Vacay –

Just droppin by to say that even though I have chock full of thoughts I actually want to blog about, we are on vacation so that’s not likely not to happen 🙂

Yesterday’s flight was, thankfully, quick and uneventful. I DID NOT get sick, Razz was knocked almost for the whole duration of the flight and Beans was too excited to nap except for the last 15 mins (of course). The exciting part about that flight besides the girls getting to go in the front of the cockpit to ask the pilots to bring them to Disney? I felt Shrimpie flutter!!! Yes, yes I sure did 🙂 By the way, thank you to all of you who have congratulated me…I’ll do my best to keep you up to date.

So, today’s our first full day down here in Orlando…temps are about the same as they are in NJ (go figure). We’re going to grab some bfast and be up and about. I’ll try to post pics on my Flickr/Twitter so you can keep up w/us that way 🙂

Wordful Wednesday – Shrimpie

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So, I’ve been MIA again for awhile. I have a good excuse, I promise! Actually, I have a whole list of excuses that have been halting me from blogging and just from doing whatever…This list was created about 3 weeks ago on a piece of paper. I’m better for the most part, but here are my excuses in no particular order (some maybe TMI, but…oh wells):

  • So tired and sleepy.
  • Don’t feel like doing anything except laying/lounging on the couch.
  • Always hungry, but can’t always eat because I’m not tasting for anything/nothing tastes good.
  • Everything leaves a weird taste/aftertaste – even water.
  • I get heartburn w/everything.
  • Crazy bout of flatulence/”blocked” bowels…OH JOY! (told you some stuff was TMI)…
  • Always nauseous/gagging…some things that make me gag:
    • drinking water
    • smelling food cooking (frying, rice cooking, anything)
    • tomato sauce…yes, spaghetti was a once a week dinner at our house, but not anymore
    • smelling cigarettes/smoke
    • smelling our dish detergent (we don’t have a dishwasher so I haven’t been able to wash dishes…poor pDaddy.)
    • taking a shower
    • brushing my teeth

    So what, prey tell, had me in this bad of shape from Mid-January to early March (and even a little now)? If you haven’t been able to deduce what was causing all that, I present to you, Shrimpie:

    Shrimpie @ 12w3d

    shrimpie 12w3d

    That was taken on Friday, 03.12.2010 when Shrimpie was 12weeks and 3days. At this point, we are at 13weeks and 1 day. We are due on 09.21.2010. Another September baby just like Razz 🙂 Beans and Razz are ecstatic and already rub my protruding belly saying “Hi Shrimpie” and “I love you Shrimpie”.

    I’m feeling better than that list above (which I created on 02.24.10(and yes, my name is Stephanie, nice to meet ya!). That list was how I was feeling from 6-10/11 weeks. I’m not over all of those things yet – I still gag when brushing my teeth, taking a shower and just at random times. I still can’t wash the dishes and I haven’t been able to bathe the girls b/c that makes me gag too. Poor pDaddy has really had to step up his game and he has. I couldn’t even help him shovel all that crazy snow from February’s storms. Anyway, I am better even though I still don’t like the smell of certain things, but at least I can drink water now and am not as exhausted – I’ll take what I can get!

    In other news – we finally get to leave for Disney tomorrow. We were supposed to go in the middle of February, but our flight got cancelled due to one (of many) snowstorms. I was acting upset about that, but was deep down relieved. Can you imagine me at that time going to Disney? I would have been miserable at the “happiest place on earth”! Anyway, I hope I don’t get sick on the plane and can handle all the walking. Though I haven’t gained too much weight as reflected on the scale, I’m already showing. I look like I’m about 6 months instead of 3 months pregnant…

    Here’s to a long hot summer and a happy, healthy baby come September 🙂