What a lazy weekend (again)…

This weekend was spent vegging out on the couch, taking naps, watching TV (olympics, all star game/contests, movies, etc.). We did absotutely NOTHING the WHOLE weekend – even on Valentine’s Day. We planned to go out and take the girls to lunch or the mall, but that just didn’t happen b/c of weird naptimes, cold weather and sheer laziness. We were just all fine and dandy at home. We weren’t even going to bother to attempt going out to dinner so we thought maybe we’d order something nice or cook. We had Burger King. Do we oooooze romance or what? lol

pDaddy and I didn’t get each other anything for Valentine’s Day for the first time ever. No cards, no gifts, no flowers and you know what? We were both totally ok with it. He did keep asking me if I wanted anything b/c he felt bad, but all I kept saying was that I’ve been wanting a Whopper Jr. since Friday. So, that explains the BK for din-din.

Just spending time relaxing with our girls was perfect. We didn’t have to rush to go anywhere or do anything. We just napped when we wanted, watched TV when we wanted, read and played w/the girls and he got his dose of playing is Modern Warfare on PS3. We figured we know we love each other and the girls know it too. Plus, they are still young enough to not know the material aspect of this holiday so why not just greet each other, hug and kiss each other and relax…That is the true meaning of the holiday anyway.

I do have to say that Beans put us to shame though…All week last week, she was asking me to help her make cards. So I did and then she hid them and gave them to us yesterday 🙂 Is she sweet or what? I wish I had all my scrapbooking stuff here instead of my parents’ house – she wanted to go all out and have stamps and glitter and stickers, etc…, but I like these too. Nice and Simple and straight TO and FROM the HEART ❤

Vday Card 2010 from Beans

“I Love You Just the Way You Are”

Guess who told me that? My girl Beans who will be 4 in October.

She’s noticed that I’ve been going for jogs/walks or the gym lately. She loves when I bring her and her sister to the gym b/c they get to play in the playroom (child care). It also gives me a bit of leverage so she stays good “Want to go the playroom? You need to share w/your sister and be a good girl”.

Anyway, she asks why I go to the gym and I was trying to tell her I am working on getting healthy and losing weight.

“Losing weight?”

“Yes, baby girl…Mommy needs to lose a little weight.”

“Like getting tiny or wait, skinny?” (girl listens to my conversations w/pDaddy more than I thought).

“Yes, but more getting in shape and being healthy” (I don’t want her all crazy paranoid about weight at such a young age).

“I don’t want you to be skinny, Mommy. I love you just the way you are!”

My heart…I think it just swelled up a hundred-fold.

Dad’s Diet…

Looks like I’m not the only one on a diet…

Daddy-Dearest was sent home from the hospital Friday night after his stress showed he didn’t need another Angioplasty.  He does, however, need to watch his diet. 

We Filipinos have poor genetics, in my opinion, and are susceptible to so many things – high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, etc.  My parents, have all of that, combined.  I think, I know, a lot has to do with our diet.  We are accustomed to eating WHITE rice with every meal.  Our meats are fatty.  In fact, we like the flavor the fat brings about.  Even though, we have lots of veggies in our dishes, we also balance that good with bad oils and other fats, etc.  A lot of Filipinos even use MSG (luckily, Mom did not), but I think that’s not as often now a days – at least I’d like to think so.

So, Dad has to get accustomed to a new diet (again) of steamed and grilled and boiled, etc…veggies, chicken, fish, etc.  He decided he wanted to go out w/all his children / grandchildren and called Vietnamese as his choice.  So, we went last night and hellooo…the only thing he could have had was the steamed fish and the summer rolls.  Poor guy, we were eating all the good stuff and he was limited to 2 dishes when there were 3 other good ones around (either too salty for him or beef or fried, etc.).

Last night was a good diet night for Dad, not so for me…though I did stay away from the white rice, for the most part.

One of the longest weeks…

Razz got Christened on Sunday, March 2nd. It was a crazy day to say the least. Due to time constraints, we had to go to restaurant first, then the Church and then back to the restaurant. We had the reservations from 12-4:30pm, but we couldn’t get our priest until 2pm. It was confusing, but all good in the end. Everyone had their fill 🙂

However, the day wasn’t all fine and dandy. There was drama. BIG drama and I’m still not sure how to handle it b/c really? It didn’t have to go down like that on Razz’ day. But, there was happiness. At the end of the day, it was good. We redeemed the rest of the day and made it all about Razz b/c well, it was her day after all. Poor girl got really hot so she ended up wearing her onesie most of the time instead of her beautiful Philippine style / made Christening gown. At least we got some pictures of her in it 🙂  pDaddy was looking dapper and I need to learn how to walk / wear heels again.  My feet were killing me!

So, that was Sunday. We got home and we were drained.

As of Monday night, “Mum” (my mom) was in the hospital for a Cardiac Cath to be done on Tuesday. Turns out she was supposed to get it done on Monday b/c the Doctor was only available there on Mondays and Wednesdays. So, they couldn’t do it until Wednesday. On Wednesday, they found a blockage on her Left Main Artery. It was 70%-75% blocked. That means only 1/3 or 1/4 of heart was working right. Next to this blockage, they found an aneurysm. On Thursday, they moved her to a different hospital since that aneurysm made her high risk. At this hospital, they would determine whether or not they would do an Angioplasty and insert a stent (my dad went through this last year and had 3 stents put in, but not on his main artery) or if they would have to do open heart surgery on her b/c of the aneurysm.

They decided to do the Angioplasty, but had a surgical team on stand by just in case something happened and they needed to give her Open Heart Surgery. Thank goodness all is well so far and we hope it stays that way. She is finally at home and resting. She is finally waking up with NO headaches and her blood pressure is a lot lower. The prayers have been endless.

What an exhausting week. My body was / is so drained. Add to that a cold / cough that I caught from my beautiful girls and I am just ready to curl up in bed.