What a lazy weekend (again)…

This weekend was spent vegging out on the couch, taking naps, watching TV (olympics, all star game/contests, movies, etc.). We did absotutely NOTHING the WHOLE weekend – even on Valentine’s Day. We planned to go out and take the girls to lunch or the mall, but that just didn’t happen b/c of weird naptimes, cold weather and sheer laziness. We were just all fine and dandy at home. We weren’t even going to bother to attempt going out to dinner so we thought maybe we’d order something nice or cook. We had Burger King. Do we oooooze romance or what? lol

pDaddy and I didn’t get each other anything for Valentine’s Day for the first time ever. No cards, no gifts, no flowers and you know what? We were both totally ok with it. He did keep asking me if I wanted anything b/c he felt bad, but all I kept saying was that I’ve been wanting a Whopper Jr. since Friday. So, that explains the BK for din-din.

Just spending time relaxing with our girls was perfect. We didn’t have to rush to go anywhere or do anything. We just napped when we wanted, watched TV when we wanted, read and played w/the girls and he got his dose of playing is Modern Warfare on PS3. We figured we know we love each other and the girls know it too. Plus, they are still young enough to not know the material aspect of this holiday so why not just greet each other, hug and kiss each other and relax…That is the true meaning of the holiday anyway.

I do have to say that Beans put us to shame though…All week last week, she was asking me to help her make cards. So I did and then she hid them and gave them to us yesterday 🙂 Is she sweet or what? I wish I had all my scrapbooking stuff here instead of my parents’ house – she wanted to go all out and have stamps and glitter and stickers, etc…, but I like these too. Nice and Simple and straight TO and FROM the HEART ❤

Vday Card 2010 from Beans

Where to Begin…

I have so much I want to write about and I have no idea where to start. Of course, now that I am finally here writing, I am faced with not only knowing where to begin, but now I am also drawing a blank. Go figure.

I guess I’ll begin with Valentine’s Day which is in exactly 1 week (of course, I didn’t realize until I saw my calendar when I was accepting a meeting invite). The hubster and I don’t really go all out with this holiday b/c well, in my opinion, it really shouldn’t be one. I always believed that you shouldn’t have a holiday remind you to tell your loved one(s) you love him/her(them). You should do that everyday. Now, while I still believe that, I am starting to understand why reminders are needed.

Just speaking for myself, my head spins in 7 different directions on any given day. From taking care of the girls, to doing chores and to working, my head is constantly on the “go”.  Here are just some things that are in and out of my  head all day long…

  • How do I keep them busy while I work without sitting them in front of TV (suggestions accepted)?
  • How do I keep them occupied and quiet while I’m on a conference call?
  • Which chore do I do first? Laundry? Dusting? Sweeping?
  • Which room do I clean first? What should I take out for dinner?
  • What will Beans and I eat for lunch?
  • Who do I need to call today (GHOSTBUSTERS!…sorry)?
  • Will I be able to sneak out for 45 minutes to workout?
  • What groceries do we need?
  • What do we need to pack (if we’re going somewhere over the weekend – which has been a pretty common occurence since the holidays)?
  • Did Beans pee lately? Is that poop I smell?
  • Did Razz eat lately? When was the last time I changed her diapie again?

Where am I getting at with all of this? Well, there is so much going on with all aspects of my so called life that yes, sometimes, I forget to tell pDaddy that I do love him. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is that I get it. I get why there has to be this holiday. It’s serves as a reminder. You shouldn’t need one, but fact of the matter is, sometimes you just do. However, it doesn’t make it right to make it all about Hallmark, Tiffany’s and Godiva (but you know, I won’t give it back either…hehe).

ps – it’s Valentine’s – with an “N” not Valentime’s – with an “M”. Get it? Got it? Good.