Why New York, Why New York, WHY?

Gonna miss seeing that #17 w/Jeremy Lin’s name on it!

If you’re a New York Knicks fan, you were supposed to sing that title to the tune of “Go New York, Go New York, GO!”  Ahh….I loved hearing that thunder through MSG.

I don’t talk about sports much, but if there’s one sport I watch (almost) faithfully, it’s basketball and if it’s a team I specifically follow, it’s the New York Knicks (I followed the Brooklyn(NJ) Nets for awhile, but lost track).  I’ve been a Knicks fan since high school, from what I can remember.  I will never forget getting so mad at some white bronco chase – aka OJ Simpson – because that hogged up all the networks in the middle of the playoffs!

I don’t know each player’s stats or background or whatever.  I am not a sports analyst and I am a fan, but maybe that doesn’t qualify me as a DIE HARD fan.  But, die hard or not, once again, I DO NOT understand the Knicks’ thought process.  Why didn’t they sign Jeremy Lin?

Jeremy Lin, IMHO, not only brought back the spark to NYK that was starting to fade (Amare and Melo brought it back too, but again, it was starting to fade), he brought the spark back to the organization and the NBA as a whole. Then again, $25 million is a bit steep for a newbie, but I read somewhere he brought in about $600 million in sales (tickets and merch).   Now, I know there’s a LOT more to it than that and there’s something w/luxury tax, but also a “poison pill”/stretch provision and whatever else.  I guess I could see turmoil in the locker room w/a newbie getting that much as opposed to some of the veterans.


He’s young and yes, has a lot to learn and had a lot of turnovers, but so did a lot of all the great point guards when they were starting.  ESPN just said Steve Nash’s record back when he was 23 wasn’t exactly stellar and that Lin’s was actually better.  I’ve read that about other great (more experienced) point guards now…it’s a learning process.   So, instead of the NYK investing in shaping a young player, they bring back an oldie (that they traded before), Felton.  (If I were to bring someone more experienced into the team to replace Jeremy Lin, I’d go for Nash!!!)  Anyway, Felton’s ok, but…I don’t see him bringing in a crowd and enthusiasm and bringing up sales.  Besides, wouldn’t it be easier to mold a young player to be able to play point w/Amare and Melo?  Maybe the NYK believe it’s easier to teach old dog new tricks?  Let me not forget about Jason Kidd…also a veteran, but a great player…but, he also just got arrested for DWI…so, ummm…let’s hope that’s all squared away soon.

Jeremy Lin brought back NBA fever (wait, was there ever one?  I don’t know what it was called).  His sales were through the roof (yes, I have a shirt myself  (see above)and I do wear it around here – Bulls country*).  This guy has fans.  I mean, for playing 25 games, this guy created a fandom.  Hello, LINSANITY!  I remember watching the NY / Toronto game.  NY played in Toronto and  it was packed, but I swear I saw more Lin fans than Raptors fans.  So, he was increasing sales for opposing teams as well.  Again, bringing NBA to the forefront of sports.

Oh why NY, why???  Why do this to your fans?  LINSANITY brought up the season ticket sales too, I think.  How many angry fans are there now that bought these tickets, but won’t even see Jeremy Lin w/his #17 NYK uniform?  Good thing Melo, Amare and Chandler are still there.  I’m glad they signed Novak again…wow, is that guy clutch!

Oh NYK, enlighten us!  I really hope you have something up your sleeve, NY.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.  I really hope this veteran team’s experience will let us forget about the LINSANITY that happened this past season.

PS – I just heard that MSG’s stock went down already.  This article from observer.com spells that out w/some graphs too (I love the caption on the graph that says “After Lin Dominated On Kobe’s Face”).

PPS – Please excuse my hair in that pic.  I was heading to the salon for a trim so I just brushed it out w/o styling.

*FYI – Besides the Knicks, we also became fans of the Chicago Bulls and Oklahoma City Thunder…these are our Top 3 NBA teams….NYK = oldest (w/bringing in some veterans for next season) and Thunder = youngest…need that yin and yang!*


Your thoughts?

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