WW: 18 Months

shrimpie w/heels
This past Monday, my lil Shrimpie-pie (aka Shrimpie aka Shrimpipay aka Shrimp) turned 18 months…already! 18 months and I still haven’t written up her birth story. Poor gal came around w/bad timing w/regards to me blogging. Actually, her active lil self is one of the reasons that kept me from blogging…along with, say, moving out of state and having to pack up a whole house by myself for 6 weeks…and whatever else.

Anyway, since I’ve got Mom-Guilt all over me for not posting her birth story or each and every milestone (she started walking at 8.5 months, just in case you were wondering) or first word (which, of course, was “da-da”. In fact, she just started calling me “mommy” at 14 months) or when she cut her first tooth (ummm…I’ll have to dig up my planner for this one), here are some pics of Shrimp in 6 month increments 🙂

Shrimpie born…09.19.2010 at 9lbs 12.4oz (yes, I needed an Emergency C-Section!) Her Aunt nicknamed her “siopao” after this pic (“siopao” = chinese white steamed pork buns) b/c of her round cheeks and roundness in general. Yeah, “Shrimp” my arse…more like “Jumbo Shrimp” or “Prawnie” or “Lobster”. In the end, “shrimpie” still stuck as her nickname. Do you know she still doesn’t know her real name? We’ve tried calling her by it and she doesn’t even budge. We’ll work on that, eventually.
shrimp born

Next few are Shrimpie at 6 months:
shrimpie 6 months

shrimpie 6 months - yum

In distress b/c she HATED her playpen:
shrimp @6months

This is Shrimp on her 1st birthday dinner celebration at our old house. This was such a happy, yet sad time for us. Happy because she turned 1, but sad because pDaddy and Beans were already in Illinois so could only join us via Skype…
shrimp 1

And here is she is…at 18 months – donning Razz’ heels and Beans’ TKD helmet…Makes me wonder, will she be all out girlie-girl princess like Razz or “sporty spice” like Beans? In these pics, she’s the best of both :):
shrimpie 18 months w/heels & helmet

shrimpie w/TKD helmet

Don’t let her shy and demure “look” fool you. She is one rambunctious child who, more than once, has climbed up the stairs (pre-gate), climbs on top of coffee and dining room tables and chairs and couches and you name it. This girl has NO FEAR. She knows how to work her charm too. When she is being reprimanded, she will bat her lashes, wave and say “hi” then proceed to hug you. Never a boring day with this one, that’s for sure. Sorry for not writing your Birth Story yet, Shrimpie-baby…maybe by the time you’re 2, or 20, I’ll get it up and done. It’s an interesting story, that’s for sure…

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