Monsoon in the Philippines

Like a hurricane or tornado or any other severe weather storm/front, it usually has a name.  This last one that hit the Philippines was so unexpected that there is no associated name with the “Southwest Monsoon” that hit Philippines’ Capital and surrounding areas on August 7.These bout of floods has, once again, caused people to become homeless and proved fatal for others.  Floods have submerged houses…landslides have damaged houses leaving 780,000 people to be displaced.

Heavy rain is supposed to continue until Thursday.

My mom is in the Philippines at my Grandma’s house.  As of Tuesday morning (CST), they already had to go up to the 2nd floor of the house.  The water came in and was already chest deep on the 1st floor.  I didn’t get to talk to her much because power was cut and she’s conserving battery on her cell.

These photos (credit to City of San Fernando page on Facebook) show testament to the flood and these are not too far from Mother-Dear…

photo credit to City of San Fernando’s Facebook page

at the “Intersection” – San Fernando, Pampanga (that’s a bridge, not a boat)
–photo credit to City of San Fernando’s Facebook page

As of today, the water has subsided a bit, but there’s more rain coming.   Got a quick text from Mum saying they do have food and meds (mom and grammie are both diabetic AND have heart meds, etc…grammie just got out of the hospital last month after being admitted w/fluid in her lungs, etc…).  So, they have food and meds, but no clean/running water or electricity and that they are still stranded on the 2nd floor of the house…1st floor has water…dirty, yucky, murky water.

Am not sure what Deity you believe in, or if you believe in any at all, but please, prayers, well wishes, etc. are greatly appreciated!  Please, pray for the Philippines…

For Donations, you can check this page. There’s also a PRC (Philippines Red Cross) section in there.

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