Sporty and Sweet!

bball pgOur “Sporty Spice” Beans, may be the athlete in the fam (the girl does TKD year round and seasonal sports like soccer, basketball – her coach pretty much had her at the point guard position, hockey and will be doing tee ball soon), but she is also the sweetest thing – when she wants to be, of course.

Yesterday, when I was taking her to school I was reminding her that she would have Late Start today SO she could either stay up and watch a movie with us, OR she could still go in her normal time and watch a movie at school. She debated a bit, but said she would rather stay up with us because she loves her family.

Does that make your heart melt or what? I wish I could bottle that up and save it for when she starts giving me attitude as a teeny-bopper.
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WW: O.M.G. – Oh My Girls

Yes, my girls. My trio…the “princess trilogy”…my girls that are all growing up really quickly. For the rest of the week, I’m going to try to post about where the girls are in their lives…what they like, what they’re up to, how they’re doing…that kind of thing. I feel like, while this is my blog and I’m liking that I’m talking about my beauty finds and what I’m up to w/regards to my resolutions and running, I miss posting about my girls and their milestones. I am a MOMMA after all 🙂 Besides, I like looking back at all my posts about Razz and Beans and their milestones and wish I did more of those posts…something to keep track. I used to blog under my own site and while pregnant w/Beans and before here so, I’m trying to see if I can find those old files and read those too. I want to do the same for Shrimp…what a way to see how different they all are.

I also want to talk about fun stuff like going to the park and sisters getting along (and will probably also talk about them bickering)…
fun on the slide

Or reading to pDaddy on relaxing Sundays…
storytime on a relaxing sunday...

Or them being girlie and wanting to play with make-up and nail polish and dressing up, but also being sporty and goofy. I feel like time is passing on by way too fast for my liking so I need to remember to take the time to capture them here or via pictures or videos or whatever. I used to love scrapbooking and while that may be a great way to preserve some of these memories, I don’t have the time for it. Plus, I’ll have to wait until Shrimp is not getting herself into everything. I can’t even get her to sit and color b/c crayons, markers, or whatever writing utensil you give her, goes straight to her mouth 😦

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Oh, Sunny Day!

shrimp on the swing

Shrimpie relaxed on the swing

To say that we had a pretty mild winter is an understatement. Moving out to the midwest, we were bracing ourselves for subzero temps and crazy winds all winter. We probably had those days about 7 times…total. Now, it’s 64 degrees and sunny and it’s going to be in the low to mid-70s all week. LOVE THIS WEATHER! LOVE! IT! I really wish I could just bottle up and open it up on drab days…or sell it! Hello, beaucoup buck$$$$…

But, with all this warm weather, allergies start earlier and so do bugs coming out. We went out this weekend and saw flies…lil baby flies on my truck’s windshield…just hangin around being all hunky dory. But flies this early in March? Ewww…makes me wonder about mosquitos. This will be our first spring/summer here so I’m wondering how bad the mosquitoes are. I hate mosquitoes…I’m sure pDaddy hates mosquitoes only for the mere fact that I complain about mosquitoes and their bites incessantly all summer long…

I’m just hoping our allergies aren’t as bad as they were in NJ. In NJ, we lived pretty close to a park w/an abundance of Cherry Blossoms so yeah, our allergies were HORRIFIC! It used to be my alarm clock…4 / 5 am, my sneezing would start! And of course, Razz and her allergies that trigger her asthma and have landed her in the hospital 2x w/one of those times in the PICU.

But, let’s focus on the fun, shall we? SPRING FEVER has hit and what do I usually do first? Get a much needed foot spa pedicure. I’ve no idea if I’m going to go for my dark, brown / vampy colors or a frenchie or a pinkish nude, but I know I’m going to go for one tonight. hmmm…I would LOVE to get a coral / tangerine one, but my legs are still so very Cullen-like (aka Pale…yes, that was a reference to TWILIGHT…yes, I’m still a TWIHARD, but not as much as before…until I watch the next flick, I’m sure).

This past weekend started the beautiful weather streak and so we hit the park. Don’t let that pic above fool you. Apparently, Shrimp is now afraid of swings and if you don’t distract her and make her laugh, she will squeal and cry and scream w/that screechy scream of her.

Shrimp’s not a big fan of the swings (though she really used to be), but remembered she LOVES the slide. She didn’t want to pose for this pic and just wanted to slide down already!

Shrimp just wanted to gooooo

Oh, I LOVE this weather!

WW: Bean’s 100 Days of School

Beans' 100th Day

This past Monday, January 30th, Beans had her 100th Day of School. What the heck? Already? I can’t believe how fast time flies. Didn’t I just give birth to this girl???

Anyway, the kids were asked to bring in 100 “somethings”. 100 m&ms, 100 skittles, 100 paperclips, 100 popsicle sticks, etc. At first, we were going to make a necklace w/100 beads…Beans didn’t want to do that. So I suggested a house made out of popsicle sticks…she didn’t want that either. Then, thought about making “pasta art” (faces or people or things or shapes glued onto poster board with 100 pieces of pasta). She wanted to do that, but somehow, pDaddy convinced her to do the popsicle stick thing…Maybe because instead of a “house”, he said “castle”. Castle-schmastle.

Anyway, here it is, our castle made out of 100 popsicle sticks 🙂

100 Days Castle

It was actually 103, but then again, pDaddy said “well, some aren’t whole pieces. We had to trim a few.” Still, I just randomly took off 3. I didn’t know if they were going to take turns presenting and practicing their counting throughout the week (note: submitted on Monday, back home on Wednesday). I was so happy to see pDaddy so involved w/helping her build this 😉 Now, we’ve set the bar pretty high for her future projects and her sisters’ 100 Day Projects. Crap…

Anywho…She said her classmates all loved it and we think it turned out great, but apparently, her teacher didn’t say much about it?!? I can’t believe it came home already…I thought there would be some kind of display…maybe keep them out until parent-teacher conferences? Whatevs. I’m still trying to read her teacher and I really can’t. Can’t say I blame her though. She was a last minute addition to the staff.

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PS: hahah! I just noticed her drawbridge-door looks like it’s giving the finger! oopsies…

Resolutions: Week 2 of the New Year…

Chutes & Ladders! In keeping w/our Family Resolutions,we played “Chutes and Ladders” last night. Of course, we had to wait until Shrimp took one of her quick naps because she was ALL over the board and game pieces. 4 year old Razz has been great w/helping w/the laundry by pairing socks!

Now, I didn’t add “more home cooked meals and NEW recipes” onto our Family Resolutions, but we are trying to do that as well. Last night’s dinner was slow cooked Ropa Vieja. It didn’t look as pretty as the picture from the recipe, but it wasn’t bad at all. It was a bit bland…definitely adding a little bit more salt next time.

Snow Sisters 2012As for MY resolutions, I have been more patient w/my girls, though I could be even more so I’m working on that still. I have been good w/my skincare routine and also looking more put together when heading out. As for exercise, that’s a negative, but it’s also because I’ve been fighting bad acid reflux lately so I spend a lot of time being all miserable and heart-burny. Then, we got SNOW yesterday – our 1st real snow of the season! That made jogging outdoors impossible and forget trying to get to the gym.

I still need to work on the letting go of the past thing, but all others are pretty much lining up nicely. Look, 3 blog entries in 1 week! WOOT! I even took pics while cooking yesterday! Unfortunately, no nice pics of snow…it was BITTER cold and windy. We only left the house to pick up the big girl from school. It’s also hard when I have my 15 month old to carry around b/c she can’t figure out how to walk on the snow yet and I wouldn’t let her anyway. The wind was blowing snow everywhere so the grounds were very uneven – one spot had barely a dusting…the next step had snow up half my leg! Hard to see from that pic, but at least you can see some spots where the grass is popping out and then you see the girls with their feet / ankles buried a few feet later!

So, how are you doing with your resolutions or were you one of those that “resolved not to make resolutions” (I’ve done that as well…hehehe).

WW: Father’s Day Edition

Here are the cards the girls made for Father’s Day…
Beans making her card:
Beans Making her Dad's Father's Day Card

Razz making her card:
Razz - Making her Dad a Father's Day Card

Finished Products…pretty cute, if I should say so myself.
Father's Day Cards 2011

I’ll have to take a pic of the inside of Razz’ card. I was pretty impressed w/her writing 🙂 I helped her spell and she just wrote away…

So for Father’s Day, it was really all about what pDaddy wanted to do, as it should be. The girls slept over Mama and Papa’s house Saturday night b/c pDaddy and I had datenight…which had us walking in our door past 5am. Waking up Sunday morning was painful, to say the least. I woke up at 11:15, but 6 hours was just not enough after being out all night and having some drinks. Let’s just say I have a 2 shot limit when it comes to Patron. Actually, I wasn’t hung over, it was more on the fact that I just needed more sleep, but we had to get up and at ’em to pick up the girls b/c pDaddy had a bball game at 2:30pm and Mama and Papa had to be somewhere by 5pm. I couldn’t eat and all I wanted to do was nap. Thank goodness the girls napped on the way to the bball game so we all got to nap in the van…After pDaddy’s game, we hung around and played at the playground and then headed home. My Dad came to our house and I took everyone out to eat at our local Chevy’s. I still couldn’t eat much, but finally had more than bread and water in my system.

How did you spend your Father’s Day?

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WW: Summer Vacay – Day 1

summer vacation - day 1 Happy Wordful Wednesday! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted. I don’t know if I can do this on the regular, but…we shall see.

Today was the first day of summer vacation for my first school-bound girl, Beans. She just had her Stepping Up Celebration (aka PreK Graduation) yesterday…So, what’s a gal to do on her first day off? Hang out in PJs and watch some TV! Why not, tv’s not aaaaallll that bad as long as it something kiddie and not Spongebob. I mean, I like Spongebob, but there’s just not much educational value to it, ya know?

It’s been awhile since I posted so, from L-R, we’ve got: Razz (3 years 9 months), Beans (5 years 8 months), Shrimpie (almost 9 months). Hot Damn Time Flies!

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