Softball Season

Wow, softball season is amongst us and I haven’t posted since even before basketball season. Maybe I will do catchup posts at a later point in time? Hmmm…

Anywho, sitting here, at the softball field, I’m reminded that I love the beauty of spring, but detest allergies. Between the kids fun run at the track last night and now sitting here for a softball game, I’m already exhausted from sneezing and blowing my nose. My girls are lucky I love them. Hehe

The big 2 play for the same softball team this year and I love watching how they look out for each other – especially Beans. During practice, when they have to run laps, she runs alongside Razz (even though she runs faster) to make sure her asthmatic sister will be ok.

Shrimp loves to sleep in so she is home still sleeping and that is fine by me. Trying to keep her occupied during a game involves me running around after her to stop her from going to the playground. That little one man, she is something else! She’s lucky I love her too. Hehehe



Rouge in Love #2 – Roses in Love

When I first went to check out Lancome’s Rouge in Love line, I was still on a hunt for a perfect pale / nude pink. I don’t know if it was the lighting or what, but it seems like all of the ones I tried just seemed to wash me out. By suggestion of the nice Lancome gal, I tried this on. I thought it was too bright of a pink (I don’t really wear bright), but maybe needed a change for Spring…Pop of Pink, why not?

Lancome: Rouge in Love -

When I finally got my package (it was out of stock), I wasn’t sure I liked it anymore (though I did love the Cocoa Couture shade – still do 🙂 ). In fact, I’ve only worn it 3x (this day being the 3rd). Why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s the clothes color choices that don’t go with it? But this time, it seemed to work! Maybe it’s because of my bright pink shirt too? I wore it on Mother’s Day, but mixed in with a whole bunch of others b/c I didn’t initially wear it. The color I initially wore was a pale pink, but I wanted more pink so added this and a gloss, etc.

Anyway, this day? I was LOVIN’ this color:

Don’t know why the pink doesn’t pop as much as it does on my phone…but here, I tried to use Instagram captures it’s PINK-NESS 🙂 Still not as bright as it is in person…
rouge in love - roses in love

So this picture was altered to show the pop of pinkness…The original pic is under this one.
green & pink - edited for brightness

First time I wore it back in March (ugh…HATE my pores :(please ignore them!!!) Anyway, big difference right? But I swear, it’s not this pale and looks more like above..or maybe I’m just seeing things…hehehe.
green & pink

You Capture: Spring

Just like everyone else around here, Spring came way too early then left without saying Goodbye, just to make a reappearance through rain as of late.

March had us hitting record temps for 7 days in a row. This had flowers and trees blooming a lot earlier than usual and now, the blooms are gone, the leaves are in and green as ever and the rain? Well, like I said, rain made a come back and actually had us staying inside for much of this week. Now, some of you out there probably like to take pictures out in the rain. As for me? I get sick easily, so I stuck to indoors and saw what I could find that represented spring in some way.

So, here are some things that caught my eye…
Our placemat pattern:

Shrimpie’s tights:
shrimp's tights

Razz’ pants:
close-up of Razz' pants
razz' pants

And just for good measure, my lil bookworm, Razz, reading…
reading razz

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WW: Pumped Up Kix…

WORDFUL WEDNESDAY TIME AGAIN, FOLKS! I actually missed last week because I was too busy running around to get things in order before pDaddy left us for a long weekend in NJ. Anywho, for more WW entries, check out Angie’s Blog over at

Talks around these here parts are saying we could be reaching record temps today! We are set to hit the 80s…the EIGHTIES! IN EARLY MARCH?!?!? Holy cannoli, Batman! We skipped spring and went to summer in 1 day!

It was SO beautiful out yesterday that pDaddy and I were just talking yesterday about seeing if we could find a used jogging stroller(s) so we can get to working out together and have our girls with us too! I think I might just go and hide in the air conditioned gym! I’m such a wus, I know…I have a hard time w/heat and sweating. Cool climate and sweating (aka in a gym), I’ll be ok with.

I actually did (FINALLY) start working out in early February, about a month behind from my resolutions, but better late than never. I’ve tried to at least go 3x/week and even went once while in Chicago for the weekend (mid-Feb). It’s so very rare for me to workout while on vacay – even if it’s just a couple of days. Of course, the amount of eating that was done in Chicago and the week after (Mum was w/us and, either she was cookin’ up some yummy stuff or, we kept taking her out to eat) totally negated all my working out that I did in the earlier 2 weeks. In fact, it’s taken me almost a month to get back to the weight that I was at the day we left for Chicago (finally got back to it today!). I didn’t stress it though, I could tell I was losing b/c my clothes were fitting differently.

I’ve mostly just been on the treadmill trying to build up strength and resistance and getting familiar with it all again. I started the Couch to 5K running program last week, but only did it 2x since pDaddy went away for the weekend and this gym doesn’t have childcare. I was going to start Week 1 all over again this week, but Daylight Savings Time was Sunday. We moved forward 1 hour and now it’s dark at 5:30am instead of the bit of light I used to see before. I keep hitting that darn snooze and I keep running late. Still, 1 mile (give or take) is better than 0.

In the first few weeks, since I couldn’t really keep up, I decided I would sort of speedwalk on an incline…Did you know you lose more calories on an incline than when not? I didn’t know that and so when I figured it out, I kept up this incline, but noticed I was kind of cheating. I kept holding on the bars and I guess, to get the full effect, you’re not supposed to. I did notice one thing though, my calves. I wish I measured my calves before I started all this because I really feel like they’ve gotten bigger – not happy about that AT ALL.

Besides the weight I didn’t lose which (I HOPE) is turning to muscle, I also thought maybe it could be my sneakers. Meet my Nike Shox Turbo + 12:

Nike Shox Turbo + 12

Now, pDaddy got these for me and I LOVE.LOVE.LOVE them! I could wear them when I’m feeling my casual, sporty self and they’re comfy, but they are 12.4oz. So, I thought, let me look for a lighter pair. Besides, I want to see where I can really go with this running thing. I’ve been able to go a little faster (5.7-5.9) than when I first started (struggled at 5.0). So, now I’m trying to “run” more and lessen the incline, still, maybe a lighter shoe will help me go faster and also lessen the calf muscle development.

After communicating w/the people from Nike via twitter (@NikeRunning and @nikeplus), I went for their suggestion of the Nike Lunaracer +.
New Kicks...Nike Lunaracer +

Ordered from on Friday night and received yesterday. I wasn’t sure about the PINK (the only color they come in…I think…well, in my size anyway), but I actually love the color! And yes, they are SUPER LIGHT at just 4.6 oz! BUT…too snug 😦 I’m usually a 7…sometimes 7.5 and I ordered a 7.5. I thought, maybe I’ll just have to break them in and they’ll stretch. I originally ordered 7s for my Shox and exchanged for 7.5. 7.5 felt perfect, but now that they’re broken in, they’re actually a little loose.

I brought these new Lunaracers with me to the gym this morning and wore them from the locker room to the treadmill and already, my feet felt so trapped in them. That’s walking all of 8 feet. I ordered these in 7.5, but I guess I’ll need to order them in an 8. I just wish they fit me right already so I could start seeing where my running can really be (and again, to keep my calves from getting any bigger…if it’s actually my sneakers that are doin’ it).

Well, I’m just happy the working out thing is FINALLY coming to fruition. It took over a month, but I’m here now. I just need to be able to keep up with it and keep eating healthier. I just need to not keep goin’ for delicious dark chocolate almonds!!!! All in all, I think I’m doin’ pretty well with my resolutions, if I should say so myself…

PS – Photos were taken using the Flickr App on my Android phone and then applying the TOKYO filter…me likey!

Oh, Sunny Day!

shrimp on the swing

Shrimpie relaxed on the swing

To say that we had a pretty mild winter is an understatement. Moving out to the midwest, we were bracing ourselves for subzero temps and crazy winds all winter. We probably had those days about 7 times…total. Now, it’s 64 degrees and sunny and it’s going to be in the low to mid-70s all week. LOVE THIS WEATHER! LOVE! IT! I really wish I could just bottle up and open it up on drab days…or sell it! Hello, beaucoup buck$$$$…

But, with all this warm weather, allergies start earlier and so do bugs coming out. We went out this weekend and saw flies…lil baby flies on my truck’s windshield…just hangin around being all hunky dory. But flies this early in March? Ewww…makes me wonder about mosquitos. This will be our first spring/summer here so I’m wondering how bad the mosquitoes are. I hate mosquitoes…I’m sure pDaddy hates mosquitoes only for the mere fact that I complain about mosquitoes and their bites incessantly all summer long…

I’m just hoping our allergies aren’t as bad as they were in NJ. In NJ, we lived pretty close to a park w/an abundance of Cherry Blossoms so yeah, our allergies were HORRIFIC! It used to be my alarm clock…4 / 5 am, my sneezing would start! And of course, Razz and her allergies that trigger her asthma and have landed her in the hospital 2x w/one of those times in the PICU.

But, let’s focus on the fun, shall we? SPRING FEVER has hit and what do I usually do first? Get a much needed foot spa pedicure. I’ve no idea if I’m going to go for my dark, brown / vampy colors or a frenchie or a pinkish nude, but I know I’m going to go for one tonight. hmmm…I would LOVE to get a coral / tangerine one, but my legs are still so very Cullen-like (aka Pale…yes, that was a reference to TWILIGHT…yes, I’m still a TWIHARD, but not as much as before…until I watch the next flick, I’m sure).

This past weekend started the beautiful weather streak and so we hit the park. Don’t let that pic above fool you. Apparently, Shrimp is now afraid of swings and if you don’t distract her and make her laugh, she will squeal and cry and scream w/that screechy scream of her.

Shrimp’s not a big fan of the swings (though she really used to be), but remembered she LOVES the slide. She didn’t want to pose for this pic and just wanted to slide down already!

Shrimp just wanted to gooooo

Oh, I LOVE this weather!

Ahhh Spring…

I should have really titled this post “aaa-chooo!”

Anywho, I love spring, really I do. I love the beginning of longer days, the warmer temps (we had a CRAZY, COLD, SNOW-FILLED WINTER! Good Riddance, Old Man Winter!)…I love seeing the flowers bloom, the leaves on the trees making their reappearances, the grass coming back into view, the birds chirping and even people w/their loud music in their cars as they drive by with open windows (take note, this will annoy the heck out of me come summer). I love the extra motivational kick I get w/spring cleaning and sorting and extra burst of energy the sun seems to give me.

What I don’t like? The rain…especially when it goes on for days and is torrential and causes floods. And while I like trees and grass and flowers showing off their lovely buds and colors, I don’t like the pollen that’s associated with all that. And apparently? Neither does poor Razz. I’m pretty much used to allergies. I’ve had them since I was 8? Maybe even earlier, but poor Razz. She’s getting them pretty bad this year.

Poor Razz Razz w/allergies

I took the girls for a follow up visit to their Doctor (they got sick after coming back from Disney and readjusting to cold temps again). They’re not sick anymore, but they do have allergies and the Doctor was saying she’s not surprised at all b/c the pollen count has been pretty high so far this spring. I’ve actually been suffering from allergies since the beginning of February – with snow still on the ground! But, like I said, I just deal…and because I’m pregnant, I don’t take any allergy meds even if my OB cleared Claritin or Zyrtec. I just figured, hey, I suffered through allergies when I was pregnant before w/o any meds, I’m going to try to do it again.

Poor Razz got prescribed eye drops and I’m glad the Dr. noticed – even if she wasn’t so bad when we were at the Doctor’s office. She’s more and more exhausted and wakes up late, naps late then sleeps late which starts the cycle all over again. When she wakes up in the morning, she’s either stuffy or sneezy, but still has droopy eyes and it takes her a bit to shake it all off and be all happy and energized like her usual self. I’m allowed to give her Children’s Claritin so I gave her one yesterday. I don’t think it really helped all that much though…poor thing…

But hey, look, flowers!
pDaddy thru the flowers
That would be pDaddy. This pic kinda cracks me up. It’s like I’m censoring some parts of pDaddy’s body or something using flowers from our Dogwood tree that we bought and planted last Spring… teehee…lol

PS – Again, more poor quality pics from cell phone cam, but whatevs. It’s easier to upload straight to Flickr via my cell…I don’t have to upload to the PC first then Flickr (i’m lazy like that lately).
to see other WW participants, see Angie’s blog @ sevenclowncircus.

Summer Previews

Sorry, no Summer Movie talk here (except that I am waiting for Eclipse w/baited breath…oh Edward…lol)…just gonna talk about the temps…

Yesterday and today have been HOT ones in the northeast. Well, today’s actually pretty nice and breezy w/temps in the 80s, but yesterday, we hit a record high of 92! That’s pretty hot and intense – especially for April!

Anyway, I’m FINALLY getting my energy back so the girls and I took a stroll down the block yesterday to grab some lunch. Beans was all complaining how hot it was and was so happy when we would hit shady spots. When we got in the restaurant, I was ready to just take the food to go, but she wanted to eat there (guess for a change of pace since we always just pick up and eat @ home). I was pretty surprised she wanted to eat inside the restaurant b/c it was HOTTER in there than it was outside. It’s a family owned Italian restaurant that serves yummy food and pizzas…with those pizzas come those BIG, HOT ovens. Yeah, it felt like an oven in there, but the girls wanted to stay while my hot and huge pregnant arse wanted to just go back to the cool confines of home. However, I realized that I’ve been working so much and not spending as much fun time w/the girls that I gave in and we had a great lunch.

Here’s Beans mid-chew (notice her rosy cheeks b/c she’s hot):

Here’s Razz asking for more (also w/the rosy cheeks):
Razz wants more

We then stopped by the local Dollar Store (which I’m loving MORE and MORE each day) and picked up some ice cream (cotton candy flavored for the girls…who knew they made that? Not I says moi. See? Another reason why I’m loving this Dollar Store) which we ate at home where it was nice and cool…
Enjoying ice cream from $ store @ home

Love the way they look so summery, but it’s a bit too early for me. 80 degrees at 11pm last night didn’t help w/sleeping, but luckily our fan was easily accessible. We still refuse to use the air conditioner just merely on principal since it’s still ONLY April.

Mother Nature gave us the snowiest February on record. The wettest March on record and now the Hottest April days so far on record. I’m scared to see what the rest of the summer will look like. Global Warming anyone? I just hope our basement renovation is done soon b/c it’s nice and cool down there. Plus, I hope pDaddy can work from home more in the summers so we can all jump in the pool (even if just above ground) during lunch and downtimes. It will be too hard for me to carry Razz up the ladder and into the pool AND make sure Beans is in safely too…I used to be ok w/Beans and I swimming when Razz was in the belly, but now there are 2 of them who move as fast as lightning sometimes.

Ahhh…the lazy days of summer coming up…but first, back to the reality of renovations and spring cleaning!

PS – I’m really hating how tempermental my cell phone camera is. Sometimes it’s so nice and crisp and clear and then most of the other times, pictures come out in poor quality like the ones above…