My Own Place…

Lately, I’ve been debating on whether or not to get my own domain. I haven’t had one in a while and I know it’s not crazy expensive, but hey, nothing beats free! I love, but I don’t like that I can’t customize as much as I want to. There are pre-made themes that I can use that have a custom header, but it still seems so limited.

So, do I go and get my own domain and stick to wordpress via or switch to blogger and stay free, but way more custoimzable? hmmm

I think the first step is that I need to just be sure I can dedicate more time to blogging. It would be kind of a waste to divulge so much money and/time and energy making a blog pretty if I’ll barely use it, right?

I’m hoping to get better about blogging. It’s just been really crazy and then I end up feeling so behind that I don’t know where to start, but I’m going to get on that and just do it…

Oh, Happy Cinco de Mayo! Have a couple shots of tequila and some yummy margaritas for me.

Something Funky Goin On…

weird...blogger favicon?

weird...blogger favicon?

I use WordPress, but the favicon shows the Blogger one? I have nothing against Blogger, but just found that odd. I noticed some other funky ones appearing too – like a little flower for when I’m in my Gmail account, but just some graph looking thing when I’m on I hope it’s not some bug…oh please, no!


I’m torn…The month of October signifies so many things I’m passionate about and while I love flaunting our jack-o-lanterns from last year to show some Halloween spirit, part of me wants to change things up. For example, I’d like to show something PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness month. My mom’s a survivor and I always take part in walks in our area (Revlon Run/Walk and the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure). Then, there’s just Fall overall – the different colored leaves on the trees and on the ground…Plus, there are birthdays this month – Beans and mine…hmmm…

Then, there’s me looking into the future and knowing how lazy I’ll be with updating this header/theme monthly. So, I also want to come up with some sort of “generic” yet “signature” design. What to do, what to do???

Well, if I’m lucky enough, this will solve my problems while doing something charitable for Breast Cancer Awareness and honoring my Mom at the same time without having to show my “bubs” on the boobiethon site…lol…The Moxie Girls are having a giveaway! Kathy and Joelle are awesome designers whose creations I’ve always loved, but never got a chance to get them / work with them. I hope this does it.

So, donate to a good cause and you can be the lucky winner (wait, I want to be that…lol)!

New Look…

So, I updated around here…It’s Fall afterall, but I think it’s too early for a Halloween theme…Then again, October is a busy month for me (with work and birthdays) so I’m not sure when I would have time to update. Figured I’d do it now.

Happy Fall Y’all and feel free to let me know what you think of the new digs around here.

Daily Reads (besides Tweets):

For the past 4 or 5 years, I’ve pretty much kept to the same blogs (in no particular order below). Who makes your daily reads list (aka blogroll/google reader/etc.)? Here’s my list (again, in no particular order):

  • Kim, aka Miss Zoot: I honestly can’t even remember how I found her site, but am glad I did. She designed my skins on my old site, (no longer online). She has a zootiful family and her NikkiZ and my Beans share almost the same bday. I’ve followed her life’s triumphs (marathon! childbirths!) and downfalls (death of her dad). I’ve been awed by her beautiful pictures and her ability to be up and at ’em before the crack of dawn. We also share an obsession over pens and school supplies.
  • Laura Lohr: Her Allie Kat is a couple of weeks younger than my Beans. She’s inspired me to train for runs and I’ve also followed her triumphs (marathon! birthdays! anniversaries! new house!) and worries (almost the comeback of cancer). I also enjoyed her pictures and breath taking views of San Diego.
  • Y over at JoyUnexpected: Watched her boys grow into young men…her daughter turn into a beautiful little girl. She’s funny too! I also felt for her as she struggled w/her weight and Hashimoto’s. I felt her pain without feeling it, that’s how well she writes. She also has a great knack for photography.

Via RSM (who’s no longer online), I found a few others (who are also no longer online), but Carissa is!

  • Carissa of andsosheblogs: I drool over her recipes and her pictures of the yummy food. She started a workout/weightloss comeback around the same time as me. She has an obsession for bags (like me!) and found a site that has a great deal on glasses (which I have to search for her on her blog again). Her husband makes great art! I envy her for meeting her online blog friends and attending BlogHer and having a kick arse time – especially b/c she claims she’s shy (like yours truly).
  • Steenface: She makes a mean face! lol…Seriously, I love her love of cars and wish I knew as much about cars as she did. And also her love of video games.

And from Carissa and Kim, I found:

  • Ree of ThePioneerWoman: Need I say more? Ok fine…Reading about life on the ranch makes me wish I lived on one and married a cowboy (j/k pDaddy!). She inspires me to take pictures, fiddle with Photoshop and even got the idea of homeschooling my kids in my head. Her cooking page is awesome and has great step-by-step instructions that I have yet to follow, but keep saying I will. I often have to wipe the drool off of my keyboard after reading her cooking page. And she has a whole “love story” going on recounting her courtship, dating and marriage to Marlboro Man. Did I mention she has awesome giveaways (mixers! DSLRs! giftcards!)?

Then lately, through these same bloggers above, I discovered new ones that I’ve gotten hooked on and then one led me to another. I’m sorry if I’m not as detailed with these new blogs I’ve discovered, but I’m new to their ‘hood:

  • Heather of thespohrsaremultiplying: I recently found her via Y. The death of her daughter, Maddie, made my heartache. I mourned with her. I pray for her and her hubby and their Binky baking in the oven. I admire her strength…the amount of effort it takes for her to get by day by day.

From Heather, I found:

  • Midwest Mommy: I just started reading her site a week ago and am hooked. I joined in on the fun this week for Totally Ticked Off Tuesday. I recently found out she has an addiction to school supplies, as do I. She takes pictures for her readers (did you catch the entry where she was taking pics all over the parking lot)?
  • Stacie of Stacie’s Madness: Funny gal going through hell to get her divorce finalized, but is doing much better than I ever would. She also takes beautiful pictures.
  • Angie of SevenClownCircus (who I discovered via Stacie): I just found her yesterday and participated in her “Wordful Wednesday” challenge. I know that “Wordless Wednesday” was around for awhile, but I talk too much (no way? really? yes! really!).

Now, since I participated in some of these challenges, I discovered more new blogs and got comments from others who also participated.

I have decided, after reading some entries in addition to the said challenge, that I’m now a fan of:

  • Life with Kaishon (I’m still trying to find out if she has a name/moniker): Girl is FUNNY! So what she can’t cook? She takes great pics and I found myself cracking up with some of her entries.
  • JAM of Just A Mom: I love her pics! I still have yet to go through more entries, but anyone who can post more than 3 pics per entry while telling a story just makes my day! She gives me some eye-candy and makes me want to travel (and upload more pics).
  • Sandy of shopaholicmommy: She’s a shopaholic who seems awesome and gives me way too many temptations to shop! She’s devilishly-good that way!
  • ishouldbefoldinglaundry: Is another great read with a catchy name (b/c I, too, should be folding laundry) w/great pics (see a trend here?). She also does some challenges and I think I will partake in her challenge of “You Capture” today…if I can get around to taking a picture of myself…I’m shy like that.
  • Mona of mamamona: An American-Muslim who’s transplanted herself in Egypt. It’s interesting to see how different life is, not only as a Muslim, but also life in Egypt. Oh and yes, I know her in IRL, but pre-Muslim and pre-Egypt. So, I feel like I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!
  • JamieAnn: I don’t even remember how I got to her site, but I think from twitter?? Anywho, I’m still around her world, but she seems like she’s a keeper with a good sense of humor to boot!

If you’re not reading any of the above, go on…get your read on 😉 I’m sure I’m missing a few, but I’ll update again!

I want…BlogHer…

So, I’ve been reading blogs about this past weekend’s BlogHer Conference in Chi-Town and I am so green with envy! It seems like it’s such a great experience overall (with the exception of the stories I’ve read about swag happy people and talking smack about some sponsors) to learn new things and to finally meet everyone in person.

I always wanted to go, but never really blogged on the regular so felt all weird going. I do read others’ blogs on a daily basis, but I don’t blog on a daily basis (except for now b/c I’m doing NaBloPoMo).

I want to meet all the awesome bloggers out there and give real hugs instead of {hugs}.

I want to attend conferences.

I want to attend a CheeseburgHer Party (or is this by invite only? If so, I want to be on that invite list).

I want to have some fun (move my body all night long!*) w/others who “get” why we blog.

I want to go to BlogHer2010 and am going to make it a goal for me to attend and that’s that.

*yes, i really just made a reference to an 80s song by Samantha Foxx…lol