W5D1 – 3rd Time’s a Charm

Week 5 Day 1 in the Couch to 5k Running plan is as follows:

Week 5

1st time I did this run was on 5/16 outdoors.  As soon as I got into run mode, my shins started to hurt, but I was able to complete it.  I was out of breath though so I decided I would repeat W5D1.  First, I wanted to rest my shins so my next few gym visits were on the bike.  When I finally did repeat a week later (wow, exactly 1 week – I log my runs on breakingthetape.com) 5/23, it was indoors on a treadmill.  I was only able to complete the 1st 5 minute run.  The next 5 minute run, I think I did only about 90 seconds of it because of my shins.  Once again, I rested my legs and shins…did some bike work and then skipped the gym all together over the long weekend.  I tried again yesterday, 5/29, on the treadmill and I completed without dying of shin pain NOR was I that out of breath (a little, but nothing crazy)!  WOO-HOO!  I feel a little something on my shins, but nothing to whine, whimper and cry over.  Didn’t even have to ice them.  I guess it does help to just let your body rest and recover!  I can finally move onto Day 2 tomorrow!!!

Looking around to register for another 5k, but I don’t know why some of these are mid-morning when it’s going to be the middle of summer!  Early morning would work best, no?   I wanted to do the 5k Color Run in Chicago, but they’re sold out and even if I could go, I would feel weird by myself.  pDaddy would have gone with me, but no one to watch our girls.  Plus, I’d have to deal w/booking a room (which are probably over-priced) so I could shower off all that color.  Looks like so much fun though, right?   In-laws are coming in June, but not until a couple of weeks after the race.

Holy crap…June?  ALREADY?

Your thoughts?

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