Holiday Party Dress – 2012 #1

affordable holiday party - 2012

I think this dress may be the winner…IF it gets here on time and fits.  I got my original order and it was too small so I ordered it again w/rush shipping.  Should be here tomorrow and I need to hope it fits bc I loved it!

So, which shoes?

 hmmm…long cardi, short cardi or blazer?

Accessories?  I need to go through and unpack my fashion jewelry now, I guess.

Windy City Dress in Forest –
shoes from top left counter clockwise
Sole Society – “Stephanie” in black  | ModCloth – “Surprise and Shine Heel” in Gold  | Sole Society – “Stephanie” in Platino|  Sole Society – “Julianne”  |  Sole Society – “Margie” via Nordstrom

Need Some Heeling…


I love me some heels – wedges, stacked, stilettos, etc…but only wear them on datenights which are few and far between.  I work from home so I can’t be donning my cute wedges or hot stilettos walking to and from my kitchen and dining room and living room…pDaddy and I are pretty laid back so I don’t know when else to wear them.  I’m 33 years old w/3 young kids.  Wearing heels to the mall would probably look ridiculous on me or have I just gotten used to wearing flip flops/flats?

So, fashionistas, when????  I miss wearing heels!  That bit of height always makes me feel good and who doesn’t feel sexy in heels?