5k Tomorrow…Doesn’t Look Good

Shins are KILLING me! Jogged .2 miles today in pain. What the???? How am I supposed to “run” this 5k tomorrow?

I did W4D3 on Tuesday from the Couch to 5k Running plan. My shins were hurting so I took it easy and just did the bike yesterday and today. This morning, I walked Beans to school and tried to jog back home…I jogged a few steps and was already in pain. Tried to walk it off and then jogged the last .2 miles and I am STILL hurting! I hope icing it down will help. I think I’ll try switching cold / hot compresses. That usually helps with other bruises/bumps/sprains, right?

Still, tomorrow is going suck. I wasn’t going to try to run my heart out, but I wanted to at least get a good baseline. I don’t think I’ll even get that 😦 I have a feeling I’ll be walking more than “running” tomorrow 😦 How frustrating when I’ve been so looking forward to it ever since I signed up 2 weeks ago.

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