WW: Thanksgiving 2012

I know, I know…everyone’s on full on Christmas/Holiday mode we are too.  However, I cannot let this Thanksgiving go unnoticed (I’ll probably also do catch up entries on birthdays and Jamaica).

This was our 1st Thanksgiving in our new house.  The rest of our family is in NJ and so it was just us 5 celebrating together this year.  I decided to try to make it “formal” and that way our girls could learn and get familiar with table settings and the proper ways to do things with grace, elegance and proper manners.  Besides, they’re always playing Princess Dress-Up, might as well learn etiquette too.  – side note – I wish they had some type of etiquette / manners courses in schools…how to set the table properly and know which fork does what, etc.  I know we, as parents can teach them, but sometimes it’s received differently when taught by a school teacher.

In any case, pDaddy and I agreed upon what we wanted to eat and so off I went doing groceries (almost everyday for a week, it seemed).  Everything was homemade with the exception of Shrimp Cocktail and Dessert.  I guess I could have  made desserts too, but that’s ok.  Turkey was marinated overnight and everything was ready and prepped for the next day.

I woke up early on Thanksgiving – I think I was just really excited to cook for my family.  I haven’t cooked a Thanksgiving Dinner since ’08 / ’09 and I remember being half-assed about it.  I woke up too early so I decided, to add to the formality of the luncheon, to make some menus.  I found a template on line I liked and I cut and glued and punched away.  I had to cut the papers by hand because my paper cutter was missing it’s blades (I hid them from the baby and I guess I hid them well b/c I still can’t find them).   I wanted to make place cards as well, but I decided not to…no place card holders and I didn’t feel like cutting by hand anymore (spoiled, I know).

So, after that, I got breakfast going and got to cooking our luncheon.  Here’s our Thanksgiving Day feast (no, we don’t do stuffing…I just never had it growing up).   I hope you all had a great one 🙂

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Thanksgiving Already…

Thanksgiving is 2 days away…already.  Time to give thanks for all the blessings and get stuffed like a turkey.

We usually have Thanksgiving at my parents’ house and savor in the yummy goodness that is Mom’s (and my sister’s and guests’) cooking, but my lovely sister stole mom for a week and they are out basking in the sun and beaches of Cancun.  They come back on Thanksgiving, but in time for dinner.  Yeah, you did the math right.  The 2 who cook won’t be back in time to cook for Thanksgiving.  So, for the first time ever, I will be making the turkey on my own (provided that places aren’t sold out of turkeys yet – I plan on getting one tonight).  I am going to attempt to make the turkey using my mum’s “secret family recipe” – so she calls it.  I used to always help mum when I still lived at home, but that’s over 6 or 7 years ago now…Wish me luck…

There won’t be a lot of us feasting on my attempts at cooking on Thursday, but maybe around 5 adults or so.  Even though my Mom and sis get back Thursday night, they’ll be going to brother-in-law’s brother’s house.  Our big Thanksgiving dinner has been planned for Saturday.  That’s when the real cooks do their magic.  I’m just a “wanna-be” for now…How’s that for really eating turkey “all weekend long”?

If the turkey turns out well, that’s just another addition to my very long list of things I’m thankful for.  If not, I still get an “A” for effort…so my sister says.  If she decides to take another trip next year, I’m going to make her take ALL of us 😛