You Capture: Doors (and Duck Tape and Dora)

Beth over at (issues w/the site right now though) hosts “You Capture” every Thursday and each week is a different theme. Haven’t done this in quite some time, but I decided to come back and join this week…but to my dismay, the theme was “Doors”.

Doors? I am a WAHM mom who now lives in an apartment in Central Illinois after moving here from NJ in October. Thus, we haven’t ventured to too many places that would have exquisite doors…doors worth taking artistic photos of. I read “Doors” as the theme and immediately thought of ornate wooden doors…doors of St. Patrick’s Cathedral…doors of a NY Skyscraper (or Chicago, actually). So, I looked around and saw this:

dishwasher door full

That would be our Dishwasher Door…with what you say? Look a bit closer:

dishwasher door

Yup, that’s our Dishwasher Door w/Duck Tape!

Why, prey tell would we have that? Well, lil Miss Shrimpie is definitely more curious than her 2 older sisters ever were at her age. Then again, we never had a dishwasher in our old house (yes, I have dishpan hands 😦 ). Anyway, she’s opening all cabinets, playing with electrical sockets and outlets and sticking her hand in garbage and toilet bowls. She’s also quite the climber and loves the stairs and climbing on furniture. So, where as we baby proofed electrical outlets and added corner guards to our furniture for the older 2, we really didn’t have to. With Shrimp? We HAD to. We HAVE to make sure all outlets are covered. We need to make sure corner guards are on. We need to make sure gates for the stairs (at the top AND bottom) are locked. We need to always make sure she’s not climbing furniture. We needed to add cabinet locks to all cabinets and drawers within her reach. AND, yup, we have to always have Duck Tape on Dishwasher Door. I know it looks ghetto-fabulous, but I haven’t found any locks in the stores that could be used for it. pDaddy came up with the idea w/duck tape b/c he and I got sick of washing dishes over and over b/c she would open the dishwasher and empty it out and put things in her mouth and well, you get the picture. Of course, there’s also that chance of having a knife in there…yeah, no biggie.

See what I mean?
shrimp opening dishwasher
NEVER a dull moment with this girl. I thought the other 2 kept me on my toes…I had NO idea.

Again, no ornate, beautiful doors around here, but I couldn’t just post a dishwasher door. So, um, here you go…Doors from Dora’s kitchen!

dora kitchen doors2

dora kitchen

Happy Capturing!

To view more YOU CAPTURE entries, check out BETH over (when it comes back up, of course).


Your thoughts?

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