Shrimpie’s Milestones

Slacker Mom, trying to get points here…
Note: I started this entry 1 month ago. April 16th to be exact. What’s held me back? Honestly? The lack of pictures (couldn’t find my card reader) and well, the main gal herself, Shrimpie! She’s been so active as of late and once I think I’m ready to hit that PUBLISH button, she comes up with something new I want to add to this post, but you know what? I can always create another post later on to add her newest antics to they cyberworld, right? Anyway, here goes.


That pic up there would be “Baby Spice” though sometimes “Scary Spice”. But, to us and everyone else, she is simply “Shrimpie”. Yes, that’s what we call her IRL too. She doesn’t budge when anyone calls her by her first name. That nickname first came about when she was still in belly. We were trying to get pregnant again, but weren’t sure yet. One thing that was sure was the fact that I just always wanted to eat Shrimp – Shrimp Scampi, Steamed Shrimp, Garlic Shrimp, Shrimp-ka-bobs, shrimp anything you name it! I felt like I was in “Forrest Gump” talking about shrimp like we were.

At this point in time, she’s not communicating as well as she’d like, I guess, because she gets all mad and frustrated when we don’t understand what she’s saying.  She does have a few words in her vocabulary that she DEFINITELY makes use of 🙂

  • Mommy
  • Daddy
  • Nana
  • Nica
  • Buh-iiiee
  • Hi
  • Celcome (welcome)
  • Suwee (sorry)
  • Mama
  • Papa
  • Lolo
  • Mum
  • SSS (gatas = milk)
  • Eat – proceeds to dishwasher / high chair
  • Yous (juice)
  • “Suda” – soda
  • Tights
  • Feet
  • Sit
  • Ear
  • Nose
  • Head
  • Pink
  • Boo (blue)
  • shirt (w/a silent “R”, but not exactly sounding like an expletive, if that’s possible 😉 )
  • B
  • C
  • 2

She says some short sentences like:

  • I eat
  • I sit
  • Hi ____ (insert name here)
  • Bye ______ (insert name here)

She loves responding with “I DOOOO”.

who wants to go to Chuck-E-Cheese?
I dooooooooooooooo
Who wants to go poop?
I dooooooooooooo?

She has a strong mindset (aka stubborn) and won’t stop until she gets what she wants. If she really wants a drink, she won’t put anymore food in her mouth until she gets a sip. She really wants that drumstick, she won’t stop until she gets it, even if it means chasing you all around the house screaming at the top of her lungs.

She knows pee and poop, but usually tells me after the fact and both pee and poop are, sometimes, more “I pee-pee”. She has gotten pretty deft with taking her diaper off. Luckily, she’s only taken it off once w/poop and all other times, pee. So, we’re thinking it’s time to introduce the potty soon.

She likes to do whatever her big sisters do, but when it comes to coloring, she’d rather put all of those writing utensils in her mouth. So, I spend more time trying to get pieces of crayon from her mouth, or anywhere around her, than I do teaching her the colors or how to write or color. So, pens, pencils, crayons, markers?  Straight to her mouth, unless she’s writing on walls or herself, of course.

She also has moments where she just wants to do her own thing. We’ll just see her off in the toy area looking like she’s trying to read a book/look at pictures or dig through her toy bin to find some hidden (buried) treasure she hasn’t played with in a while.

She loves singing songs and is too cute with singing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”. She loves to dance and thus, I feel like the Nick Jr show, “Fresh Beat Band”, was made just for her! She LOVES them. Sometimes, that’s the only thing that will stop her crying. Pretty awesome we got to see them LIVE last year at Sesame Place AND got their autographs AND got pictures taken with them!  She was too young to realize it, but she still has a look of awe on her face sitting on “Marina’s” lap.  She looks at that picture now and gets so excited and starts calling their names:  KIKI  !  SSOUT (shout)!  She can’t say “Marina” or “Twist” yet though.

Girls w/the Fresh Beat Band at Sesame Place (May 2011)
L-R: Twist, Shout (w/Beans), Marina (w/Shrimpie), Kiki (w/Razz)

She’s a sweet girl overall…she loves to give hugs  (“love-love”) and has started to give big hugs as of late. I love how she starts patting you as she hugs too…lol…

Now, kissing? That’s a different story. If you ask her to kiss you, she’ll give you her cheek and will make you kiss her. Ok, she’s good w/giving kisses now too 🙂

I’ll try to be more regular w/milestones, but for that’s all for now…

Shrimpie, Happy 20 months tomorrow!



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    • Thanks!

      I’ve been doing that w/Razz’ updates – looking back. Beans’ updates are gone 😦 They’re on the site I used to have on my own and archived, but I can’t find that archived file anywhere!

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