Couch to 5k – W4D3 and Boot Camps

Yup, I’m only on Week 4 Day 3 of the Couch to 5k training program. Actually, I was supposed to do Day 3 this morning, but wussed out b/c of the crazy thunderstorm / lightning / torrential rain combo going on…not that I run outside, but anyway.

So, tell me, how am I going to “run” (aka jog) this 5k next Saturday? I really wanted to get to the point where I can run the full 5k straight, but I don’t think that’s possible. I’m still having a tough time with W4D3…I mean I am out of breath! I feel like my legs can still keep going, but my breathing sucks. I’m sure there’s a breathing technique out there I’m not applying (share if you know).

Anyway, I feel like I just set myself up for disappointment…But, I’m still going to go. We’ll see how I do. Like I said before, as long as I go under 45, but maybe I should switch that to under an hour πŸ˜‰ The day won’t be a wash though. We signed Beans up for her own race. They have a 1/4 mile race for the kiddies and they all get an award. I’m sure she’ll have a blast. Did I mention that she can kick my bum in running a mile? She ran a mile for school in the fall and she clocked in at a little over 10 minutes! 10 minutes!!!

Moving onto bootcamps…(like my weak segue?). Anyone out there do bootcamps? I know of at least a couple of bloggers (talking ’bout you Miss Zoot and Laura) that do and the more I read about their adventures, the more it piques my interest and makes me want to join. Found out there are 2 around here, but I don’t know if I can shell out that cash (then again, I have spent $ on clothes and beauty and skincare stuff so…). I also don’t know if I can get up for 5 or 5:15 am classes at least 3 days a week. That means I’d have to wake up around 4 and I usually hit that snooze button when my alarm goes off at 5:30. Plus, my allergies are making their presence known and then, when it starts to get cold again, I know myself enough to know what’s going to happen. I know I’m not going to go out and do anything in the cold! I know, I’m a wuss, but then again, I feel like I need that kind of environment and comraderie. I’m just going to a “basics” gym where there are no classes. I find that I push myself more in a class / group setting, at least I used to (10 years ago!!! Holy cow…10 years ago?). So, what’s your take on bootcamps?

3 thoughts on “Couch to 5k – W4D3 and Boot Camps

    • I like it, actually! It doesn’t push you too hard too fast. In fact, it tells you not to go ahead. I should be on Week 6 or 7 by now, but sometimes, I stick to the same week until I feel comfy and not all achy and out of breath. So, I’m still on Week 4…though I just violated the “Don’t go ahead” rule and tried to see how long I could go this morning. I’m sure I’ll regret that tomorrow πŸ™‚


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