How is it FALL Already?

Where did the Summer (and my entries) go?  Well, ok fine, I haven’t actually written anything so they didn’t really disappear into cyberspace or anything.

Well, let’s just say we were a bit pre-occupied house hunting and house-buying and moving and entertaining our guests that came out to visit us!  Reminder – all of our family are on the East Coast or in Texas.  So, in June, my in-laws came…10 of us in a 2bedroom townhouse and we survived.  In July, our BFFs drove out from NJ and we hit up Chicago too.  In August, my sister and her family came and in September, me and the lil 2 actually headed to NJ.

Tons of unpacking still left to do and decorating and furniture buying!




Bigger than all that – we’ve already had 2 birthdays.  Razz turned 5 on 9/15 and Shrimpie is now Terrible 2 as of the 19th…of course, she’s been “terrible” since she started walking at 10.5 months, but who’s keeping track?

Happy Birthday my (2 out of 3) beauties!

razz and shrimp as little mermaids…
(sorry about the pic quality…darn phone lens is no longer sharp).


WELCOME BACK – NO DOUBT (and me…hahaha)

ahhh…one of my fave bands from the 90s has finally come back to the scene and me likey they’re new song: SETTLE DOWN

Miss Gwen still looking every bit the style icon…now, let me get my Cherry Red Docs…

ps – been crazy busy…um, so, we bought a zoo! just kidding, we bought a house so between moving and painting and moving, it’s been busy…will post more soon.


Finally did it.  Week 5 Day 3 (aka the 20 minute run) is elusive no more!

I slept early last night…well, I tried.  I fell asleep around 11:30 only to wake up an hour later then got back to sleep around 1-ish.  Ever since I wrote my post yesterday w/that challenge to myself, I’ve been psyching myself out to do this 20 minute run and I must’ve subconciously been thinking about waking up early to do it b/c I actually woke up before my alarm (5:30…my alarm’s set for 5:50).   Of course, I kept going back to sleep so I actually didn’t get out of the door until almost 7:15 and OFF I finally went!

Beautiful morning – cool and breezy…partly cloudy in the low 70s.  Perfect.

I surprised myself and did relatively ok with the whole thing.  It was the last 5 or 6 minutes that hurt because I had to go up-hill for about 3 minutes before going back down.  Plus, my right sock was slipping off and so I was getting my first blister (not counting one from years ago 08?  09?).

I’m glad I challenged myself.  I’m glad I got out there.  It’s 8am.  I feel great.  I need to just eat well and keep up this momentum and that should keep me on the bandwagon again 🙂

According to my Garmin (not counting warm up and cool down), here’s my Week 5 Day 3 breakdown!
Time:  20:00.77
Distance: 1.7 miles
Avg. Heartrate: 174
Calories:  196

Time: 5:01.49
Distance: .27
Avg. Heartrate: 130
Calories: 33

Cooldown (stopped too early):
Time: 3:36.78
Distance: .09 (I was walking back and forth the same block. Does GPS get all messed up?)
Avg. Heartrate: 151
Calories: 29

WW: Memorial Day Weekend – 2012

We did absolutely nothing. Well, OK, I didn’t do much. pDaddy shampooed all our carpets…our rooms are brighter now! Woohoo!

While others were out and about swimming, shopping, beaching, we stayed home and grilled and ate and chillaxed in central air as it was in the 90s all weekend (how did I ever live w/o Central Air before???) and then did it all over again. The only time we left the house was to buy stuff to grill, buy some new rugs and carpet runners and grab some Thai food for lunch yesterday. I have to say though, with the heat, we missed our old pool. pDaddy, Beans and I started to joke around and imagine our pool in the backyard and that Beans just took a dip and got all tan already. Poor Razz just woke up from a nap and thought she totally missed out! She was about to cry b/c she couldn’t “see” it and really wanted to swim!

fireworks display We did play w/sparklers and snaps one night. It was the first time the girls ever saw them and played with them. It wasn’t easy to get those back in NJ (no firework sales). I was baffled when I saw a fireworks display INSIDE one of our stores here. I wish we took pictures, but I was in charge and Marco was carrying Shrimp in one arm and had Buddy’s leash on the other hand. Razz was a bit scared at first, but then loved it. Beans was so happy with the whole experience, she asks EVERY DAY and EVERY NIGHT if we can do Sparklers that night. It makes a good bribe – “be good and we will” 🙂

At one point, the girls wanted to dance and do some Hawaiian/Hula dancing. I, in the most pathetic way, attempted to show them. Razz and Shrimpie got into it while Beans sat on the couch swaying back and forth. Shrimpie got into it so much, she kept “kembot-ing” (swaying her hips) so hard she would lose her balance! It was hilarious! She added her hands twisting and it was just the cutest thing! We were laughing so hard and enjoying it so much that we forgot to “get out of the moment” and grab the camera to film her. Then, following conversation then took place:

Me: Shrimpie, you’re TOO cute!
Razz: Cuter than me?!?!?!
Me: You’re ALL cute!

Well then…


I admire these girls for their confidence! I hope it’s something they keep with them forever, but not to the point where they’re conceited…just to the point where they know. Having confidence is not as easy as it seems… 🙂

Shrimp’s talking a lot more now and it feels like she really added to her vocab this weekend:
“side” or “outside” when she wants to go out
“How doin” or “What doin” for how or what are you doing?
Hi-Fiiii = Hi-Five!
Shhhhoes – especially when she knows it’s time to go somewhere…She’ll start saying SHOOOOES and then proceed to the shoe closet.
Whoa…whoa..WHOOOOAAAA! – said emphatically as she walks backwards and pretend like she’s tripping or falling.
Daddy’s…Mommy’s…etc. when she sees things that she sees us using. She does this for everyone in the house.
Aaah-boy – When talking to Buddy…saying “Good Boy”
Cickle = Circle. When she wants to write (or steal) my pen.
There-i-iiiss = There it is!
Cheeeeeese…well, for cheese. She loves to eat cheese.
Coookieesssss cookies 🙂

Speaking of eating. She’s the pickiest eater out of the three. The big 2, pretty much, eat anything they’re given – always. Shrimp, nope, not even close. Of course when it comes to snacks or cookies or anything “junk”, she’s right there waiting for her fair share and she will make it known that she wants some. Anyway, we’ve resorted to giving her Pediasure just so she gets nutrients she’s missing out on from not eating solids and only just drinking milk. She now has some “mind-game” going on because I originally put the Pediasure in a sippy-cup. If I put that SAME drink in a bottle, even if she’s watching me, she will REFUSE to drink it (kicking and screaming optional…though happens more often than not). If I put bottle contents into her sippy cup, as she watches me, she grabs the sippy right away and drinks it. Maybe she’s ready to give up the bottle too? We tried to give her strawberry milk, but once she saw me pour REGULAR whole milk in her sippy and added strawberry syrup, she was NOT having it. Oh my…

What else? Ah yes, Shrimpie likes taking off her diaper now and will be all Houdini about it. She’ll figure out how to take it off even if she’s got pants on and a onesie…she slips it off somehow and Sunday? SUNDAY?!!! She took it off AFTER pooping! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Had little dark red/brown stuff all over carpets (color due to Pediasure). I took her up to the shower and Marco got to scrubbing. Good thing he was already planning on shampooing our carpets too.

Razz had some manners issues. I don’t know what happened, but she’s getting kind of bad w/minding her manners and she’s being pushy. Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to a sassy fourTEEN year old instead of four. We are working on it. BIG time. For example, yesterday, Beans asked if she could have an ice pop. I said what color and Beans says blue. Razz says, “I want a pink Ice Pop”. Um, no little girl. You don’t tell me you ASK me if you can have one first. She’s had a few other moments of getting in trouble for being sassy, but I think (hope) she’s realizing why and how to mend it. Other than that, she’s pretty great…loves to read and always helps me with the laundry. She has such a great sense of humor too. Instead of getting all sore/swoll when we joke around w/her, she’ll joke right back!

Beans is getting used to taking naps again and she LOVES it 🙂 It took some getting used to, but playing w/Buddy outside and whatever else, has made her hot and tired enough to nap over the weekend and she’s napping now as well 🙂 She has gotten SO super helpful and even washes dishes! She does whatever is asked of her and moves quickly about it too.

shrimpie beating up her big sistersThe 2 big girls, when together (at a store, etc.) can sometimes act up a storm, but the 2 girls, together with Shrimpie, is AWESOME to watch. They really love Shrimp and try to play with her and make her laugh all the time. They also try to protect her (from herself). I guess Shrimpie knows how much her they care for her and is ALWAYS giving them hugs. She also loves to beat up on them (as seen in this pic). And the great part is, the girls are very tolerable of her! Even Buddy is! I can only hope they are this good with each other later on in life…

Don’t let this innocent look fool you:
look of innocence?  NOT!

I really wanted to plant and work on our little patch of a “garden”, but it was just TOO hot! I didn’t even want to walk around nurseries / home improvement stores to check out the plants and such. It is supposed to cool off this week, so maybe then, I will. I also wanted to go through our storage and get rid of stuff (and make room for more stuff). Mainly, I wanted to give up all of my clothes (pre-pregnancy). I mean seriously, I doubt I will ever wear a size 0, 2 or 4 again. I have a few boxes in storage that I should go wash and sell to our local consignment shops or ship to the Philippines. Too bad the closest cargo shipper is 2 hours away. I tried to schedule a pick up in February and they said they were going to come, but they never did. Let’s hope I get some work done this week while it cools off.

Now, to all those who have given the ultimate sacrifice to service our country, to those have serviced our country and continue to, THANK YOU.

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School’s Out for the Summer

Last Day of School - 05.23.2012

Anyone else singing that song in their heads?

Well, it seems like, in the blink of an eye, we now have a 1st Grader amongst us.

Today was Beans’ last day of school – all of 1 hour. I don’t know…don’t ask. I picked her up and she looked sad and told me she was teary eyed earlier. 2 of her classmates were bawling…I mean, really, really, really crying their eyes out complete w/huffing and puffing. These Kindergarteners love their teacher and their friends and will really miss each other, I guess…

When I finally got her to liven a bit, she gave me her report card and she did pretty well overall. Looks like she’s even excelling in Math, according to the state/national test she took 🙂 In this year, she’s reading more, faster and better.

Here are her favorites about Kindergarten:

  • Class: Science because she really liked learning new things about animals and insects – especially caterpillars turning into butterflies. Her teacher had that caterpillar / butterfly kit so they were able to see the transformation.
  • Sport (in PE): Hockey. This could be due to the fact that she just finished up Ice Hockey lessons this past Saturday.
  • Music Class: Playing a lollipop drum.
  • Color: Still green.
  • Book: Still “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss (also her fave from Pre-K).
  • Person from History: George Washington because he was the very first President of the United States of America. She learned about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr. and…? I’m not even sure of all the others, but those are her top 3.

During her last full week of school they had a THEME week where each day, they would dress up or do things as part of the theme. They had HAT Day where she wore my Mickey Mouse Hat from our Disney trip in 2010. PAJAMA Day she wore cloud pajamas from Mama. For CRAZY HAIR Day, I just did a whole bunch of buns (so not creative) and when I realized I should have bought colored hairspray, it’s when I was already driving her to school. They also had STUFFED ANIMAL Day where she brought “Plex” who holds a special place in her heart because she won him all by herself from one of those crane machines. Last, but not least, they had HAWAIIAN/BEACH Day where she wore the dress Mum bought her from the Philippines.

Hat Day, Pajama Day, Crazy Hair Day (I'm so not creative), Stuffed Animal Day, Hawaiian/Beach Day

She’s gotten more involved w/different sports this year too…She’s still in TKD (a red belt), played 2 sessions of Biddy and 1st Grade Basketball and then started Ice Hockey. She will start Softball in a couple of weeks while still going to TKD and starting a second session of hockey. She will skip soccer this year though she loved it last year. Oh and let me not forget that she can ride a bike now! She learned some time in April…Wasn’t kidding when I said we call her “Sporty Spice”.

Anyway, now, it’s summer break. What do we have in store? Well, I’ll have ALL 3 girls home with me (and of course the big 2 are already bickering), but Beans is a GREAT helper and I could always use an extra set of hands. She really has grown into her big sister role like she owns it. She tries to help with dishes, emptying/switching out garbage, walking Buddy (our pup who I have yet to introduce) and soothing Shrimp. No wonder her teacher has nothing but praises for her. Of course, she has her other side where she will say things in a way she knows not to (like answering with “WHAT”. UGH). She also will sometimes not realize that she’s doing stuff she’s not supposed to – like talking loudly while her baby sister is napping…but you know what? She’s still a kid after all and if those are the only things that are a MINUS to all her PLUSes, then we’ve got it good 🙂

And whoa…I’m still trying to wrap myself around the fact that she will be in 1st Grade next year. FIRST. GRADE. Holy Moly!

PS = Still disappointed that there was no Kinder Graduation in this school. Not even a “Stepping Up Celebration” or “Completion Celebration” or “Kinder Awards”…zero, zilch, nada…

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Shrimpie’s Milestones

Slacker Mom, trying to get points here…
Note: I started this entry 1 month ago. April 16th to be exact. What’s held me back? Honestly? The lack of pictures (couldn’t find my card reader) and well, the main gal herself, Shrimpie! She’s been so active as of late and once I think I’m ready to hit that PUBLISH button, she comes up with something new I want to add to this post, but you know what? I can always create another post later on to add her newest antics to they cyberworld, right? Anyway, here goes.


That pic up there would be “Baby Spice” though sometimes “Scary Spice”. But, to us and everyone else, she is simply “Shrimpie”. Yes, that’s what we call her IRL too. She doesn’t budge when anyone calls her by her first name. That nickname first came about when she was still in belly. We were trying to get pregnant again, but weren’t sure yet. One thing that was sure was the fact that I just always wanted to eat Shrimp – Shrimp Scampi, Steamed Shrimp, Garlic Shrimp, Shrimp-ka-bobs, shrimp anything you name it! I felt like I was in “Forrest Gump” talking about shrimp like we were.

At this point in time, she’s not communicating as well as she’d like, I guess, because she gets all mad and frustrated when we don’t understand what she’s saying.  She does have a few words in her vocabulary that she DEFINITELY makes use of 🙂

  • Mommy
  • Daddy
  • Nana
  • Nica
  • Buh-iiiee
  • Hi
  • Celcome (welcome)
  • Suwee (sorry)
  • Mama
  • Papa
  • Lolo
  • Mum
  • SSS (gatas = milk)
  • Eat – proceeds to dishwasher / high chair
  • Yous (juice)
  • “Suda” – soda
  • Tights
  • Feet
  • Sit
  • Ear
  • Nose
  • Head
  • Pink
  • Boo (blue)
  • shirt (w/a silent “R”, but not exactly sounding like an expletive, if that’s possible 😉 )
  • B
  • C
  • 2

She says some short sentences like:

  • I eat
  • I sit
  • Hi ____ (insert name here)
  • Bye ______ (insert name here)

She loves responding with “I DOOOO”.

who wants to go to Chuck-E-Cheese?
I dooooooooooooooo
Who wants to go poop?
I dooooooooooooo?

She has a strong mindset (aka stubborn) and won’t stop until she gets what she wants. If she really wants a drink, she won’t put anymore food in her mouth until she gets a sip. She really wants that drumstick, she won’t stop until she gets it, even if it means chasing you all around the house screaming at the top of her lungs.

She knows pee and poop, but usually tells me after the fact and both pee and poop are, sometimes, more “I pee-pee”. She has gotten pretty deft with taking her diaper off. Luckily, she’s only taken it off once w/poop and all other times, pee. So, we’re thinking it’s time to introduce the potty soon.

She likes to do whatever her big sisters do, but when it comes to coloring, she’d rather put all of those writing utensils in her mouth. So, I spend more time trying to get pieces of crayon from her mouth, or anywhere around her, than I do teaching her the colors or how to write or color. So, pens, pencils, crayons, markers?  Straight to her mouth, unless she’s writing on walls or herself, of course.

She also has moments where she just wants to do her own thing. We’ll just see her off in the toy area looking like she’s trying to read a book/look at pictures or dig through her toy bin to find some hidden (buried) treasure she hasn’t played with in a while.

She loves singing songs and is too cute with singing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”. She loves to dance and thus, I feel like the Nick Jr show, “Fresh Beat Band”, was made just for her! She LOVES them. Sometimes, that’s the only thing that will stop her crying. Pretty awesome we got to see them LIVE last year at Sesame Place AND got their autographs AND got pictures taken with them!  She was too young to realize it, but she still has a look of awe on her face sitting on “Marina’s” lap.  She looks at that picture now and gets so excited and starts calling their names:  KIKI  !  SSOUT (shout)!  She can’t say “Marina” or “Twist” yet though.

Girls w/the Fresh Beat Band at Sesame Place (May 2011)
L-R: Twist, Shout (w/Beans), Marina (w/Shrimpie), Kiki (w/Razz)

She’s a sweet girl overall…she loves to give hugs  (“love-love”) and has started to give big hugs as of late. I love how she starts patting you as she hugs too…lol…

Now, kissing? That’s a different story. If you ask her to kiss you, she’ll give you her cheek and will make you kiss her. Ok, she’s good w/giving kisses now too 🙂

I’ll try to be more regular w/milestones, but for that’s all for now…

Shrimpie, Happy 20 months tomorrow!


5k Mission: Accomplished

Well, hot damn!  I done did it!!!  I survived the 5k and did better than I expected!

I woke up Saturday morning still unsure of myself…of my legs.  As of the night before, and even that morning while picking up my runner’s bib and registering myself and Beans (she would do the kid’s 1/4 mile race), I was about to switch from 5k runner status to 1 mile walker.  Then, I started to think about how disappointed I would be in myself…How could I not at least try?  What’s the worst that could happen?  They walkie the golf cart guy over to pick me up if I can’t go anymore?  At least I tried, right?    I mean, I wouldn’t be the only disappointed in myself…How about pDaddy and the girls?  They even made a sign Friday night to cheer me/Beans on.  So, off I went and just picked up my bib and stayed as 5k Runner.  Took some Tylenol, did LOTS of stretching and put on that Icy Hot Beans and I picked up at the grocery as we also picked up our breakfast.

Still freaking out, but determined to do it, I managed to keep myself calm and collected.  pDaddy, Razz and Shrimp got there a few minutes before Beans’ race.  Big Girl did well, but then stopped too quickly and couldn’t catch her breath…she started to panic and kept saying she waned to throw up.  I got her to calm down and tried to get her to walk it off before my run started.  She finally caught her breath, but still felt queasy.  I felt bad leaving her, but I had to get to the starting line.  pDaddy took over as nurse to Beans and watching over all 3.  I couldn’t stop thinking of Beans and how she felt.  I kept hoping she just got better and hoping that I wouldn’t feel that way at the end of my race…I didn’t want to discourage her anymore.

So, off to the starting line and off I went.  I didn’t know if I wanted to walk a bit first or not, but just hit START on my new Garmin (thanks to an early Mother’s Day gift from pDaddy).  I didn’t realize it had to locate satellites again so it took a couple of minutes before it kicked in and I was already “running”.  I didn’t realize I just kept going.  I felt like Forrest Gump and just kept going and going and going and next thing I heard was the time keeper at mile marker 1.  I clocked in at 1 mile at 11 minutes exactly, according to the timekeeper girl.  11 minutes!  WHAT?  WHO?  ME?  WHAT?

It was definitely a lot easier to run in a group and I kept pace with a few of the runners, whether they knew it or not.   Next thing you know, I was nearing the end of the 1st lap and saw pDaddy and the girls holding up the sign they made.  I took off the headset from my right ear as I neared them and heard the girls yelling “GOOOOOOOOOOOO MOOOMMMYYY!  GO!  GO MOMMY GO!”  What an INCREDIBLE feeling that was…seeing your family cheer you on and looking so proud of you.  I smiled a HUGE smile and waved to them and then kept on trucking…

I had to stop about 3 or 4 times after that…Once for about 3 minutes and the others for about a minute or so.  The 3 minute stop, I just had to really catch my breath (I really need to learn some breathing techniques)…but then I started to feel my shins getting tight / sore.  I also felt the heat from that Icy Hot kick in (never really felt the “icy” at all).  I didn’t want to get all tight and walk the rest of the way so I kept pushing and pushing and even said it out loud “PUUUUUSH”.   I didn’t realize that I was actually “pushing” through hills…I expected myself to walk them, but I actually didn’t!  Ok, maybe a few of them, I walked a few steps…and when I say “hill”, nothing major, but definite change in elevation.  The last tenth or quarter of a mile I saw the end in sight going around the bend.  I was ready to walk, but I pushed it again.  And again, I saw pDaddy and the girls cheering me on, holding up the sign and pDaddy w/the camera.  They were a few feet from the finish line, but they were close enough to see me cross it.

As I was about to cross, I looked up dumbfounded. My snazzy new watch was telling me that I had a great pace (for me), but I thought it was “off” (I don’t know, don’t ask).  I crossed the finish line to see 35:40.



I’m still trying to process it…Remember, I just wanted to finish in less than 45!!!  I remember I couldn’t “jog” for 30 seconds without feeling like passing out when I got on a treadmill in February.


I can’t sum up in words of how happy and proud I was of myself…That’s such a RARE feeling that I was speechless.  I was also so happy that my family was there to cheer me on.  I was so happy when I saw pDaddy close to the finish line looking so proud of me.  This whole week, I gave off the vibe that I was giving up b/c of my shins and he had to hear me complain all week long.  I’m sure he was thrilled that I would be done being nervous nellie (but he’ll still hear me complain about sore legs), but really, I saw him happy for me and proud and that’s another feeling I wish I could bottle up!  Seeing him helped me stop myself from walking the finish…

I still can’t believe I did it and with a better time than I expected.  I can’t believe my shins cooperated.  I can’t believe how good it feels to cross that finish line.  I can’t believe how much seeing your loved ones can really encourage you and keep you going…

All that and it was just the mid-point of a wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend.

Thanks to my cheerleaders…no pic of my main man though 😦  Sorry pDaddy 😦

1 5k Down…bring on some more!

PS – That Icy Hot can get SUPER HOT!  After eating, we went home…I did more stretching and hit the shower.  I thought I washed it all off, but apparently not…my legs were burning!  I wanted to nap, but was so uncomfy…felt like a super sunburn on my legs.  I must have come down from my adrenalin rush b/c somehow, I, eventually, slept through it.  I don’t know how long it took for it to wear off, but it was gone by the time I woke up.  phew…

PPS – Official race results = 35:43.3… I’ll still take it!