pDaddy: Bball Injury & Surgery

papapsxray2 Well, well, well…the pDaddy is currently under knife b/c of that injury right there. pDaddy loves basketball and played in over 6 leagues in a year. However, moving to the midwest put a stop to that for 6 months as he tried to find new leagues or pick up games or what have you. After a 6 month break, he gets a break…in his hand. That x-ray right there shows a fracture to the 5th (small) metacarpal.

He usually plays outside and is a great 3-point shooter. I guess he was a bit rusty though and wasn’t hitting his shots. In an effort to help out the team in other ways, he played defense and started going for rebounds (which is really not his strong point…again, outside shooter). He went up for a rebound and the guy from the other team tried to grab the ball, but somehow managed to push it back down on him (?) and everyone just heard a crack as his pinky went backwards. Only it wasn’t his pinky that broke, but his metacarpal (that bone sticking out up there circled in red…um, shouldn’t exactly be sticking out).

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he goes under (anesthesia always freaks both of us out) so that the ortho surgeon can fix it and put in 2 pins while he’s in there.

On a lighter note: Guess he’ll be setting off all the (airport) metal detectors now.