Sporty and Sweet!

bball pgOur “Sporty Spice” Beans, may be the athlete in the fam (the girl does TKD year round and seasonal sports like soccer, basketball – her coach pretty much had her at the point guard position, hockey and will be doing tee ball soon), but she is also the sweetest thing – when she wants to be, of course.

Yesterday, when I was taking her to school I was reminding her that she would have Late Start today SO she could either stay up and watch a movie with us, OR she could still go in her normal time and watch a movie at school. She debated a bit, but said she would rather stay up with us because she loves her family.

Does that make your heart melt or what? I wish I could bottle that up and save it for when she starts giving me attitude as a teeny-bopper.
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Your thoughts?

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