WW – 38 weeks

belly shadow

I hit 38 weeks yesterday and I’m bigger than big! To put things in perspective, let’s look at a couple of measurments, shall we?

Belly-to-Steering Wheel Belly-to-Steering Wheel is about a pinky’s width. I can still push the chair back a little bit to be at a thumb’s width. Still, I think I’ll need wooden blocks for my shoes soon. I can still get around though…Yesterday, I drove to the bank, the pediatrician’s office, lunch and a local pharmacy to get the girls’ meds. Their pediatrician was shocked to know I could still drive myself places (I’ll be driving myself batty if I stay home any longer…the girls and I being cooped up all Labor Day weekend w/them being sick = MAJOR-MAJOR* Cabin Fever). Today’s agenda? Don’t know yet besides going to my weekly prenatal checkup. We still have to get Beans some new sneakers for school and I need to get to AC Moore/Michaels to make some favors for my sister’s Baby Shower.

I measured my belly and it’s at 49.5 inches. Beans is 43 inches tall. Even if I wrapped her around me, she won’t go all the way around! ahahaha

38wksI am at the most I’ve ever weighed and I wonder how much of that is really the baby vs. how much of it is fat I’m storing and will need to lose. Doc is wondering the same thing. I had my weekly prenatal today and I’ve gained a total of 39lbs. He’s thinking that most of the weight is on me / belly and not really the baby though.

I wonder how long it will take to lose all this weight and again, how much is really on me vs. Shrimpie. I never lost all my weight w/Beans (was still about 20lbs off when I got pregnant w/Razz). I didn’t gain crazy weight w/Razz b/c I got diagnosed w/Gestational Diabetes and was put on a diet. I cleared that test this time around and was watching what I ate, for the most part, but also let myself indulge in things that I didn’t when prego w/Razz…you know, like ice cream, chocolate, etc.

Anyway, I was hoping we could have an ultrasound this week to see how much Shrimpie weighs, but the next available appointment isn’t until the 16th! Sheesh! I could have Shrimpie by then!
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*”Major-Major” is to quote this year’s Miss Phlippines, Venus Raj, during her Q&A segment. Miss Thang made me SO proud to be a Filipina and Top 5, but, I guess the nerves got the best of her :(*


I’ve been posting mostly to Facebook the past few months and, obviously, not here or Twitter. The “status” update there says “What’s on your mind” or something like that. What’s on my mind? Obviously TOO much to post as I went over the character limit:

What’s on my mind? Too many things! Care to step inside? No? Too bad, here it is anyway…I need to just let it out…

1 – Lola being sick (grammie on Mom’s side). She was hospitalized a few weeks ago and stayed there for about a week w/a visit to ICU too. She’s doing better now, but still not fully recovered. She will be 89 this November and we were planning a HUGE party for her 90th next year.

2 – Mum going to the Philippines (aka “PI” for “Philippine Islands”) to be with her. I feel for Mum. She’s got 2 daughters that are pregnant (yes, my sis is pregnant…2 weeks behind me, though I look like I’m 20 weeks ahead of her) and a sick mother. Mum was so torn about going to the Philippines to be w/her Mom and staying here to be be our Mom. We convinced her to go to PI and that we had our husbands, MILs (who are both nurses) and other friends and family. Besides, even if she stayed here, she wouldn’t really be “here”, ya know?

3 – Razz and Beans being sick. My poor girls caught a cough/cold/fever last Thursday and has managed to keep us in for most of Labor Day Weekend (except for when we snuck out to go to Target yesterday). It was scary on Saturday b/c Razz started looking and feeling really weak again and started her little cough – which, from what we learned back in the Spring – triggers her asthma. I didn’t want to be going to the ER again. Back in the Spring, they were in the ER and Razz ended up getting admitted then getting transferred to another hospital with a PICU (pediatric ICU) b/c her oxygen levels weren’t going up no matter how much they gave her. So horrible seeing her struggle with breathing, being so weak and just not being herself. Anyway, their doctor was away until today so I started giving both of them their nebulizer treatment and, thank goodness, it looks like it’s working.

We weren’t planning on staying home this weekend. pDaddy was going to VA for a basketball tournament and we were planning on going to my parents’ on Friday and staying at my sister’s the rest of the weekend. So, I didn’t force pDaddy to get groceries before he left. Yes, he’s actually been doing the groceries b/c I can’t walk much and he doesn’t want me walking much to trigger labor just yet. Good thing my in-laws came to the rescue. They brought us dinner on Friday, slept over, went grocery shopping for us on Saturday and slept over again Saturday night. They left us Sunday morning w/a stocked fridge and pantry and a chocolate cake to boot (MIL was in a baking mood Saturday night).

4 – My last day of work last Friday, but man, did they seriously put me to work the past couple of months. Even on Thursday, I was working so much that I barely got out of my chair and my legs and feet being so swollen were proof of that!

5 – I was also worried about pDaddy going to VA for his tourney and that hurricane named Earl that was hovering about the area.

6 – What to name this lil girl who’s moving around in my belly like she’s her own lil hurricane.

7 – Putting things away / cleaning – AKA Nesting – but I can’t even do much b/c I am SO huge and slow!

8 – Getting the rest of Beans’ school supplies. She starts PreK-4 on Friday…I can’t believe it. My lil girl, who’ve I’ve stayed home with since she was born, is actually going to start school! This Friday is a half day for her, but the rest of her days are full days from 8am to 3pm. Her school supply list isn’t so bad and actually, Mum and my siblings have been buying her stuff when they go out shopping, but I still don’t get why she needs 2 bottles of ketchup!

9 – Beans ACTUALLY starting school on Friday …oh my. Wait, I mentioned that already, right? Still in shock. I think dropping her off at school will send me into such an emotional and hormonal outrage that I’ll end up in labor. lol

10 – Thinking I was going into labor Sunday night (see previous entry).

11 – Hoping and praying, whenever Shrimpie does come, she’s happy and healthy like her sisters 🙂

12 – SLEEP! I miss SLEEP! And I know I’m not even going to get much anytime soon w/baby coming!

13 – How I’m going to juggle 3 kids and 1 being in school!

14 – Having to go back to work. Can’t we just win the lottery already?

15 – Having only a 2 bedroom house with 3 kids. Speaking of lottery…I really do wish we could just win it to get a bigger house AND not work. Did I mention Beans and Razz want a dog? Um, not quite yet my dears. We were supposed to list our house this spring/summer, but our basement renovation took longer than expected (that’s what happens when family does it and just does it on the side) and now, there’s no way in hell we’re going to be able to pack all our crap and move. At least getting our basement done forced us to purge some of crap. In any case, we don’t even know where to move to. pDaddy is set on moving out of state for a cheaper cost of living – which I get. However, I’m more worried b/c I’ll have a newborn and 2 other kiddos and all our family is here – with the exception of pDaddy’s sister and her family. My sister will also be having a little girl in the beginning of October and of course I want to be around to meet my new niece. In addition, who’s going to help us when we need it? Plus, we don’t trust anyone to babysit for us except our moms. How’s that going to work out?

See? Way too much going on in my head!

Labor Day 2010 / Long Overdue Prego Update

belly shadowAt 4:30am, I woke up in serious pain…cramping. Contractions? They came back at 4:40am. I had my phone in hand ready to call my MIL – just in case. Why my MIL? The hubby’s in VA at an Inter-City Basketball tournament and doesn’t come back ’til later this afternoon/early evening. Anywho, I thought Labor day would really be my “labor” day, but the cramping/contractions stopped…but came back at 5:30am and stopped again. I really thought it was about that time, but, I’m glad it isn’t yet. Still so much to do!

I am at 37 weeks and 6 days today, so I guess I’m already full term and it will be ok if baby comes out anytime now. I am HUMONGOUS and people keep asking me if I’m having twins, but I feel more like I’m housing quadruplets! This is definitely the biggest I’ve ever been and the most I’ve ever weighed. Sleeping is no longer an easy task (hasn’t been for weeks)! My body definitely feels all the weight and is in pain…I don’t think my body was meant to carry around this much weight. My MIL works as a nurse for Labor and Delivery and she thinks I should schedule a C-section or that I am a C-section candiate (yikes)! Doc said we’ll see after this week’s ultrasound.

Shrimpie is estimated to be about 7.6lbs – 8lbs right now. We’ll see what her estimated weight is at the ultrasound and to see what position she’s in. She’s been back and forth with being breech and then normal then breech and then normal. Also need to check my amniotic fluid again. There was some point from June – August that my amniotic fluid was high and so I had to get an ultrasound every 2 weeks. My last ultrasound on August 4th showed it was normal so that was a big sigh of relief. I just hope it’s still ok. My last doctor’s appointment was last Wednesday and I’m supposedly 1cm dilated, but that doesn’t mean much to me anymore. I remember I was that dilated for 1cm for a month w/Beans.

So, we’re in the waiting game, but really, I’m not rushing for Shrimpie to get here just yet. I want her baking in the oven as long as possible. I still have so much to do…you know, like wash newborn / 0-3months baby clothes we got from our baby shower and from Beans’/Razz’ hand-me-downs…They were washed before I put them away, but still….Plus, we still have to find a dresser or something to put her clothes in b/c we have such limited space that she’ll probably have her dresser in our room. Those are just a couple of things on my long arse “To Do” list…but that’s for another entry 😉

WW – 35 Weeks

I know, I know…I’ve been MIA, but just dropping by to let y’all know I’m still alive and still pregnant 🙂

Here I am at 35 weeks using that motorized cart thingie at Target:
35 weeks - 08.17.2010

I’ll be going on maternity leave in a few weeks so I hope to catch up or get back into blogging at that point. In the meantime, I have so much to do w/so little time w/work, prepping the house for Shrimpie, etc…

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