Mommy Time Out

she looks so cute, doesn't she?  looks can be deceiving...

she looks so cute and innocent, doesn’t she? looks can be deceiving…

Can Mommy get a Time Out?  PLEEEEEEEEEASE???

That is how I felt Monday and last night.  Shrimp outdid herself and brought Terrible Two’s to new heights, AGAIN.  She started off by sleeping late Sunday night then waking up late on Monday – around 11/11:30.  Then, she proceeded to:

  • hit Razz multiple times.
  • scream/sqiueal and cry whenever she didn’t get what she wanted.
  • WRITE on our WHITE leather couches.  This is what threw me over the edge.  We usually hang out in the basement/play area where the couches are BLACK, but I had to start taking down Christmas so we stayed upstairs.  It took me 10 minutes of constant scrubbing to get MOST of it off.  There are still faint lines and scribbles everywhere.

After being reprimanded and such, she calmed down for a good 2 minutes and was back to hitting Razz again…then proceeded to try to play with the laptop which I was banning her from because she was so bad earlier on.  Razz tried to help keep her away from the laptop.  Know what that means?  More hitting.  She also then decided she was going to scream and squeal and cry again – WHILE I WAS ON A CONFERENCE CALL because she wasn’t allowed to do what she wanted.  In addition, she decided she was going to JUMP on the laptop.

Once all that was said and done, she decided she wasn’t going to eat breakfast or lunch until way after mealtime was over.

I don’t even know what finally made her calm down, but I think it was Dora or Umi Zoomi and it was only on because I felt so bad for poor Razz that I said she could watch TV and Shrimp snuck in and started to watch too.

She was good for a few hours and then started acting up again at night.  She woke up late so she didn’t nap and was out by 9pm – THANK GOODNESS.  HOWEVER, she woke up around 12am acting like she just took a nap so she was up again for an hour or so.  This time, she proceeded to hitting, no PUNCHING, me.

I do have to say, her screaming and squealing and crying and screeching had 1 advantage so far…when we were standing in a looooong line at the airport coming back from Jamaica, she decided she had enough and made all kinds of a ruckus.  I  mean nothing could calm her down – toys, my phone, milk, food, etc.  Officials eventually  escorted us to the FRONT of the line…essentially cutting over 150 people.  Not one person gave us a dirty look.  But, her antics had one positive outcome…1…

From what I recall, Terrible Two’s last until almost 4.  At least it did for the other 2, but they weren’t terrible at all now that we have witnessed Shrimp and her antics.

*calgon…take me away!*

2 thoughts on “Mommy Time Out

    • I know that everyone is different…I’m just baffled at how MUCH my 3 girls differ and how she is the hardest of all!

      Yeah, she is cute, but sheeeesh…cut yer momma some slack, ya know?

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