Buying/Selling Etiquette & a Poll

A friend approached me on this…When you buy a house, and the realtor has been great, do you buy the realtor a present or is his/her commission enough?  If so, what would you get?  What’s a good amount or percentage to spend?

Also, if the previous owners left you “gifts”, but could also very well be furniture that’s too much of a pain to move, do you give them something in return?



2 thoughts on “Buying/Selling Etiquette & a Poll

  1. I never thought of giving our realtors a gift. When we sold our house it sold very quickly so she didn’t have to do a ton. We had her over for dinner one night after she dropped off papers so I suppose that counts. When we bought our current house we found the house, went to the open house, then just called her to help us with the paperwork so she did even less that the previous realtor but made over $10k so I didn’t feel the need. I believe I sent her a thank you card though.

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