Addicted to Shoes…

I really need to stop buying shoes. I work from home and barely ever go out…especially now that pDaddy and I have no sitter, we have no more datenights…but these, I can’t stop staring and wanting them…and they were pretty comfy when I tried them on in the store…

Simply Vera Vera Wang Pumps from Kohls

I think it was Tanesha’s Sam Edelman’s that got me drawn to the whole studded look in the first place and now I really want them. Plus, I have a thing for peep-toes and animal print on shoes lately! But, I can’t justify buying another pair and WHERE would I wear them? pDaddy’s already lookin’ at me sideways everytime I come home w/a new pair of shoes.

I think I bought about 10 pairs of shoes (not counting rain boots and snow boots) since moving out here to the midwest from NJ…3 sneakers, 2 flats/casual, 6 heels/wedges and I…DON’T…KNOW…WHY or WHERE I’m going to wear them to. If / when we go out to dinner, we go out as a family (again, no sitter out here) and not just the 2 of us which is totally fine, but if I get dressed up enough to wear them, I feel too overdressed and get a few stares like, ummm…”chick, this is a restaurant, not some lounge / club / 5 star place”. Honestly, there were a few days that I joined Razz wearing heels around the house while she played dress up. Why not, right?


6 thoughts on “Addicted to Shoes…

  1. I love the studs… it really gives them an edgy vibe! Great blog! Please take a minute to check out my blog too! πŸ™‚

    • I know I shouldn’t care, but it’s so uncomfy when I feel glares and stares. Plus, picture you are all dressed up and trying to eat and/feed your 18 month old and hoping she won’t make a mess, especially all over you…lol sometimes makes eating less enjoyable b/c I have to be on high alert instead of being to be relaxed.

      But you know what, IF I make it to the mall this weekend and they have them in my size, it’s meant to be…yeah, that’s it! ahahahah

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