About Me_old

don't let the green contacts freak you out ;)

don’t let the green contacts freak you out 😉

..:: OCTOBER 2009 ::.. edited again April 2012

Well, I guess it’s time for a “real” ABOUT ME page, huh? Well, for starters, that’s my mugshot right there! If the green contacts throw you off with trying to figure out what I am, I am Filipina and have naturally dark brown eyes…just needed a change w/o it involving me chopping my hair off…again!

Let’s see, I’m a mom to 2 3 beautiful girls, Beans (6) and Razz (4) and Shrimpie (15.5 months) and a Red Fox Labrador Retriever named “Buddy”. I’m happily married to pDaddy…I’m a WAHM and am a Full Time Business Systems Analyst – sometimes working less than 40 hours a week, but also sometimes working way more than that.

I love scrapbooking, but don’t have the time or space. I am slowly getting into photography and am a PURE novice at Photoshop.  I find that I am better using my phone camera instead of a real camera though.  Just so much easier to whip out my phone especially since I have it with me at all times.  I am trying to use a camera again…even if just our new point and shoot.

pDaddy’s the chef around here, but I’m the baker – though not a very good one.

I like to help out with charities / donate – especially during times of tragedies and anything Breast Cancer related since my Mom’s a survivor.

I’ve been blogging on and off for the past few years and have had different “names” and websites. I never really blogged consistently because, well, LIFE HAPPENS (hence my tagline). I’m not one of those savvy bloggers who write eloquently, but I do my do. My whole purpose in blogging when I started was to vent…Later on, it became about tracking my pregnancy with Beans’. After that, it was to track her progress and milestones. I guess it’s still like that now – tracking Beans and Razz and Shrimp…with still a little rambling from me and a little dabble in photograpy / photo challenges.

*edited 4/27* Well, hmmm…That’s not quite true anymore either, is it?  I kind of lost track of “tracking” my girls, but I’m trying to get back to it here and there.  I noticed that I blog more about “me” related stuff – my progress with running and weightloss, fashion, beauty, etc. 


  • BZMomma’s Cast of Characters:
    pDaddy = hubby
    Beans = first born
    Razz = second
    Shrimpie = third
    Mum = my mom
    Lolo = my dad
    Mama = pDaddy’s mom
    Papa = pDaddy’s dad
  • OLD Blogging Domains/Names:
    filipina-princess.net (2003-2005)
    diddlysquat.net (2005-2006 (or 2007)) aka “Beanie’s Mama”
    bzmomma.wordpress.net (2007 to present) aka BZMomma
  • Petrified of going to any BlogHer conference though I’m always jealous of those that get to go and wish I wasn’t such a wus. Then again, I don’t think my family would “get” the whole idea of it all.
  • Am a TWIHARD. Yup, I’m in my early 30s and dream of Edward…Team Edward 4eva!…ok…not thaaaaaaaaat much of a TWIHARD  as I was before, but still am one 🙂

Guess that’s about it…oh, need to reach out? You can find me on twitter and also, you can contact me at beanies DOT mama AT gmail DOT com

May 2012…gotta love Instagram for masking flaws 🙂

Your thoughts?

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