Fitness Goals Update

Ok, so for now, I think I’m on track w/the goals I set in my previous post, “Weak Workout Week”. I have started to wake up earlier and make it to the gym earlier – as long as there was no torrential rain and crazy thunderstorms and lightning. I think I will make 30 miles this month from running and/adding bike / elliptical work. I signed up for a 5k which is on Saturday. I’m crazy, I know. I just finished Week 4 today so I have no idea what’s going to happen Saturday. I picture myself walking, jogging, walking, jogging – lather, rinse and repeat. I’m hoping I just make it under 45 minutes.

Handy-Dandy Swatch Watch

I tried to see where I was and how far I could go on Saturday so, I went for an outdoor run. Let me just say, I’ve been training mostly on the treadmill. I’ve only done an outdoor “run” once in the past few months and it was just to test out a new pair of sneakers, (the NIKE LUNARACERS (which I LOVE, by the way, though they might be too snug on my wide feet if I had to run for a while ).

Anyway, I’m proud of myself because I did NOT trip or fall or break or scratch anything. I did, however, have a HUGE FACEPALM moment. I don’t (yet) have a training watch, but I do have the Nike+ system. So, I charged my iPod while I was having coffee and chatting w/Beans before heading out. I didn’t want to bring my phone b/c I didn’t want to hold anything. I couldn’t find my trusty Swatch watch so I left the house and off I went. I realized I never callibrated my Nike+ for running so I set it up to calibrate, got the music running and off I went. After the quarter mile callibration, I checked to make sure it was ok. Proceeded to go back on my run…then…SILENCE.

Turns out I didn’t push down hard enough for it to charge *facepalm* I had no watch, no phone and so I just had to keep “running” in silence. Have no idea what time I left the house so I don’t know how long it took me to do 3.2 miles. I’m glad I clocked the miles before so I knew how far I had to go, but DURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR….There goes my baseline. But hey! I finished the 3.2 miles…I did do a lot of walking though… 😦

So, the only think I didn’t follow through with yet is the weightloss goal. I think I’ll stick with 20 in 5 months. I really need to be more accountable for my eating though. Like this past weekend? We had ribs for dinner on Friday and those leftovers were lunch Saturday. Then, we had pizza for dinner Saturday. Sunday, I made some sushi rolls (HELLO RICE!!!) and then we had some Doritos Locos Tacos or Tacos Locos for dinner. I don’t regret ANY of that one bit because I loves me some food! BUT!!! I know I can’t keep doing that anymore…at least not all in one weekend.


Your thoughts?

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