Couch to 5k Training Update

So I ran the 5k LAST Saturday (5/12) and I haven’t done much running since…tsk tsk tsk. I ran last Thursday, outdoors, to do Week 5 Day 1. I did it, but man, as soon as I get to “run” mode, my shins start acting up. The only other workouts I did last week were the bike. I’m afraid if I keep pushing the running, I’ll do more damage to my shins than help them. I finally found a running store around here and I’ll probably (need to) head there sooner rather than later, I hope.

I tried to jog/run home after dropping of Beans. I didn’t even last half a mile in jog mode. I think I made about 3 and a half minutes…

I need to hit that running store sooner rather than later…I really need to run b/c I need to make up for my lack of not eating right…GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!


Your thoughts?

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