Ultimate Reset – Week 2 Day 4

(oops…never posted this from Friday, 02.01.2013)…

So far so good (I say that way too much in my videos). I feel better with no more aches and pains…no more headaches. I still get tired now and then, but I think that’s more due to Shrimpie and her antics – not wanting to nap at the right times, so she falls asleep around 7pm and wakes up at 9pm and then stays up until 2am!

This week is a bit harder than last for some reason with regards to food and cravings. I don’t know if it’s because I’m in full on vegetarian mode or what so no meats and no dairy as well. I find myself missing oatmeal and toast and eggs…Turkey Sandwiches…baked salmon…Terra Chips and yogurt…things like that. I’m not craving chocolate like crazy like I used to, though part of me wants a bite of that Dark Chocolate bar in our pantry. For some reason, I also really want a macaron. Mind you, I never had the French Macarons…just the coconut macaroons, not macarons.

Don’t get me wrong, the food has been good again and I’m getting better at looking ahead and prepping. I just see food on websites or on tv and I’m all “oooohhhh…ahhhhh” like it was some shiny new toy or something. But, hey, I’m halfway there and haven’t strayed. Why start now? Besides, I want the REAL results, not the “well, maybe I would be this or that if I didn’t eat this food or that treat or…”.

Without further ado, some of the food from this week:


Your thoughts?

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