WW: O.M.G. – Oh My Girls

Yes, my girls. My trio…the “princess trilogy”…my girls that are all growing up really quickly. For the rest of the week, I’m going to try to post about where the girls are in their lives…what they like, what they’re up to, how they’re doing…that kind of thing. I feel like, while this is my blog and I’m liking that I’m talking about my beauty finds and what I’m up to w/regards to my resolutions and running, I miss posting about my girls and their milestones. I am a MOMMA after all 🙂 Besides, I like looking back at all my posts about Razz and Beans and their milestones and wish I did more of those posts…something to keep track. I used to blog under my own site and while pregnant w/Beans and before here so, I’m trying to see if I can find those old files and read those too. I want to do the same for Shrimp…what a way to see how different they all are.

I also want to talk about fun stuff like going to the park and sisters getting along (and will probably also talk about them bickering)…
fun on the slide

Or reading to pDaddy on relaxing Sundays…
storytime on a relaxing sunday...

Or them being girlie and wanting to play with make-up and nail polish and dressing up, but also being sporty and goofy. I feel like time is passing on by way too fast for my liking so I need to remember to take the time to capture them here or via pictures or videos or whatever. I used to love scrapbooking and while that may be a great way to preserve some of these memories, I don’t have the time for it. Plus, I’ll have to wait until Shrimp is not getting herself into everything. I can’t even get her to sit and color b/c crayons, markers, or whatever writing utensil you give her, goes straight to her mouth 😦

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Spring Nails…

I was never good with nail polish. Heck, I still have a problem w/putting nail polish on lefty, but I have 3 girls…2 who are old enough to know what nail polish is and want it all! the! time! So, while Beans was on Spring Break last week, we all had orange-ish nails using Sally Hansen’s XTreme Wear in “Crushed”:
Orange "Crush(ed)" - Sally Hansen
Then, we hit the local Walgreens and got more colors that weren’t going to break the bank…mint green, lavender, gray, sparkles and then I picked up yellow and blue at Target too. What’s all that equate to?

Fun springy nails!

Spring  / Easter Nails

I couldn’t decide which I wanted so I tried different colors on all of my nails and then busted out the white nail art skinny brushed polish and off I went…then I stared down and realized they look very Easter Egg-ish 🙂 Must’ve been on the same wavelength as Ms. Phan since she actually posted an Easter Nail Art tutorial yesterday as I was drafting this up 🙂 I saw the pics, but haven’t viewed the vid yet. Of course, hers look a lot better than mine, but mine were more by accident. I plan on doing them over before Sunday, but let’s just see if that happens.

Anyway, here are the cast of characters…not pictured are Essie’s Fiji and Sally Hansen’s Sun Kissed (on my thumb) and the yellow and blue (on my other hand), but just trust me that yellow doesn’t do anything for my skin tone right now and blue is ok, but not the blue I was thinking of…

L-R: Wet n’ Wild Wild Shine in “Sparked” (which I used over Razz’ nails to make them sparkle and over the mint green on mine, Sally Hansen XTreme Wear in “Mint Sorbet”, “Lacey Lilac” and “Gunmetal” (couldn’t find link on Walgreens site). The white I used is from LA Colors Art Deco in “White” which I got at a local dollar store in NJ. Beans called the gray one w/white “Tic-Tac-Toe” while pDaddy and I thought more of waffles. I was trying to make polka-dots on the lavendar one, but my hands aren’t very steady so I tried for hearts instead…um, clouds ended up winning 🙂 My thumb has Essie’s Fiji with Sparked on top. Then, Shrimpie smeared the top left corner so I put on a new orange – Sun Kissed (also by Sally Hansen).

Here’s to hoping I’ll have some time to make them nice and pretty for Easter Sunday 🙂