NOTE: This post is both embarassing and fulfilling. I can’t believe we were living in such a cluttered mess!
About a month ago, I got bit with the cleaning bug. Not just the ordinary, dust and vacuum kinda bug, the serious one. The one where I empty everything out, declutter, scrub down, etc. I entered my MAGDA mode and am loving the results. Now, I didn’t clean every single day this past month, but sometimes, it sure felt like it.

I started with our “office” area, dining room, kitchen and living room. Papers were shred, old toys put away, countertops cleared off, etc. However, I didn’t clean out the pantry or all the other cabinets, not yet anyway. Still, it’s nice to be able to see the dining room table and shiny countertops and the house not looking like Pee-Wee’s Playhouse all the time.

I moved on upstairs to our bedrooms. We only have a 2 bedroom house, but it still took forever to clean them. I had to keep reminding myself that it didn’t take a day, a week or even a month to pile up the mess, it’s not going to get all nice and clean and pretty in a day or week either…But, I do believe I did it in less than a month so that’s got to account for something.

I’m actually embarassed to post the BEFORE pictures, but I feel like they will make you feel my pain even more 😉

See this mess? This is the girls’ room.
The mess...

They “share” a room. And by share, I mean they have their clothes in there. They don’t sleep there…all 4 of us sleep on our bed (no comments about co-sleeping from the Peanut Gallery. It’s what’s worked for us so far). So, what happens when summer’s over, birthday presents pile up, Halloween costumes need to get put away and you’ve got 2 girls’ clothes to sort through? This…where you can’t even see the floor anymore.
Girls' Room - BEFORE
And this, after weeks of sorting and piling and hanging/folding clothes and organizing…this? This looks so much better! I can even see the floor! However, no more mess = more obvious that the furniture is all mismatched. Hey, at least we have some, right? The closet still looks messy, but believe me, that’s TONS better than it was. AND, all their socks are organized and paired up (except for those stragglers probably stuck in the washer/dryer somewhere).
Girls' Room - AFTER

Beans LOVED it when she saw it and now has been sleeping there again! Who knew that’s all she wanted? Just a side note though, Beans stopped sleeping in her room BEFORE the mess piled up so it’s not that we were trying to make her sleep and find her way to her bed by going through an obstacle course. I think what happened was that she got sick and wanted to just lay in bed with us and then that was that.

Now, see this mess? This is our room. Bins have been sitting in there where we switch out our summer/winter clothes. Once the switch was done, the bins were supposed to go in the attic. However, they’ve just been sitting there and next thing you know, it was time to switch the clothes around again. They became permanent fixtures in our room and we would throw our clothes on top of them b/c our closet needed to get cleared out/organized or we were in a rush when changing or whatever.
Crazy Mess - BEFORE

I decided that with organizing, you need to spend money. The economy sucks, we got a 4% reduction in our pay (pDaddy and I actually work for the same company), but to get organized, you need to spend on organizational what-have-yous. As for us, I hit Target and got a couple of 3 shelf cabinets we could stick inside our closet for more room to store clothes, sheets, etc. I assembled the cabinets myself, thank you very much.
It’s still not where I want it to be, but I’m waiting for the cabinets to go on sale again and we need to take another trip to the attic to put up the rest of the summer clothes I found. Still, again, I can see the floor!

I’ve also decluttered and scrubbed down the bathrooms. Next stop? Kitchen pantry and cabinets!

Sick Day

Called out sick today…now, what to do, what to do? I should rest and fully recover already. Being sick for over 3 weeks sucks, but it’s hard to rest when I’m watching these 2 girls all day AND I have loads of laundry and lots of cleaning to do. Where do I begin?

I think I’ll start w/putting my Avon orders together to clear up a box I can use for storage and take it from there…Hopefully, I get a nap in today while the girls nap too. Hey, one can hope.

WW – Motherhood

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Being a full time WAHM, keeping up with the house and chores, and watching my 2 girls at the same time, I wear one too many hats at times. It’s tough, but worth it to watch them learn and grow first hand. It feels good to do good work for work. It’s a great feeling when the house is clean and you know you pretty much did (yeah, pDaddy has it good, but he’s the Chef around here…don’t want to take all the credit 😉 ).

working during movie nightSo, motherhood for me, besides cleaning and taking care of my girls entails me to fun stuff – like I said, watching things happen first hand: their first words, first steps, dress-up, etc. It also entitles me to our new ritual – TUESDAY Movie Night! Last night was the first we had. Unfortunately, I had to work while watching “Barbie as the Island Princess” and “Ariel’s New Beginnings”. Still, we had popcorn, lounged on the couch and swooned over the charming Prince and the forgiving father.

Being at home, I realize that I should take more pictures of the girls. I used to toy with the idea of doing that 365 days project on Flickr for them (where you take a picture everyday). But then, there are days where they’re in the same PJs for days in a row (hey, it’s not like they need to get all dressed up to hang out at home) and look the same. Then again, each day is a new day, no matter how the same they look, they’d be different. Maybe I’ll think of doing monthly pictures or weekly pictures of them? I used to take monthly pictures of them for their first year. Maybe I need to resurrect that…hmmm…

Still, here are a few pictures of my girls…my joys of motherhood 😉

Pizza Hut @ Target…their prize for being good girls @ their Doctor Appt.
To quote Beans - "Pizza Heads!"

A first: Razz feeding herself! She really could have started doing this much sooner, I think. I was just too lazy to clean up the mess! Terrible, I know!
feeding herself!

Razz and her kissy-smoochy face (that I get to see all day long – whenever I ask, that is!):Razz's kissy-smoochy face

Beans being goofy (I guess I could have edited this pic to tone down the brightness, but…):Beans being goofy

Razz on the Potty ;):
IMG_5351 IMG_5347

And the not so fun stuff of motherhood (specifically, sorting the girls’ outgrown and/seasonal clothes):
The mess...

But, look Ma! Whee!!! Shiny Countertops ;):
whee!  shiny countertop :)
whee!  shiny countertops!

Today’s MAGDAgenda

updated at 4:25pm…not much accomplished 😦

Off to a late start today! Even the girls woke up late making us late for their 11am doctor’s appt. It feels more like a Manic Monday than Friday today…Frantic Friday? Besides work and conference calls and the daily “to do” list, I need to:

  • Bring the girls for their follow up Dr’s Appt.
  • Sort thru girls’ clothes.
  • Clean girls’ room.
  • Laundry.
  • Clean bathrooms.
  • Figure out how to create a photo mosaic on Photoshop.
  • Order pictures to frame – this and sorting the girls’ clothes will probably take me the longest!
  • Find Beans’ costume – she now wants to be a pirate.
  • Hit up Target for diapers and whatever else.

I am really feeling my BZMomma name today…So, what’s on your plate?

Purge & Clean

Lather, Rinse and Repeat.

If you’re following me on Twitter, you’ve noticed that I mentioned things like “cleaning” and “dust” pretty often this week. It’s a shame, but I admit it, I only do FULL cleaning at the change of seasons and mainly just in the Fall and Spring. Do you know how much dust can accumulate under your baseboard heater behind the couches? TOO MUCH! UGH! I think I’ve gotten a cold or maybe just allergies from all this dust??? But dust? That’s not even half of it.

Last Saturday, I started to clean around our “office” area…purging papers, shredding, sorting and filing. That started it all. I still need to go through one of our file cabinets, but I want to get to general cleaning other parts of the house before I need to shred more paper again. I’m probably doing that backwards, but that’s what works for me!

pDaddy’s been calling me “MAGDA” as he always does when I’m on a cleaning rampage. Do you know who Magda is? She was that old lady from the movie starring Cameron Diaz, “There’s Something About Mary”. There’s a scene in that movie where Magda ingests some kind of drug or energy drink or something (I can’t even remember anymore) and then she just goes nuts cleaning and vacuuming, etc. pDaddy says I remind him of her when I get in my cleaning mode.

So, dining room done. Kitchen done. Living room – halfway done. This doesn’t mean all cabinets have been cleaned out, but I’m getting there…At least our countertops are visible and I won’t feel so embarassed when friends/family stop by. Finding a home for everything is really hard – especially when you lack space. When we moved her 4 years ago, I was pregnant with Beans and wasn’t allowed to do much. So, not everthing’s found a home-home…even up to now. We need to invest in some storage solutions that are asthetically appealing and we’ll get there (need to find bargains though! why are some of these storage thingies so expensive???) as soon as I can make this place look a little bit organized.

I still have to do our bedrooms which I’m hoping I can do over the weekend/next week. That always takes me the longest because I have to sort through EVERYONE’s clothes. The girls’ clothes take me the longest – sorting out the seasonal clothes, what Razz has outgrown and whether or not we should save it (just in case we get pregnant w/a girl again), what Razz can use that Beans outgrew, what can be given away, etc…

All this and I’m working like crazy. You know it’s really stressful when you turn to housework as a stress reliever/relaxer.