You Capture: Chocolates

Well, it’s been a minute since I’ve done of these! I used to love You Capture because it challenged me to use my camera…Basically, Beth picks a weekly subject, and we whip out our handy-dandy cam and take pics. It helped me gain different perspectives and get creative. I even learned new features of my camera! I need to follow this more often again…that way, I won’t be just using pics from my phone cam (like I’ve been doing lately). I need to bring back the good ol’ camera, which is what I said I would do, but am not doing as much as I’d like.

I meant to join earlier because I saw she had “pastel/Easter” as a theme and even “white”, but alas…I didn’t get to it until now. This week’s theme is CHOCOLATE. For these pictures, I just used our new-ish point-and-shoot.

Our Easter Survivors (surprisingly)…
Easter Chocolate Survivors

Mmmmm…chocolate chip cookies…w/a chip that melted into a heart shape!
Choc Chip Cookie



Just Droppin In…

Hope y’all had a great Easter weekend…or Passover…or just a great weekend overall 🙂

As you can imagine, Easter was a busy one for us…3 lil kids and a pup.  My grammar school friend said it best:

“Easter Irony:  HE comes back to life…meanwhile, Easter sucked the life out of me!”

For now, here’s a quick pic of our 2 babies: Shrimp showin’ Buddy her Easter Eggs…I’ll post more tomorrow, I hope.  I have a hot hubby’s birthday dinner to get ready for (HAPPIEST BIRTHDAYS TO YOU, oh hot one!) and then some cleaning – especially since the SD comes in from NJ tomorrow afternoon.