1st 5k…part 2

Ok, I did it.  I registered for 2 5ks this year so far.  One is in 2 wks and the other is in September, but I’m not even sure if I’ll make that (my girlfriendss just told me that’s the weekend they’re looking at for our BFF’s Bachelorette getaway).

Anyway, I’m not new to the 5k scene, but I’ve always walked except once.  Back in 2008, I joined my co-workers for the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge.  I didn’t really prep myself or train or really hit the gym or anything.  I did more walking than running in that one…I remember finishing in 58 minutes or something walker-ish.  The other times were the annual Revlon Run/Walks in NYC each May (started joining in 2003 and kept going…I think I’ve only missed once or twice) and the Susan G. Komen 5ks.  Again, mostly walking.  So, this year will mark the 1st time I’m going to try “running” since 2008 (and by “running“, I mean “jogging“).

I’m only on Week 4 of the Couch to 5k program, but I think I just want to gauge where I’m at this point in time.  I was following the Week 4 program for distance rather than time.  I wish I could do the distance in the time, but nope…not happening…unless I jog instead of walk which would mean I’m jogging the whole time b/c I’m not exactly running…

Saturday, May 12th + 5k = Sore/Painful Sunday, Mother’s Day!  Doubles my excuse to soak in the tub then!  I hope I get Epsom Salt for Mother’s Day this year…HA!

Your thoughts?

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