Mother’s Day Surprise – Part 1

pDaddy kept telling me last week (on Mother’s Day) that he still had 1 more present in store, but I’d have to wait until Saturday morning. I couldn’t think of anything else that I needed or wanted…everything was great – flowers, new watch, lunch boat cruise…not doing dishes…having some beers at home after the cruise while the girls napped, etc. Relaxing…

All week (and actually since he booked my surprise), he’s been itching to tell me until Friday finally came. He said he was FINALLY over the spilling the beans itch and was just excited for me in the morning. I was trying to figure out what it was. Something relaxing? A spa day? Something adventurous? He did ask a few weeks ago how I felt with roller-coasters and I said I was ok with them, just not anything spinning (I felt woozy last year riding some of those spinny-type rides w/the girls). Roller-coasters though? Totally ok.

So I finally went to bed Friday knowing that I had to get up early on a Saturday. I got up, got ready to go in my jeans, tee and sneakers (he told me to be comfy). I was ready to leave, but um, had no idea where to go.

DIRECTIONS I had to wake him up and he said the GPS was in my car and set to my destination. Also, there’s a map and envelope on the counter by my keys. Sure enough, everything was where he said and, it’s hard to see in the picture, but he said that I needed to leave by 7:10am. So off I went following GPS and staring at the envelope that said to open when I got to the last road on the map.

OPEN ROAD LONGEST 20 miles ever! It was just me and the open (farm) roads. I didn’t know what to expect. Did he set me up to do some farm stuff so I could milk a cow or learn other farmy / agriculturaly stuff?

GPS tells me I’ve reached my destination. I slow down and look around…I see a farm.


I finally pull over and open the envelope and I see that I’m supposed to be at some building that has letters of the organization on the roof.

There is a picture of a guy in a parachute.

There is a note that says “Happy Mother’s Day…I hope you enjoy it…JUMP around Noon”

What the what?

I look at my surroundings and it’s not looking like the building at all. I thought I might have missed it so turn around, but turns out I didn’t go far down enough.

IMG_20120519_081821I keep going and there it is…2 hangars surrounded by grass and fields and farmland. And an airplane that was out and another inside the other hangar.

I see the sign w/the parachutists again and I’m baffled.

Am I going for a hot air balloon ride? Flying lessons? Crop dusting lessons?

I go inside and look around to see everyone reading/signing forms. Waivers.

I sit down and get my copies.

pDaddy texts me: are you there yet?
Me: Um??? What am I doing here? Parachuting or Skydiving?
Him: Is there a difference?

That’s probably when I swallowed hard and kept filling out the papers. I proceeded to go through and texted again.

Me: Am I doing tandem or solo or?
Him: No tandem. Solo


I continued on w/the paperwork and he kept texting me saying he was so happy that I accepted his gift and proud of me and nervous all at the same time. He said that he and the girls would meet me later.

to be continued…


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