How is it FALL Already?

Where did the Summer (and my entries) go?  Well, ok fine, I haven’t actually written anything so they didn’t really disappear into cyberspace or anything.

Well, let’s just say we were a bit pre-occupied house hunting and house-buying and moving and entertaining our guests that came out to visit us!  Reminder – all of our family are on the East Coast or in Texas.  So, in June, my in-laws came…10 of us in a 2bedroom townhouse and we survived.  In July, our BFFs drove out from NJ and we hit up Chicago too.  In August, my sister and her family came and in September, me and the lil 2 actually headed to NJ.

Tons of unpacking still left to do and decorating and furniture buying!




Bigger than all that – we’ve already had 2 birthdays.  Razz turned 5 on 9/15 and Shrimpie is now Terrible 2 as of the 19th…of course, she’s been “terrible” since she started walking at 10.5 months, but who’s keeping track?

Happy Birthday my (2 out of 3) beauties!

razz and shrimp as little mermaids…
(sorry about the pic quality…darn phone lens is no longer sharp).


Happy Birthday, Mum :)

Today’s my Mom’s 61st bday and just like last year, she’s in the Philippines. Unlike last year, we are all here. Last year, since it was a “milestone” birthday, we (my brother and his family, my sister and her family and I – sans family) all went to the Philippines to surprise her and boy, did we ever! I need to dig around and find that video…

Anyway, here, there, everywhere…we all wish her a very happy birthday and we miss and love her SO very much!

My mom is such a survivor! She’s a Breast Cancer survivor AND she’s survived my Dad’s craziness for over 40 years of marriage too! We joke around and say that’s bigger than surviving her cancer…lol…All jokes aside, she’s awesome and the bestest, bestest Wife, Grandmother, Aunt, Sister, Mom, etc…out there (yes, better than yours and no, I’m not biased 😛 )!

Happy Birthday, Mum! We Love You 🙂

Water Babies

My babies, they love the water! Guess they really take after us in that respect…

water babies

We attended my bro-in-law’s tiki/luau bday party yesterday and neither couldn’t wait to get in the pool and Beans didn’t want to get out. When we got there, Razz kept saying “swimming…? swimming…?”. Beans just wanted to jump in ASAP and I lost count of how many times she asked us if she could just go swim already. We finally got in and Beans wasn’t having when I said it was time to get out. She just wanted to keep kicking and lounging with her “donut ring”. She did, eventually, get out after some coercing and bribes of cake and ice cream. At least Razz said she was “all done” after a bit.

It was a great party…which almost didn’t happen. My BIL’s cousin passed away Thursday at the young age of 35. They’re saying Cardiac Arrest, but it’s still weird and unreal. I found out he had a heart murmur as a kid and took medication for it, but again, still weird and unreal. We had a moment of silence for him and continued on with the party. His mom said that’s what he would have wanted…RIP LD…


I know, it’s been a LONG-LONG-LONG-LONG while.  I’m pretty disappointed in myself for not blogging more often, but like I said, “life happens”.  I wish I did blog more though because I would love to have been able to look back at the past year via this blog…But, it is what it is.  Life was just crazy busy and then when it was winding down, I didn’t know where to begin until now.
I still don’t know where to begin, but I guess I’ll give a rundown of what’s been going on in the past 6 months…well, as much as I can remember anyway.

Let’s see…last I wrote was in April?  So let’s start in May…


  • Mother’s Day – Celebrated @ my parents’ and by watching pDaddy in his Opening Game playing league Basketball.  Since it was Mother’s Day and most of the team either had children (so their wives wanted their Mother’s Day “right” or had their own moms, there were only 5 of them who showed up to play.  Yes, 5.  They played the entire 2 half game (20 minutes each) with no subs, nothing.  They actually were doing well, but finally ran out of gas in the last 5 minutes and lost 😦
  • Santa Cruzan Parade – Filipino/Roman Catholic Parade in honor of the Mama Mary.  The girls were flower girls.
  • Memorial Day – BBQ @ my parents’ w/family and friends in and out of the bball league


  • Worked like CRAZY this month.  I mean I was logging in over 60/70 hour weeks.  Too bad I don’t get paid OT.  I worked so much I had to go to my parents’ house so my mom could watch the girls while I worked.  It was very common for me to sleep at 1 or 2 am and be back online by 8 or 8:30.  I would only take breaks to use bathroom and help my mom feed the girls.  I would even eat and work at the same time.
  • Father’s Day – BBQ @ my parents’.
  • My older sister married her second husband on one of the hottest days…in a non-denominational church w/no air conditioning…while I was in a strapless, but floor length gown…in which I was having an EXTREMELY “fat” day…ugh I hate those!  Poor Beans was a flower girl and even though she didn’t have a floor length dress, she was all kinds of hot as well.  But, I have to give it up to her, she did well overall.


  • We went to the Philippines for 3 weeks.  Finally, a vacation.  It’s been so long since we were on vacation.  The girls did well on the plane (total travel time of 21-22 hours + getting dropped off early to depart and waiting around for almost an hour and half to pick up luggage and get picked up).


  • Not too much…My SD turned 13.  I teased my husband and said he’s old for having a teeny-bopper…and said he made me a young mom.  lol…


  • I am working like crazy again.  Like I always say, this is like tax season for accountants in our line of work.
  • My dad celebrated his bday on Labor Day @ my parent’s house.
  • My uncle celebrated his 64th bday and now we keep singing, “Will you still love me?  Will you still need me?  When I’m 64”.
  • RAZZ celebrated her 1st Bday!  Yes, little miss divalicious princess turned 1!  (definitely more on this on another post sooner rather than later 🙂 ).

And now we are in October.  What are the highlights this month?

  • I’ll still be working a lot.
  • It’s Spa Week next week 🙂
  • BEANS will be 3 on the 27th!!!  3!  She’s turning 3!!!
  • I’ll be turning 31 on the 30th.  31!  I’m turning 31!!!

Maybe one day, I’ll go back and post about all of these past activities/incidents/occasions in more detail, but for now?  I think that’s a good enough for a 6 month recap 😀

Wow, it’s been a while…

WordPress is looking all different to me so yeah, it’s been a long time…I only know of the updates b/c I read about it over at MissZoot’s site.

Anywho, I can’t believe it’s mid-April already. Did y’all file your taxes? Yesterday WAS the deadline. Then again, as long as you don’t have to pay, I believe you can file up until 2 years late. You know Uncle Sam WANTS our money on time, he doesn’t want to necessarily give it back on time 😉 But, bigger than all that, yesterday was Razz’ 7 month birthday.

7 months…I cannot believe it. She has gotten so big and playful and just out-right cute. She definitely looks like Beans, but also has her own look to her. She’s rolling over a lot and loves it when we stand her up. She has no teeth yet, but her gums are looking swollen so I’m sure they’ll be coming out shortly. She loves it when Beans plays with her. Beans can ALWAYS make her smile / laugh. It’s the cutest thing to see them play. Beans really tries to be her big sister and is just too sweet – when she’s not throwing a fit, of course.

Ahhh….terrible 2s. Can someone guarantee me that this craziness will end when she turns 3? I don’t know how much patience I have left in me to handle her when she’s in one of crazy tantrums. Plus, she’s starting to not take her 1 nap a day and it is really taking it’s toll. She is so overly tired that she becomes delirious and then just can’t get comfy and then it’s over. Let the tears and the scream fest begin. When she does it, I swear it’s like we should be on that Super Nanny show. Good thing she’s not always a brat. I guess it’s just typical 2 year old behaviour. I just need to take a deep breath, I know. wooosaaaahhhh Hey, at least she’s almost fully potty trained 🙂

Anywho, there’s been lots going on in our neck of the woods and tons of pictures we need to sort through (story of our lives). We still have Christening pictures, Easter pictures, etc.  Plus, pDaddy’s birthday just passed last week and we celebrated it in Atlantic City w/his parents and a few friends.   So, of course, we have a few pics from then as well.  I’ll get to editing / posting them soon enough.

But now, I need to get back to work and play with these 2 little cuties.   Beans finally calmed down and she’s making Razz laugh by “playing the drums”  – aka tapping a pencil all over my body.  Razz is crackin’ up!  Cuteness!

Oh, found out about posting videos on Flickr!  Woot!!!