Too Old For This!

Last week, out of nowhere, I broke out. All of a sudden, I had 3 pimples. I don’t know if it’s because it’s getting warm out and my overly oily face is producing oil at a faster rate or because I’ve been working out and sweating and not always able to
jump into the shower right away (ahhhh motherhood) or the fact that I’m just being reminded that I was (and maybe, still am) a late bloomer.

Late bloomer w/huge pores 😦 Ugh, I’m putting myself out here…this is a pretty close-close up of my skin and how horrid it has become. I had NO idea that skincare included facials at least once a month and that exfoliating should be done once a week…maybe 2-3 if you have oily skin like I do…Oh and let’s not forget masks…once a week. Yes, I went on a skincare research overload and all of this, I only learned about last summer. I always thought facials were just for relaxing and pampering. I don’t remember Mum going through all of this, but then I just realized she has visible pores too. I guess she didn’t know either.

As part of my resolutions, I’m trying to take better care of myself so, I’m off to get a facial tonight…or a peel or something. Whatever. I’m going to see an aesthetician(sp?) for a consultation and we’ll see what the next steps are. I just hope there’s some hope left. I know there’s no way that I’ll ever have small pores again, but I hope there’s something that can be done to even out the texture of my face.

Note to all of you out there, especially you young ones who think you have perfect skin – which may, now: NEVER go to bed w/o washing your face or at least removing your make up. I’m told, and I’ve read, that’s the #1 cause for clogging pores and making them huge!

I only really started wearing make up a few years ago (and still not everyday), but never really made it a habit of taking my make-up off (don’t judge!). I used to have porcelain skin way back when…all I would wear was maybe powder. I couldn’t figure out how to apply foundation and I’m actually still learning…So, I never had to remove make up (because I barely ever wore it) or never found it necessary to wash my face before bed (again, don’t judge me!). I’m so paying for it now 😦

Let’s file this under: “Things I know now”…and “I wish I knew then”…and “Older = Wiser”.

5 thoughts on “Too Old For This!

  1. Ugh, I feel you. I’m getting the little bumps on the fore head and cheeks and they really don’t come to a head or anything they just annoy me. I do admit I don’t always wash my face before bed but I really should. I also want to find the perfect lotion, like with AHA an BHAs that’s oil free and has sun protection. Does that exist? Good luck on the appt. I hope they don’t swindle you and you get what you need/want done. I’m sure it’ll be good motivation to keep up a skin care regime.

    • No clue if there is an existing AHA and BHA oil free out there…

      Ended up w/a micropeel – not bad…But to see real results, it should be done every 6 times (every 2 weeks) and then once a month after that. Plus you have to buy their skincare line…Of course, it costs an arm and a leg….

    • Oh, I think I have those bumps you speak of. I asked her yday and she said it’s not a white head or a pimple…looks more like a mole(?!?!?!?)…Meaning, she can’t do anything about it…

      • Great news. Lol. It doesn’t look like a mole, meaning no pigmentation but whatever, I’ll just try to keep up with skin care, that’s the best we can do. I bet you don’t really have to buy their skin care, I mean, it’s probably what they want but, yeah, Did the micro peel hurt or anything?

      • They say they’ve worked w/labs and no harsh chemicals, etc…and that they know better how their products will react to things vs. other products.

        Micropeel was 2 steps…1st was the “peel” which was stinging / tingling a little. Then, the microdermabrasion which was like a little vaccuum thingy and little crystals.

        Skin definitely felt smoother yesterday, but again, 6 sessions to see real results…hmmm…

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