’s a brighter pink that I’m used to, but a nice pop of color change for spring.

Then, I came back the couple of days later and tried other colors and fell in love with “Cocoa Couture”.
Lancome's Rouge in Love in "Cocoa Couture"

It’s hard to see from the picture, but it’s a brownish-red or reddish-brown. I’ve been on a hunt for a deep red or brick red and this seems to have hit the nail on the head. Of course, depending on the lighting, it’s either more brown or more red, but I still like it. It’s almost like a throwback to the 90s. Who remembers Brenda Walsh on 90210? Or Tejana sensation Selena? I haven’t found her red in 1 tube (I can combine 2 sephora shades to get it) so my search is still kind of on, but for now, I’m happy with this one.

Me w/Lancome's "Rouge in Love" in "Cocoa Couture"
Natural light inside the bathroom (yes, I know I have dark circles under my eyes… not fond of using concealer…mainly b/c I haven’t found my right match and I’m usually rushing).

Bathroom mirror.

Outside natural light (car visor).

After a few hours and drinking tea
After a few hours and drinking tea and water.

crooked sunglasses...thanks uneven ears!  lol

Wore off a bit and you can see my dry lips coming out from under, but it’s more red than brown now.

Still, I’m in love w/Rouge in Love 🙂 It goes on nicely and is creamy and soft (my dry lips were dry already prior to using Rouge in Love) and it lasts a long time…not quite 6 hours, but long enough.

Also, I’m using their Dual Finish powder as my foundation…not bad, but again, my face is oily so I need to use a whole bunch of other stuff to control it still. So, here’s a pic of that w/the freebies.

L-R: Blue bag in the back, Dual Finish powder (NOT a freebie), Visionnaire, Moisturizer, Eyelash Primer, Eyeshadow Quad and the pic below has the lippie.

Lancome Color Design in Love It
Color Design in “Love it” (which, I also love, by the way)…

And, not even 1 day old, here’s Shrimp’s artwork. Apparently, lipstick needs to be lip-shaped as well:

I think I’m turning into a Lancome convert…Not pictured in the freebie above is the face wash it came with…Creme Mousse Confort. It’s for dry skin, but I tried and I love it! Love, LOVE, LOOOOVE the smell! I also ended up getting the toner too – Tonique Radiance – which also smells sooo good!

Still pretty oily though…probably need a different cleanser. The only thing is, I hope my aesthetician lets me use all of these Lancome products. She was kind of keen me using their products 😦 Guess we’ll find out.

I never thought of myself as Lancome loving, but I believe I am now.

Foundation: Lancome Dual Finish in “Buff II” via Bergner’s
Eyebrows: Anastasia – Beauty Express in “Brunette” via Sephora
Eyeliner: Jordana retractable in “Smokey” via Walgreens
Eyebrow Shape: waxed by some girl I will never go back to. Not used to them being that thin AND super un-even!
Mascara: Maybelline Falsies in “Blackest Black”
Lip Color: Lancome Rouge in Love in “Cocoa Couture” via Bergner’s department store
Nails (orange): Sally Hansen “Crushed” via Target
Nails (dark): Opi “I’m Fondue of You” via nail salon 😉
Sunnies: Ray Ban – Cockpit via Sunglass Hut
Earrings: Pearls from Street Vendor on “The Boulevard” – Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, Visayas – Philippines
Sweatshirt: Blue Hoodie – Polo by Ralph Lauren circa 2007
Orange Longsleeve: Old Navy circa 2006
Green Contacts: Fresh Look Colorblends – Green via
Necklace: Tiffany’s – Elsa Perreti Cross

WW: Buddy

Ok, I’m 1 day behind w/Wordful Wednesday…Besides working and being a WAHM and that the big girl is home from Spring Break this week which leaves me all 3 at home during the day, I’ve got this little guy now too…In case you haven’t met him yet, his name is BUDDY…

Buddy @ 6wks 6 days

He’s a sleepy pup, but I guess they all are at this age. I haven’t a clue, this is my 1st puppy / dog / 4-legged friend…Poor pDaddy is training Buddy and the rest of us at the same time…ahahah…

Everyone thinks he’s a Golden Retriever, but he’s a Fox Red Lab and he just happens to be 7 weeks today! Happy 7 Weeks, Bud! Once he wakes up after his nap (again), I’ll try to get more pics of him. He does need his 7 week portrait…lol

(pics above were from yesterday where he was 6 wks and 6 days).

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New Addition – Cuteness Overload!

I’ve had posts (in my head) lined up…posts about shoes, skincare, makeup, spring break, activities, etc…I wanted to do them late last week and maybe over the weekend when he had some downtime…Instead, I’ve been a bit preoccupied b/c pDaddy decided he would surprise us on Thursday night…with this guy:


Everyone, meet Buddy…the newest addition to our family! He’s a Fox Red Lab and is about 6.5 weeks old now. pDaddy and I always talked about getting a yellow lab, later in at some point in the future. But, I guess he’s been searching and fell in love w/this lil guy…as have the girls and I. I’m still holding back a lil b/c I don’t want Shrimpie getting jealous and because I’ve never had a 4-legged friend before…just some fish and birds and bunnies…never a dog. Don’t have a clue how to take care of one, but I’m learning. Good thing he still likes to sleep a lot 🙂

Buddy's naptime

I think what did pDaddy in, besides his cute puppy dog eyes, are Shrimp’s love of dogs. Our best friends back in NJ have a lil cute Shitzu and she would laugh and giggle and wouldn’t be able to contain her excitement around her. I’d feel so bad for that dog b/c Shrimp would always try to tug on her fur, ears, tail, etc…Anytime Shrimp sees a dog she gets all happy and giddy and just uber excited. I think this pic, captures what I’m trying to say best:

Buddy & Shrimpie

I love how she looks like she’s playing “Follow the Leader” too. eheheheh

Now, apparently, National Puppy Day was on Friday, 03.23 and I wish we knew because we added the cuteness that is Buddy on Thursday, 3/22 (when he turned 6 weeks old).  So, Buddy, Belated Happy National Puppy Day! How can you not love this lil guy? Check out these puppy dog eyes!


WW: 18 Months

shrimpie w/heels
This past Monday, my lil Shrimpie-pie (aka Shrimpie aka Shrimpipay aka Shrimp) turned 18 months…already! 18 months and I still haven’t written up her birth story. Poor gal came around w/bad timing w/regards to me blogging. Actually, her active lil self is one of the reasons that kept me from blogging…along with, say, moving out of state and having to pack up a whole house by myself for 6 weeks…and whatever else.

Anyway, since I’ve got Mom-Guilt all over me for not posting her birth story or each and every milestone (she started walking at 8.5 months, just in case you were wondering) or first word (which, of course, was “da-da”. In fact, she just started calling me “mommy” at 14 months) or when she cut her first tooth (ummm…I’ll have to dig up my planner for this one), here are some pics of Shrimp in 6 month increments 🙂

Shrimpie born…09.19.2010 at 9lbs 12.4oz (yes, I needed an Emergency C-Section!) Her Aunt nicknamed her “siopao” after this pic (“siopao” = chinese white steamed pork buns) b/c of her round cheeks and roundness in general. Yeah, “Shrimp” my arse…more like “Jumbo Shrimp” or “Prawnie” or “Lobster”. In the end, “shrimpie” still stuck as her nickname. Do you know she still doesn’t know her real name? We’ve tried calling her by it and she doesn’t even budge. We’ll work on that, eventually.
shrimp born

Next few are Shrimpie at 6 months:
shrimpie 6 months

shrimpie 6 months - yum

In distress b/c she HATED her playpen:
shrimp @6months

This is Shrimp on her 1st birthday dinner celebration at our old house. This was such a happy, yet sad time for us. Happy because she turned 1, but sad because pDaddy and Beans were already in Illinois so could only join us via Skype…
shrimp 1

And here is she is…at 18 months – donning Razz’ heels and Beans’ TKD helmet…Makes me wonder, will she be all out girlie-girl princess like Razz or “sporty spice” like Beans? In these pics, she’s the best of both :):
shrimpie 18 months w/heels & helmet

shrimpie w/TKD helmet

Don’t let her shy and demure “look” fool you. She is one rambunctious child who, more than once, has climbed up the stairs (pre-gate), climbs on top of coffee and dining room tables and chairs and couches and you name it. This girl has NO FEAR. She knows how to work her charm too. When she is being reprimanded, she will bat her lashes, wave and say “hi” then proceed to hug you. Never a boring day with this one, that’s for sure. Sorry for not writing your Birth Story yet, Shrimpie-baby…maybe by the time you’re 2, or 20, I’ll get it up and done. It’s an interesting story, that’s for sure…

Wordful Wednesday Post…

Join us by clicking that link and linking up via Angie’s blog! It’s for those of us who can’t do “wordLESS Wednesdays”…share your pics and talk to your heart’s delight!

Too Old For This!

Last week, out of nowhere, I broke out. All of a sudden, I had 3 pimples. I don’t know if it’s because it’s getting warm out and my overly oily face is producing oil at a faster rate or because I’ve been working out and sweating and not always able to
jump into the shower right away (ahhhh motherhood) or the fact that I’m just being reminded that I was (and maybe, still am) a late bloomer.

Late bloomer w/huge pores 😦 Ugh, I’m putting myself out here…this is a pretty close-close up of my skin and how horrid it has become. I had NO idea that skincare included facials at least once a month and that exfoliating should be done once a week…maybe 2-3 if you have oily skin like I do…Oh and let’s not forget masks…once a week. Yes, I went on a skincare research overload and all of this, I only learned about last summer. I always thought facials were just for relaxing and pampering. I don’t remember Mum going through all of this, but then I just realized she has visible pores too. I guess she didn’t know either.

As part of my resolutions, I’m trying to take better care of myself so, I’m off to get a facial tonight…or a peel or something. Whatever. I’m going to see an aesthetician(sp?) for a consultation and we’ll see what the next steps are. I just hope there’s some hope left. I know there’s no way that I’ll ever have small pores again, but I hope there’s something that can be done to even out the texture of my face.

Note to all of you out there, especially you young ones who think you have perfect skin – which may, now: NEVER go to bed w/o washing your face or at least removing your make up. I’m told, and I’ve read, that’s the #1 cause for clogging pores and making them huge!

I only really started wearing make up a few years ago (and still not everyday), but never really made it a habit of taking my make-up off (don’t judge!). I used to have porcelain skin way back when…all I would wear was maybe powder. I couldn’t figure out how to apply foundation and I’m actually still learning…So, I never had to remove make up (because I barely ever wore it) or never found it necessary to wash my face before bed (again, don’t judge me!). I’m so paying for it now 😦

Let’s file this under: “Things I know now”…and “I wish I knew then”…and “Older = Wiser”.

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WW: Pumped Up Kix…

WORDFUL WEDNESDAY TIME AGAIN, FOLKS! I actually missed last week because I was too busy running around to get things in order before pDaddy left us for a long weekend in NJ. Anywho, for more WW entries, check out Angie’s Blog over at

Talks around these here parts are saying we could be reaching record temps today! We are set to hit the 80s…the EIGHTIES! IN EARLY MARCH?!?!? Holy cannoli, Batman! We skipped spring and went to summer in 1 day!

It was SO beautiful out yesterday that pDaddy and I were just talking yesterday about seeing if we could find a used jogging stroller(s) so we can get to working out together and have our girls with us too! I think I might just go and hide in the air conditioned gym! I’m such a wus, I know…I have a hard time w/heat and sweating. Cool climate and sweating (aka in a gym), I’ll be ok with.

I actually did (FINALLY) start working out in early February, about a month behind from my resolutions, but better late than never. I’ve tried to at least go 3x/week and even went once while in Chicago for the weekend (mid-Feb). It’s so very rare for me to workout while on vacay – even if it’s just a couple of days. Of course, the amount of eating that was done in Chicago and the week after (Mum was w/us and, either she was cookin’ up some yummy stuff or, we kept taking her out to eat) totally negated all my working out that I did in the earlier 2 weeks. In fact, it’s taken me almost a month to get back to the weight that I was at the day we left for Chicago (finally got back to it today!). I didn’t stress it though, I could tell I was losing b/c my clothes were fitting differently.

I’ve mostly just been on the treadmill trying to build up strength and resistance and getting familiar with it all again. I started the Couch to 5K running program last week, but only did it 2x since pDaddy went away for the weekend and this gym doesn’t have childcare. I was going to start Week 1 all over again this week, but Daylight Savings Time was Sunday. We moved forward 1 hour and now it’s dark at 5:30am instead of the bit of light I used to see before. I keep hitting that darn snooze and I keep running late. Still, 1 mile (give or take) is better than 0.

In the first few weeks, since I couldn’t really keep up, I decided I would sort of speedwalk on an incline…Did you know you lose more calories on an incline than when not? I didn’t know that and so when I figured it out, I kept up this incline, but noticed I was kind of cheating. I kept holding on the bars and I guess, to get the full effect, you’re not supposed to. I did notice one thing though, my calves. I wish I measured my calves before I started all this because I really feel like they’ve gotten bigger – not happy about that AT ALL.

Besides the weight I didn’t lose which (I HOPE) is turning to muscle, I also thought maybe it could be my sneakers. Meet my Nike Shox Turbo + 12:

Nike Shox Turbo + 12

Now, pDaddy got these for me and I LOVE.LOVE.LOVE them! I could wear them when I’m feeling my casual, sporty self and they’re comfy, but they are 12.4oz. So, I thought, let me look for a lighter pair. Besides, I want to see where I can really go with this running thing. I’ve been able to go a little faster (5.7-5.9) than when I first started (struggled at 5.0). So, now I’m trying to “run” more and lessen the incline, still, maybe a lighter shoe will help me go faster and also lessen the calf muscle development.

After communicating w/the people from Nike via twitter (@NikeRunning and @nikeplus), I went for their suggestion of the Nike Lunaracer +.
New Kicks...Nike Lunaracer +

Ordered from on Friday night and received yesterday. I wasn’t sure about the PINK (the only color they come in…I think…well, in my size anyway), but I actually love the color! And yes, they are SUPER LIGHT at just 4.6 oz! BUT…too snug 😦 I’m usually a 7…sometimes 7.5 and I ordered a 7.5. I thought, maybe I’ll just have to break them in and they’ll stretch. I originally ordered 7s for my Shox and exchanged for 7.5. 7.5 felt perfect, but now that they’re broken in, they’re actually a little loose.

I brought these new Lunaracers with me to the gym this morning and wore them from the locker room to the treadmill and already, my feet felt so trapped in them. That’s walking all of 8 feet. I ordered these in 7.5, but I guess I’ll need to order them in an 8. I just wish they fit me right already so I could start seeing where my running can really be (and again, to keep my calves from getting any bigger…if it’s actually my sneakers that are doin’ it).

Well, I’m just happy the working out thing is FINALLY coming to fruition. It took over a month, but I’m here now. I just need to be able to keep up with it and keep eating healthier. I just need to not keep goin’ for delicious dark chocolate almonds!!!! All in all, I think I’m doin’ pretty well with my resolutions, if I should say so myself…

PS – Photos were taken using the Flickr App on my Android phone and then applying the TOKYO filter…me likey!