Ultimate Reset – Finito!

Yes, yes, yes! I did it!

It’s been 2 1/2 weeks since I finished the Ultimate Reset and let me tell you, it’s one of the BEST things I’ve ever done for myself! I feel refreshed, renewed, invigorated, energetic and all of this with NO caffeine what-so-ever! I have learned so much about food and myself. I’ve learned that I can control my eating. I learned that I don’t need to constantly snack on junk food, etc. I learned about new food and how to cook new food and even how to cook other foods I knew of before. I like how I feel, I like how I look and I like that I know I can keep getting better with myself – inside and out.

Here I am Post Reset after I just got my blood drawn (I actually left the house, hence why I actually have a little bit of make-up on).

So, how did I do? After 21 days, I lost 11.7 (we’ll say 12) pounds…over 13 inches overall. All that with NO EXERCISE. Just clean eats and taking daily supplements!

THE BIGGEST and BEST NEWS? My cholesterol dropped 103 points!
Yes, that’s correct. 103 points. From 246 to 143. I was thinking I would only drop 20 or 30 points which would mean that I would still be on medication, but NOPE. 103 points = no medication for me!!!

2 1/2 weeks later and I’m still 90% eating clean – no caffeine, minimal alcohol (drinks when my girlfriends and I went to Chicago and I had to water down my 2nd drink), not too much sugar and still having healthy meals. I will have treats here and there, but for the most part? I’ve still been cooking healthy meals from the Reset Recipe book. In fact, my girlfriends came to visit last week and I would make my own separate meals. The only time I didn’t is when we went to Chicago for a day. My stomach paid for it b/c I was so umcomfy! lol Too many “new” things going into mah belly all at once (meats, etc.).

I finally got my bum back to the gym yesterday and did the elliptical. I will probably go back again today. I’m still debating on whether or not to start TurboFire again, but I think I like going to the gym…it gets me out of the house. Let’s not forget I’m a WAHM who also stays home with a 5 year old, 2 year old AND 1 year old pup.

ip5 926

Anyway, I’m excited to be working out again b/c my body (on the inside) is at its prime thanks to the Ultimate Reset. I still have a lot of work to do, but I’m definitely better off now than when I started.

Any questions, just let me know. I am willing to answer – to the best of my ability!

And let me leave you with this…My Ultimate Reset Food Gallery. My meals for the 21 days during the reset.

2013 Super Bowl XLV11 – ehhh

Is it me or did the Super Bowl lacked a certain “umph” last night, no? It just seemed like another football game to me. No big electric filled feeling (or maybe there was and it took the electricity down with it). Even the commercials weren’t all that. We tuned in the middle of the 2nd quarter so maybe there were other commercials, but I don’t think we saw the resident Coca Cola Polar Bears or did we miss that? I know we missed the Budweiser Clydesdales, but usually they would have more than one commercial, right?

Best commercial IMHO? RAM’s “God Made a Farmer”. Maybe it’s because we have migrated to the heartland in the midwest and it resonates with me more now, but really, it was darn touching and respectful.

Go forth and share via FB, Twitter, what have you..clicks = donations from Ram’s YouTube Page:


To me, the highlights of the game, besides Beyonce, were the lights going out and that giving the 49ers some kind of momentum and run. Other than that, it was kind of boring to watch, like THIS is the Super Bowl??!?! One team totally dominating the other? I’m glad they actually came out fighting and gave the Ravens a run for their money.

Now I know there were great plays made and I am happy for Jersey boy, Flacco, but overall, it just lacked a certain “WOOOOOHOOO” factor. I’m not a sports editor or anything…I’m just sayin’.

PS – I noticed I actually write more about football than basketball when I’m a bigger basketball fan than football. Go figure.

Ultimate Reset – Week 1 Review

So I mentioned that I started the Ultimate Reset to cleanse and detoxify my body. I’ve abused it enough – from years of smoking (I quit a while ago, but still), fast food, junk food, fatty foods, sweets, alcohol, caffeine, soda, etc…it was time to make a change. I always felt slow and tired and I needed to kick start my weightloss journey for the year, for life. So, I figured, I could start by detoxifying and starting out with the cleanest canvas possible.

Week 1 ended yesterday and I feel great! Now, not everyday was easy, but you know what was good? The FOOD! Here are some videos/testimonials from me. Just of what I’m feeling and such and…FOOD pics…mmmm…But with all this yummy food = prepping. I need to up my game on that because I feel like I’m in the kitchen almost all day which is not cool because I have my work laptop on the counter and such. I need to do better with looking ahead without getting overwhelmed. That way, I can see some are the same recipes as the night/days before and I can just cut up double the amount so I don’t have to cut again the next day.

Anywho…here goes my Week 1:

Week 1 Day 1 – The beginning of my journey. The food was great, the headaches from caffeine (and sugar?) withdrawal – not so much! Energy level was down, but that wasn’t anything new.

ip5 613

Week 1 Day 2 – Still had some headaches…always gets worse midday to evening. Still tired a bit and caught a nap when possible.
ip5 621

Week 1 Day 3 – Aches and pains started. My lower back was sore along with my things and bum…I guess the trunk area? Tired and achy and felt like I was coming down with the flu (like so many right now).
ip5 693

Week 1 Day 4 – Even MORE achy. It was hard to sleep the night before and this night. I was tired, but had a hard time taking a nap because no position helped relieve my aches – especially my lower back. I refrained from taking any pain relievers and envied my hubby, who was coming down w/a cold and fever, for being able to take some. Also, very cold! Our house is set to 72 and I was freezing! I even bumped it up to 73, but still cold and was with my snuggie.


ip5 694
(Bottom pic is just veggies prior to veggie stir fry. I can’t believe I forgot to take a pic of the full dinner: stir fry veggies, quinoa, cucumber and tomato salad)!

Week1 Day 5 – Was starting to feel less achy, more energized (but I’ll still nap. I have kids who like to wake up in the middle of the night due to foot pains or leg pains or wanting milk or nightmares or what-have-you, so I will take naps whenever possible – sometimes tired or not…hehehe).

ip5 691

Week 1 Day 6 – Felt great with still some lower back soreness (I don’t know if that’s ever going to go away, especially with how I’ve been on my feet a lot in the kitchen prepping and such), but afternoon had me FREEZING again! I was bundled up with my hooded sweatshirt (hood on), a snuggie, gloves and fur lined shoes. It was 73 in the house.
ip5 690

Week 1 Day 7 – Last Day of Week 1! WOW! Already?!?! Down 5.5lbs 🙂 Felt pretty good, lower back pain only after being on my feet a lot. No headaches (stopped around Day 4).

ip5 689

Today Begins Week 2 aka RELEASE week aka DETOX week. That also means I’m going to be taking some detox supplements along with my alkalanize (powders you dissolve in water). In addition, I begin vegetarian mode. Oh boy, wish me luck!

Any questions, feel free to contact me via twitter/bzmomma or tbb.bzmomma AT gmail DOT com.

WELCOME BACK – NO DOUBT (and me…hahaha)

ahhh…one of my fave bands from the 90s has finally come back to the scene and me likey they’re new song: SETTLE DOWN

Miss Gwen still looking every bit the style icon…now, let me get my Cherry Red Docs…

ps – been crazy busy…um, so, we bought a zoo! just kidding, we bought a house so between moving and painting and moving, it’s been busy…will post more soon.

Sunshine Day!

“I think I’ll go for a walk outside now the summer sun’s callin’ my name” – Brady Bunch

C’mon, I know you remember this…Just can’t be me, right? Right?

Ok, now that the hokey is out of the way, the real premise of SUNSHINE for this post is the wonderful, sweet and thoughtful Laura of LauraLohr.com awarded me my FIRST bloggy award – The Sunshine Award. Is she sweet or what? Laura and I have been bloggy friends for over 4 years now. Her Allie Kat and my Beans are only 1 month apart! She’s a great writer, photographer, Mom and I admire her determination when it comes to working out and running. I turned to Laura a lot last year when I was starting to get into a running kick (which has unfortunately died down). Anyway, it behooves you to check out her blog (wow, haven’t used that word in a while 😉 )!

Thank you Laura for adding sunshine to my day 🙂

Now, I have to pass it onto 12 other bloggy friends. Thing is, I have been kind of out of it for a bit…I haven’t been good with keeping up w/all my old bloggy friends, but that doesn’t mean I can’t pass on the Sunshine right?

The rules for accepting this:
Put the logo on your blog or within your post (right click and save). Pass the award onto 12 bloggers, then link the nominees within your post. Finally, let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

So here goes – in no particular order…this might look familiar b/c I had an old post about “daily reads besides Tweets”…

Kim at MissZoot.com – This girl is just downright awesome. She has great design skills – she designed my old blog way back when. She has an awesome family (her NikkiZ and my Beans are only 1 day apart – sensing a pattern here? lol), great photog skills and does her share of running too…She and I both have a love for office supplies (pens and journals mostly for me). She loves Diet Cokes and Krispy Kreme donuts. We both love Harry Potter and she turned me to Twilight which turned to my Robsession/Edward Cullen love. I’m sure my husband won’t ever forgive her for that 😉 She’s going through a tough time right now…send her some love…

Mona at MamaMona.blogspot.com – This is probably the only blogger I know in person…we went to High School together! Found her via FB and found out she also blogs. She has since moved to Egypt where she lives with her BEAUTIFUL family and she’s still as beautiful as ever. We share a love for all things Sanrio (Hello Kitty, Keroppi, etc.), accessories and LOST. She even has a LOST blog!

Y over at JoyUnexpected: Watched her boys grow into young men…her daughter turn into a beautiful little girl. She’s funny too! I also felt for her as she struggled w/her weight and Hashimoto’s. I felt her pain without feeling it, that’s how well she writes. She also has a great knack for photography.

Carrisa of andsosheblogs.com – Although she dropped me as her Twitter friend (boohoo… sad face), I still read her blog and her tweets. She’s comical, has great gift ideas, recipes and has a sick obsession w/bags – worse than mine 🙂 She claims she’s shy, but I admire her for making it to BlogHer and meeting all the online friends she’s made in person. I don’t think I could ever do that.

Ree of ThePioneerWoman: Need I say more? Ok fine…Reading about life on the ranch makes me wish I lived on one and married a cowboy (j/k pDaddy!). She inspires me to take pictures, fiddle with Photoshop and even got the idea of homeschooling my kids in my head. Her cooking page is awesome and has great step-by-step instructions that I have yet to follow, but keep saying I will. I often have to wipe the drool off of my keyboard after reading her cooking page. And she has a whole “love story” going on recounting her courtship, dating and marriage to Marlboro Man. Did I mention she has awesome giveaways (mixers! DSLRs! giftcards!)?

MrsSoup I found participating in the same challenges as me, but she actually takes better pictures. She is just one of those where you can tell she has a kind heart and soul…Perfect Mommy material to her BabySoup.

Midwest Mommy: Hosts Totally Ticked Off Tuesday and has great giveaways on her review site (I actually won something for once!). She also has an addiction to school supplies (we should form a SS Anonymous or something). She takes pictures for her readers and I especially love it when they’re of license plates you have to decipher. She also has an uncanny way of incorporating her face into pictures – hilarious! She also just recently celebrated a milestone birthday – go wish her a belated happy one!

Stacie of Stacie’s Madness: Funny gal who went through hell to get her divorce finalized, but is now in a happy place with her new “friend”. She tells it like it is and isn’t afraid of what you think 😉 Balls…this woman’s got balls. lol

Angie of SevenClownCircus (who I discovered via Stacie): I love participating in her “Wordful Wednesday” challenge (well, at least when I used to blog more regularly). I know that “Wordless Wednesday” was around for awhile, but I talk too much (no way? really? yes! really!).

Beth of ishouldbefoldinglaundry: Is another great read with a catchy name (b/c I, too, should be folding laundry) w/great pics. She hosts the “You Capture” challenge on Thursdays…gives you incentive and motivation to go out there and take them pics! Did I mention she’s cute and very preggo too? Can’t wait to see that cutie-pa-tootie when born.

JamieAnn: I still don’t know I got to her site, but I think from twitter?? She’s got a great sense of humor, she’s honest and is obsessed w/RPattz/Edward Cullen just as much as I am. Her advantage? He knows she exists, but not I 😦 She’s also a great friend…See this video? I was all kinds of teary-eyed! I’ll be making my donation to LoveHarder later today, how about you?

Rachael of PineappleBabble.com had me at “Hello”. Well, actually, not Hello…it was more this entry about her going to see New Moon at the midnight showing. It’s everything I wanted to say – IF I actually went to the showing w/some girlfriends…Seems I’m alone w/my Twilight/Robsession/Edward Cullen love in the real world. I LOVED this entry and have been hooked ever since. Helps that her Pineapple’s a cutie too 🙂