Wordful Wednesday – Halloween

I know, I know, I’m late. But, just like Angie, I can’t upload pics fast enough!

If you’ve been reading, you’ll know that we have been planning a birthday party for Beans on Halloween. It was the first Halloween Party ANY of our family members have ever thrown and it was a doozy! It wasn’t as I expected, but hey, those Halloween decorations could add up!

I wanted to decorate my parents’ house with one room all pumpkin-patchy like and another more dark and haunted, but, kids…I didn’t want to scare the kids too much NOR could we afford to go all out with decorations.

Anyway, decorated to the nines or not, it was a success! Exhausting, but successful nonetheless πŸ˜‰ We had BEAUTIFUL 70 degree weather during the day and the rain held off for the most part until night. We had kiddies/adults dressed as the White Ninja (Strom Shadow from GI Joe), Cats, Wondergirls, Groovy 60s girl, Simba, Pumpkins, Fairies, Batman, Pregnant Nun, Priest, Dead guy, Superwoman, Tinkerbell, Snow White, a Knight, Pocahantas/Native Americans, etc…I’m not going to post all their pics on Flickr b/c I didn’t ask their permission. Trust me though, it was awesome and fun to see almost everyone in costume.

The following are pictures from Halloween…aka Beans’ 4th Birthday Costume Party…aka Pumpkin Picking πŸ˜‰ Just like Angie said, better late than never πŸ˜€ (To see more participants for Wordful Wednesday, check out Angie’s blog).
Beans was Cinderella and would be a Diva w/a costume change later on.
pretty 4 year old

Razz was Minnie Mouse.
razz as minnie mouse

pDaddy was a Clone Trooper while I was a Pirate, Wench or “Deck Hand Darling” (as the costume description said).
our halloween dance pic...lol

Here are the 3 of us – minus Razz because she decided she didn’t care too much about the party and wanted to nap for 3 hours instead!
us - minus razz b/c she took a 3 hour nap!

Cake was made by my MUM especially for Beans. Cinderella and a Pirate theme all-in-one – talk about custom made.
bday girl w/her cake made by mum

Here’s a pic of Me & Little Me after her costume change πŸ˜‰ My eyes are closed, but it’s the only picture of the 2 of us in our matching attire. It was around 8pm already. Her party started at 1pm and she had NO nap.
she had a costume change, that diva...

We didn’t get pictures of the goodie bags, but we did them like Razz’ – brown paper lunch bags w/die-cuts on them. This time, instead of apples, we had die-cuts of pumpkins, ghosts and skulls.

To see a few more – check out my Halloween 2009 set over @ Flickr.


Bullet Style:

  • Kind of spooked that an old friend of mine got buried this morning – on my birthday. 31 years young…got hit by an SUV while crossing the street. Sounded all too familiar as I got hit by an SUV crossing the street over 7 years ago. Was never able to make it to her wake…I’m sure she understands. She was always very understanding and always so happy and literally made the room shine w/her radiant smile. RIP Debbie Debs…God Rest Your Soul and be with your family now and always…
  • Well, that was a downer! Let’s try to change that a bit.

  • As a treat for my birthday, I got myself a Big Mac Value Meal. Haven’t had one in a long time and hey, why not? My diet’s out the window anyway. Besides, I’m sick and stressed and need comfort food πŸ˜‰
    I treated  myself to a Big Mac for my bday ;)
  • Been running around going nuts buying last minute stuff for Beans’ Halloween Birthday Party tomorrow. No cake store around me so I can’t find anything CINDERELLA-ish for her cake. All I managed to find was a Cinderella candle. She will be a Cinderella and a Pirate so I got some pirate stuff too. Maybe we’ll make Cinderella go on a treasure hunt!
  • I can’t wait to see everyone in costume!
  • We’re going to decorate my parents’ house tonight for Beans’ party…ordering Chinese for my bday πŸ™‚
  • Beans is testing for her ORANGE belt later today!
  • I wanted to take a day off from work today…Instead, I will be working late tonight 😦 So, I took a 2 hour lunch to balance it out – sorta
  • So, we’ll be decorating and celebrating my bday w/Chinese while I work on/off checking emails and loading stuff to tables…oh joy!
  • If you actually read all that and are still reading, here’s Beans rockin’ to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'”:
  • (grrr…why can’t the flickr video embed correctly???)

    WW – Ghost of Halloween Past

    To view more Ghosts of Halloween Past, check out Angie’s Blog…You can even enter to win a FLIP Cam!
    I wish I could just cross the street and get to my parents’ house so I can scan some of my old Halloween pics from when I was a little girl. I didn’t dress up too much b/c costumes back then weren’t the best and if they were, they were too expensive for a family who just migrated here from the Philippines. Mum worked a LOT back then was also going for her Masters so she didn’t exactly have the time to sew anything. Besides, sewing isn’t her forte. Believe me, Mum can cook and bake and get creative with the best of them, but sewing? Not so much.

    One of the only costumes I remember was when I wore my red chinese pajamas, put my hair in 2 buns on the sides of my head and walked around trick-or-treating pretending I was a little Chinese girl. Creative, eh? lol

    Eventually, I lost the whole spirit of Halloween and would just put my hair into pigtails, leave my Catholic School Uniform on, put some dots (for freckles) on my face using my mom or sister’s eye-liner and go trick-or-treating dressed up as, you guessed it, a little Catholic School Girl.

    Halloween didn’t really hit me again until about 5 years ago when I asked everyone to dress up RETRO/80s for going out for my birthday (which is Hallow’s Eve – Oct. 30). I did my best to channel Boy George, but I ended up just looking like a white-faced drag queen w/braids or something. lol Poor pDaddy was pimping a drag queen. I can’t find ANY of those pics right now…weird…

    I didn’t dress up again since then, but will this year when Beans has her Halloween Costume Party on Halloween (her birthday was yesterday). I do get into Halloween for the girls and LOVE trying to find them costumes, but again, this is the first time I’ll be dressing up in 5 years.

    Here are some of them through the years:

    Beans as a Flower – 2006:Halloween Costume 2006
    Beans & Razz – Monkey & Banana (my FAVE so far!) – 2007:
    Beans & Razz – 2008 – Spiders!
    Spiders - Halloween 2008
    This year Razz will be Minnie Mouse while Beans will be a Pirate AND Cinderella. Miss Diva needs a costume change, ya know?

    Today’s MAGDAgenda

    updated at 4:25pm…not much accomplished 😦

    Off to a late start today! Even the girls woke up late making us late for their 11am doctor’s appt. It feels more like a Manic Monday than Friday today…Frantic Friday? Besides work and conference calls and the daily “to do” list, I need to:

    • Bring the girls for their follow up Dr’s Appt.
    • Sort thru girls’ clothes.
    • Clean girls’ room.
    • Laundry.
    • Clean bathrooms.
    • Figure out how to create a photo mosaic on Photoshop.
    • Order pictures to frame – this and sorting the girls’ clothes will probably take me the longest!
    • Find Beans’ costume – she now wants to be a pirate.
    • Hit up Target for diapers and whatever else.

    I am really feeling my BZMomma name today…So, what’s on your plate?

    You Capture – Still Life

    Beth over at ishouldbefoldinglaundry.com challenged us this week to capture “Still Life”. You can check out that link to see more participants…

    All pictures are SOOC with the exception of 1 which is noted in the entry.

    This was harder than I thought because I couldn’t make up mind on what to take a picture of. I ended up taking pictures this morning of the Halloween lights I got at Target. I wanted to test them out to make sure all was well and no busted bulbs. They sometimes look more pink than orange to me.

    Halloween Lights

    halloween lights & candles

    Also got some of our orange floating candles.
    Candles and Lights

    And “Wuthering Heights”. I bought this a long time ago at a book sale or garage sale or something. I have no idea how old it is…there’s no page with copyright dates on it. Anyway, I thought it would be good to get my head out of the TWILIGHT Saga for a bit and go back to old school literature. Then again, there were references to this book in the Saga πŸ˜‰ I’ll be back to reading NEW MOON before the movie comes out though, that’s for sure. MIL has my copy at the moment – getting hooked too…hehehe…

    Anyway, here’s the Original. I wasn’t too happy with this. I couldn’t get the title to pop out the way I wanted it to – SOOC.
    wuthering heights - original photo

    Here’s where I tried to fix it, but still not what I envisioned. I think I envisioned it to pop out even more….or maybe a Sepia tone to the whole pic? Or maybe add grain/texture? I tried all options, but none were doing it for me, so I stuck to this. Any tips or advice you can give me, would be greatly appreciated!
    wuthering heights - PS

    belated happy halloween!


    Β monkey and banana…hehehe

    I know it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow, but I’m still trying to play catch up here πŸ˜‰

    Enjoy this video (if it asks you for a password, email me at: beaniesDOTmamaATgmailDOTcom)
    hey mickey! from bzmomma on Vimeo.

    Vimeo doesn’t play nice with WordPress yet so you can’t see the video thumbnail.Β  Just click on the link for now…