Spring Nails…

I was never good with nail polish. Heck, I still have a problem w/putting nail polish on lefty, but I have 3 girls…2 who are old enough to know what nail polish is and want it all! the! time! So, while Beans was on Spring Break last week, we all had orange-ish nails using Sally Hansen’s XTreme Wear in “Crushed”:
Orange "Crush(ed)" - Sally Hansen
Then, we hit the local Walgreens and got more colors that weren’t going to break the bank…mint green, lavender, gray, sparkles and then I picked up yellow and blue at Target too. What’s all that equate to?

Fun springy nails!

Spring  / Easter Nails

I couldn’t decide which I wanted so I tried different colors on all of my nails and then busted out the white nail art skinny brushed polish and off I went…then I stared down and realized they look very Easter Egg-ish 🙂 Must’ve been on the same wavelength as Ms. Phan since she actually posted an Easter Nail Art tutorial yesterday as I was drafting this up 🙂 I saw the pics, but haven’t viewed the vid yet. Of course, hers look a lot better than mine, but mine were more by accident. I plan on doing them over before Sunday, but let’s just see if that happens.

Anyway, here are the cast of characters…not pictured are Essie’s Fiji and Sally Hansen’s Sun Kissed (on my thumb) and the yellow and blue (on my other hand), but just trust me that yellow doesn’t do anything for my skin tone right now and blue is ok, but not the blue I was thinking of…

L-R: Wet n’ Wild Wild Shine in “Sparked” (which I used over Razz’ nails to make them sparkle and over the mint green on mine, Sally Hansen XTreme Wear in “Mint Sorbet”, “Lacey Lilac” and “Gunmetal” (couldn’t find link on Walgreens site). The white I used is from LA Colors Art Deco in “White” which I got at a local dollar store in NJ. Beans called the gray one w/white “Tic-Tac-Toe” while pDaddy and I thought more of waffles. I was trying to make polka-dots on the lavendar one, but my hands aren’t very steady so I tried for hearts instead…um, clouds ended up winning 🙂 My thumb has Essie’s Fiji with Sparked on top. Then, Shrimpie smeared the top left corner so I put on a new orange – Sun Kissed (also by Sally Hansen).

Here’s to hoping I’ll have some time to make them nice and pretty for Easter Sunday 🙂


3 thoughts on “Spring Nails…

  1. I love that orange color and the pink glitter. I found that using the straight french manicure guides are good for making designs and easier than cutting tape. My oldest girl did half white/half diff colors recently that way. I love the group nail pic, so cute.

    • Oooo…cute idea w/the half white and half different colors. I was never a “nail-art” person…Always just 1 color straight out of the bottle, but Razz, the girlie girl that she is – Let’s Design our Nails! Lol

      • By the way – Pink Glitter (and a whole bunch of other Wet n Wild) at Walgreens are $0.69…You still have fam out here, right? Send them to the nearest Walgreens! lol

        I know Wet n Wild is no Essie, but for fun, funky, colors and for someone who’s not one to keep nail color on too long anyway, why not? It’s so CHEAP! 😀

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