Mommy Time Out

she looks so cute, doesn't she?  looks can be deceiving...

she looks so cute and innocent, doesn’t she? looks can be deceiving…

Can Mommy get a Time Out?  PLEEEEEEEEEASE???

That is how I felt Monday and last night.  Shrimp outdid herself and brought Terrible Two’s to new heights, AGAIN.  She started off by sleeping late Sunday night then waking up late on Monday – around 11/11:30.  Then, she proceeded to:

  • hit Razz multiple times.
  • scream/sqiueal and cry whenever she didn’t get what she wanted.
  • WRITE on our WHITE leather couches.  This is what threw me over the edge.  We usually hang out in the basement/play area where the couches are BLACK, but I had to start taking down Christmas so we stayed upstairs.  It took me 10 minutes of constant scrubbing to get MOST of it off.  There are still faint lines and scribbles everywhere.

After being reprimanded and such, she calmed down for a good 2 minutes and was back to hitting Razz again…then proceeded to try to play with the laptop which I was banning her from because she was so bad earlier on.  Razz tried to help keep her away from the laptop.  Know what that means?  More hitting.  She also then decided she was going to scream and squeal and cry again – WHILE I WAS ON A CONFERENCE CALL because she wasn’t allowed to do what she wanted.  In addition, she decided she was going to JUMP on the laptop.

Once all that was said and done, she decided she wasn’t going to eat breakfast or lunch until way after mealtime was over.

I don’t even know what finally made her calm down, but I think it was Dora or Umi Zoomi and it was only on because I felt so bad for poor Razz that I said she could watch TV and Shrimp snuck in and started to watch too.

She was good for a few hours and then started acting up again at night.  She woke up late so she didn’t nap and was out by 9pm – THANK GOODNESS.  HOWEVER, she woke up around 12am acting like she just took a nap so she was up again for an hour or so.  This time, she proceeded to hitting, no PUNCHING, me.

I do have to say, her screaming and squealing and crying and screeching had 1 advantage so far…when we were standing in a looooong line at the airport coming back from Jamaica, she decided she had enough and made all kinds of a ruckus.  I  mean nothing could calm her down – toys, my phone, milk, food, etc.  Officials eventually  escorted us to the FRONT of the line…essentially cutting over 150 people.  Not one person gave us a dirty look.  But, her antics had one positive outcome…1…

From what I recall, Terrible Two’s last until almost 4.  At least it did for the other 2, but they weren’t terrible at all now that we have witnessed Shrimp and her antics.

*calgon…take me away!*

Shrimpie the Squealing Screamer Child

don’t let her little sweet smile fool you…she is a terror and not even 2 yet!

Don’t let this little cute girl fool you (although she did “decorate” herself all by her lonesome with this box and had us all laughing).

Shrimpie has the extra early case of Terrible 2s.  I think she hit them as soon as she started walking (at 8.5 months).  Once she started walking, she got into and onto everything – couches, windows (we used to have a bay window that had a wide sill), bathrooms, toilets, stairs, etc.

She’s been MORE than a handful as of late too.  She loves to beat up on her sisters – scratch them, pull their hair, hit them, pinch them, etc.  She gets reprimanded every time she does any of the above, but nothing phases this little girl.  She’ll just kind of move back, maybe flinch and then be done.  Sometimes, she’ll cry for a little (I mean, less than minute) and then be done.  Sometimes, she’ll go crying to her sisters or either me or her dad (whomever DIDN’T reprimand her).  Again, nothing phases this girl.

Sometimes we have to think twice (or thrice) about going out to eat.  She’s been making scenes lately where she will squeal and just try to get out of her highchair.  We try to keep her occupied – crayons, coloring, drawing, giving her our phone.  Nothing works for long.  If a restaurant has one of those claw toy grabbing games, she will just not stop squealing or screaming until she gets there.

On our trip to Chicago last weekend, she only had a quick 45 minute nap all day.  Usually, this girl naps 2x a day and at least for an hour each.  If she goes 3 hours, then she just naps once.  45 minutes that day, plus all the excitement from the trip, plus the heat, plus a late dinner didn’t bode well for a our little gal.  Let me just take this moment to inform you that heat and Shrimpie do not make a pretty mix.  This girl will wake up squealing and screaming and crying if she is hot.  She gets super cranky, I mean she can wake up the whole neighborhood cranky.

We ended up getting to Chicago around 6pm.  By the time we checked in and got settled, it was almost 7.  Then, we had to feed the dogs (our friend also brought their dog along).  Next thing you know, we’re leaving for dinner at almost 8pm.  We wanted to try some authentic Chicago Deep Dish Pizza so my other friend (originally from Chicago) met us and walked w/us to dinner.  It was HOT.  It was upper-80s/ 90 something at 8pm as we walked around.  We got to the restaurant and it was packed with an hour and half wait.  We walked further down to another pizza place and it was pretty warm inside the restaurant PLUS they had one of those claw toy grabber games.  That was the recipe for disaster.

pDaddy and I spent the whole night chasing her around the restaurant and/strolling her.  The host was, at first, very accommodating and comforting.  I guess, later on, he was in awe that this little girl couldn’t just sit and eat (she did eat earlier – mostly milk, but that’s a whole other story).  I tried to explain to him that if we forced her, she would just scream and make a scene and it would not make our table neighbors very comfy.  He seemed to understand…then later, says, “Wow, she’s spoiled.”  Then, looks at me and says “You did this.  You spoiled her.”


Maybe he didn’t mean it that way and it came out wrong, but what?

I think he saw my demeanor towards him changed.  I repeated that she would make a scene and would make THEIR customers uncomfy, etc.  He caught my drift and tone of annoyance at him and changed his approach to, “but wow…seeing you with her and her father, you guys have a lot of patience and that’s so great and amazing.”.  He did also mention that there are other restaurants we can check out that have a play area for kids that have employees watching them so we (my husband and I) can enjoy dinner, etc. if we wanted to check it out.  At this point, he was being genuine and not trying to kick us out (this was before he made the “spoiled” comment).  I’m just not that comfy dropping my kid off somewhere, even if we’re under the same roof.

But anywho…do you have a child that is like Shrimp?  How do you keep him/her occupied so you can all enjoy a dinner out?  Razz used to be like this, but more because she would just want to nurse (for comfort, not because she was hungry).  She didn’t act up as much, but we just decided to not eat out for a while which is what we can do now, but would rather not.  Please chime in if you have any suggestions / tips for us 🙂

Just an FYI, she was a LOT better the next day after she had an almost 4 hour nap and it was cooler out.  She still wanted to get out of her highchair, but at least she wasn’t making a crazy scene.  I guess that’s just what we need to do – get her well rested and keep her cool.


Oh, Oh Shrimpie (singing to the tune of Prince’s “Oh Sheila”)

Um yeah, I don’t know…just go with it and sing it in your head!  🙂

It’s crazy busy at work again (read as: “still”) and having laptop issues last night didn’t help a bit.  I slept almost at midnight uninstalling stuff and clearing cache, etc.  I woke up at 3am to see if anything was better.  Nope.  called my helpdesk at work and all they could do at that point was log a ticket. Woke up at 7am to see if anything has improved.  Nada.

Anywho, laptop issues have now been resolved, but don’t you wish you could just call HelpDesk on your kids at times?  I, mean, I guess that’s what Nannies/Babysitters/grandmas are for, but um, we are not privy to that right now in our new mid-western life.  Too bad my MIL left already – she was a great help!   Shrimpie’s been more than a handful lately…more than 2 handfuls or 3 even.

As of 1pm CST, Shrimpie has managed to:

A) Wake up at 8:30am.
B) Wake up her sisters (by hitting them).
C) Beat up her sisters throughout the morning.
D) Climb chairs and furniture.
E) Spill water all over bathroom sink.
F) Be roommates with Buddy (in Buddy’s crate!).
G) Catch some “Bubble Guppies” and “Sesame Street”.
H) Throw cereal all over the table and floor.
I) Break an egg by throwing it onto the kitchen floor.
J) Nap.
K) All of the above…


never a dull moment w/this girl! she got herself in the crate and was trying to close it.  thank goodness Buddy is such a great tempered dog!