School’s Out for the Summer

Last Day of School - 05.23.2012

Anyone else singing that song in their heads?

Well, it seems like, in the blink of an eye, we now have a 1st Grader amongst us.

Today was Beans’ last day of school – all of 1 hour. I don’t know…don’t ask. I picked her up and she looked sad and told me she was teary eyed earlier. 2 of her classmates were bawling…I mean, really, really, really crying their eyes out complete w/huffing and puffing. These Kindergarteners love their teacher and their friends and will really miss each other, I guess…

When I finally got her to liven a bit, she gave me her report card and she did pretty well overall. Looks like she’s even excelling in Math, according to the state/national test she took 🙂 In this year, she’s reading more, faster and better.

Here are her favorites about Kindergarten:

  • Class: Science because she really liked learning new things about animals and insects – especially caterpillars turning into butterflies. Her teacher had that caterpillar / butterfly kit so they were able to see the transformation.
  • Sport (in PE): Hockey. This could be due to the fact that she just finished up Ice Hockey lessons this past Saturday.
  • Music Class: Playing a lollipop drum.
  • Color: Still green.
  • Book: Still “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss (also her fave from Pre-K).
  • Person from History: George Washington because he was the very first President of the United States of America. She learned about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr. and…? I’m not even sure of all the others, but those are her top 3.

During her last full week of school they had a THEME week where each day, they would dress up or do things as part of the theme. They had HAT Day where she wore my Mickey Mouse Hat from our Disney trip in 2010. PAJAMA Day she wore cloud pajamas from Mama. For CRAZY HAIR Day, I just did a whole bunch of buns (so not creative) and when I realized I should have bought colored hairspray, it’s when I was already driving her to school. They also had STUFFED ANIMAL Day where she brought “Plex” who holds a special place in her heart because she won him all by herself from one of those crane machines. Last, but not least, they had HAWAIIAN/BEACH Day where she wore the dress Mum bought her from the Philippines.

Hat Day, Pajama Day, Crazy Hair Day (I'm so not creative), Stuffed Animal Day, Hawaiian/Beach Day

She’s gotten more involved w/different sports this year too…She’s still in TKD (a red belt), played 2 sessions of Biddy and 1st Grade Basketball and then started Ice Hockey. She will start Softball in a couple of weeks while still going to TKD and starting a second session of hockey. She will skip soccer this year though she loved it last year. Oh and let me not forget that she can ride a bike now! She learned some time in April…Wasn’t kidding when I said we call her “Sporty Spice”.

Anyway, now, it’s summer break. What do we have in store? Well, I’ll have ALL 3 girls home with me (and of course the big 2 are already bickering), but Beans is a GREAT helper and I could always use an extra set of hands. She really has grown into her big sister role like she owns it. She tries to help with dishes, emptying/switching out garbage, walking Buddy (our pup who I have yet to introduce) and soothing Shrimp. No wonder her teacher has nothing but praises for her. Of course, she has her other side where she will say things in a way she knows not to (like answering with “WHAT”. UGH). She also will sometimes not realize that she’s doing stuff she’s not supposed to – like talking loudly while her baby sister is napping…but you know what? She’s still a kid after all and if those are the only things that are a MINUS to all her PLUSes, then we’ve got it good 🙂

And whoa…I’m still trying to wrap myself around the fact that she will be in 1st Grade next year. FIRST. GRADE. Holy Moly!

PS = Still disappointed that there was no Kinder Graduation in this school. Not even a “Stepping Up Celebration” or “Completion Celebration” or “Kinder Awards”…zero, zilch, nada…

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