WW: O.M.G. – Oh My Girls

Yes, my girls. My trio…the “princess trilogy”…my girls that are all growing up really quickly. For the rest of the week, I’m going to try to post about where the girls are in their lives…what they like, what they’re up to, how they’re doing…that kind of thing. I feel like, while this is my blog and I’m liking that I’m talking about my beauty finds and what I’m up to w/regards to my resolutions and running, I miss posting about my girls and their milestones. I am a MOMMA after all 🙂 Besides, I like looking back at all my posts about Razz and Beans and their milestones and wish I did more of those posts…something to keep track. I used to blog under my own site and while pregnant w/Beans and before here so, I’m trying to see if I can find those old files and read those too. I want to do the same for Shrimp…what a way to see how different they all are.

I also want to talk about fun stuff like going to the park and sisters getting along (and will probably also talk about them bickering)…
fun on the slide

Or reading to pDaddy on relaxing Sundays…
storytime on a relaxing sunday...

Or them being girlie and wanting to play with make-up and nail polish and dressing up, but also being sporty and goofy. I feel like time is passing on by way too fast for my liking so I need to remember to take the time to capture them here or via pictures or videos or whatever. I used to love scrapbooking and while that may be a great way to preserve some of these memories, I don’t have the time for it. Plus, I’ll have to wait until Shrimp is not getting herself into everything. I can’t even get her to sit and color b/c crayons, markers, or whatever writing utensil you give her, goes straight to her mouth 😦

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WW: 18 Months

shrimpie w/heels
This past Monday, my lil Shrimpie-pie (aka Shrimpie aka Shrimpipay aka Shrimp) turned 18 months…already! 18 months and I still haven’t written up her birth story. Poor gal came around w/bad timing w/regards to me blogging. Actually, her active lil self is one of the reasons that kept me from blogging…along with, say, moving out of state and having to pack up a whole house by myself for 6 weeks…and whatever else.

Anyway, since I’ve got Mom-Guilt all over me for not posting her birth story or each and every milestone (she started walking at 8.5 months, just in case you were wondering) or first word (which, of course, was “da-da”. In fact, she just started calling me “mommy” at 14 months) or when she cut her first tooth (ummm…I’ll have to dig up my planner for this one), here are some pics of Shrimp in 6 month increments 🙂

Shrimpie born…09.19.2010 at 9lbs 12.4oz (yes, I needed an Emergency C-Section!) Her Aunt nicknamed her “siopao” after this pic (“siopao” = chinese white steamed pork buns) b/c of her round cheeks and roundness in general. Yeah, “Shrimp” my arse…more like “Jumbo Shrimp” or “Prawnie” or “Lobster”. In the end, “shrimpie” still stuck as her nickname. Do you know she still doesn’t know her real name? We’ve tried calling her by it and she doesn’t even budge. We’ll work on that, eventually.
shrimp born

Next few are Shrimpie at 6 months:
shrimpie 6 months

shrimpie 6 months - yum

In distress b/c she HATED her playpen:
shrimp @6months

This is Shrimp on her 1st birthday dinner celebration at our old house. This was such a happy, yet sad time for us. Happy because she turned 1, but sad because pDaddy and Beans were already in Illinois so could only join us via Skype…
shrimp 1

And here is she is…at 18 months – donning Razz’ heels and Beans’ TKD helmet…Makes me wonder, will she be all out girlie-girl princess like Razz or “sporty spice” like Beans? In these pics, she’s the best of both :):
shrimpie 18 months w/heels & helmet

shrimpie w/TKD helmet

Don’t let her shy and demure “look” fool you. She is one rambunctious child who, more than once, has climbed up the stairs (pre-gate), climbs on top of coffee and dining room tables and chairs and couches and you name it. This girl has NO FEAR. She knows how to work her charm too. When she is being reprimanded, she will bat her lashes, wave and say “hi” then proceed to hug you. Never a boring day with this one, that’s for sure. Sorry for not writing your Birth Story yet, Shrimpie-baby…maybe by the time you’re 2, or 20, I’ll get it up and done. It’s an interesting story, that’s for sure…

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This post brought to you by the letter “K”

In the post, I guess I’ll have to reveal Beans’ real name. I’m just so proud of her. For months and months, we’ve been practicing with writing her letters. She got a few down pretty quickly – A, B, C, D, E, F, H, I, J, L, etc…Eventually, she came around with the others. But, she had such difficulty with the letter “K” which is the first letter of her first name.

On September 30th, she was discouraged once again, but pDaddy was really on her to get it right. She kept saying she couldn’t do it and she would say “But, I’m only 3! I can’t do it!“. We don’t like to hear the negativity, especially pDaddy. So we were practicing and practicing and with pDaddy pushing her harder than I ever did, she got it! She got her letter “K” and she was ECSTATIC!

She asked how to spell the rest of her name so we would spell it out for her and she would write it. That was Wednesday (9/30). By Thursday morning (10/1), she memorized it and now keeps writing it and writing it and we couldn’t be more proud. Our living room and dining room are proof of this as paper is strewn all over with her name on it. This is, indeed, a HUGE milestone for our lil’ Beanster 🙂

I present to you, Beans’ writing and works of art….Yes, her real name is “KIANA”. PS – can you see the little “stewie griffin” there too? lol
beans' name

In chalk:
KIANA - in chalk
beans artwork - owl?

FAMILY (yes, there are 5 of us…she included her half-sister 🙂 ):
beans artwork - family

To the parents out there, when did you child(ren) start writing his/her own name on his/her own? To those with no children, do you remember when you first wrote yours? I don’t remember and I asked my mom…she doesn’t remember either. Now, this isn’t meant to be a contest or anything. I’m just curious because Beans hasn’t attended school yet. I’m a WAHM so she’s been home with me and won’t be attending school until next year (she didn’t make the cutoff dates for Pre-K 4). I just want to know where she falls with this big ol’ milestone.

Back to Reality

We got back from vacation late Tuesday night (flight came in at 11:35pm after travelling for over 24 hours)and back to work on Wednesday. We’re jet lagging like crazy – 12 hour difference takes it’s toll, you know! I have tons of pics and vids to sort through and hopefully will do a “travel” blog recapping our adventures for 3 weeks in the Philippines…stay tuned.

But first things first, I’d like to announce that Little Miss Razz poopied in the pottie this morning! She peed once before we left for vacation and didn’t really attempt it again until this morning! She just gave 9/11 a happier meaning 🙂

To those who perished, RIP. To those left behind, stay strong.

PS – WHERE did the summer go? I know before we left, we were finally feeling the summer heat, but I’m hearing it lasted all of 2 weeks? Today, it’s 60s and raining???

Shapes, Letters and Sentences, oh my!

Razz is now 22 months old. I feel like such a slacker-mom for not updating her developments as of late, but believe me, girlfriend’s moving along just fine and is a smart little cookie.

razz in her fairy glory cheeeeese

  • Letters. She’s almost got all her letters down. She’ll still confuse “X” with “Y” or “K” and “Z” with “N”, but that’s expected (and could be my handwriting too…lol).
  • Colors. She knows her colors, for the most part. The first thing she says when she sees me change out of pajamas is the color of my shirt.
  • Shapes. She comes up to me a gazillion times a day with her little Doodle Pro and asks me to write her letters and shapes. Why is it she has triangle, heart, star, moon, flower, butterfly, diamond, and tree down, but still gets confused with square, circle and rectangle? She knows what they are, but still gets them wrong every now and then. I’ll say, “no, try again” when she gets it wrong and 9 out of 10 times, she’ll get right.
  • Active lil’ bugger! She loves to run around and play tag w/her sister. She loves to play hide and seek and hop scotch (she struggles w/her balance a bit, but it’s still too cute). She loves the playground never wants to leave. Her faves are the slide and swing. She loves to mimic her sister’s TKD moves (kicks and punches) and adds in a “hai-ya!” too.
  • Girlile-Girl. She is a girlie-girl…much more than Beans was at this age/stage. Her favorite color is Pink. She knows all the Disney Princesses (well, we tried to avoid that w/Beans at an early age, but she got to know them b/c we finally started to introduce them to Beans lately). She loves to play dress up.
  • Eater. Girl can eat! I mean REALLY eat! Everyone loves feeding her b/c she just has an awesome appettite and she will let you know when she is hungry. “Mommy, eat? Eat? Hungry!”
  • Words/Sentences. This has to be what has surprised us the most. Her vocabulary seems to have developed 10-fold in just a few weeks plus, she’s saying sentences now! Granted, she’s not making speeches, but we still get caught of guard when she’ll just say something like “Beans turn” or “My turn” or “I dunno” or “we swimming? need diapie! bathingsuit!” or “I’m sorry Mommy/Daddy (whomever)” and follows that up w/a hug and kiss. The best – “I ub u Mommy/Daddy” and “I miss you Mommy/Daddy”. Sometimes, we can’t even believe she’s fully understanding us and vice-versa.

We bought her a potty, but am not too sure if she’s really ready for it yet. She doesn’t have full on solid poopies yet (TMI? sorry!) and she still can’t pull the Pull-Ups down yet on her own. She likes to just sit on the potty. We tried taking it off and having her sit, but nothing yet. She’d rather sit on it w/a diapie on, but we still can’t tell if she’s peeing in her diapie while sitting or just wants to sit on her throne. Beans was a little easier to train b/c I knew her routine. She drank a lot of milk before bed and even during the night so first thing in the morning, she would have to pee. Razz doesn’t really drink all that much before bed and nothing through the night so I’m not sure when it is she has to go. Sometimes, I’ll go to change her in the morning and she’s still dry!

The only thing buggin’ me is when it’s time to brush her teeth. She HATES it. Well, she likes it when pDaddy does it, but not me. But, I’m the one that still does it more and I can’t get it to the cleanliness I like and…unfortunately, it’s starting to show 😦 Her teeth look like she’s the one that drank too much milk overnight and not Beans when it’s really the opposite. Someone said it was all that breastmilk overnight. I did just wean her in April so maybe??? Any ideas on how to “fix” her teeth? I can’t find a dentist close by that has patients under the age of 6. I may have to take a trip to my parents’ town b/c I think they check kids as young as 1 or 2. Such a shame b/c she does make the cutest faces and has such a pretty smile…

*shakes off dust*

Been awhile, again…Much too much going on this summer and I’m not complaining one bit! Let’s do Friday Bullets, shall we?

  • The Diet – I stayed on it for over a month and still going. Didn’t get all strict about it (as in I would have junk food here and there, but rarely), but I still haven’t eaten pasta, bread or rice (and that’s HUGE for me b/c I loves me rice)!
  • The Weightloss – Well, I lost about 10 lbs. Seems like I’ve hit a plateau and am not sure what I need to do in order to lose more, but I’m happy about the 10lbs so I’m not stressing it toooo much.
  • The Running – I’ve been doing well…actually can run 1 mile straight now which is a BIG improvement for me. My best time for a 5k so far was from Wednesday night on the treadmill: 42.22. I get bored on the treadmill so luckily, the weather in the northeast has been quite nice to jog/walk at night. Still, I haven’t set my pedometer correctly so I didn’t know what I was really running and had to do it on the treadmill for accuracy.
  • Summer Fun so far – We had a lot of parties so far (graduation, wedding shower, birthdays, etc.). We hit a local zoo and the State Fair. Beans went on rides for the first time and yes, folks, she is our daughter! She LOVED them! She went on a Ferris Wheel and Rollercoaster with me and wanted to keep getting back on. She went on a couple of rides herself as well! I should get those videos up on Flickr or something. Razz and pDaddy couldn’t join in on all the fun b/c Razz is not tall enough, but Razz had fun munching on cotton candy and “looking” for us on rides.
  • Cotton Anniversary – We celebrated our second wedding anniversary on 7/7. Yes, we got married on 07.07.07. I was 7 months pregnant with Razz. I love the number 7. pDaddy never liked it until I pointed that out to him 😉
  • The Weather – As I mentioned, the weather has been cooler on the Northeast so far this summer…with the exception of late yesterday and today. So yes, the hot / humid summer weather is upon us and sorry, but I wasn’t missing it at all. Still, I guess that gives us a reason to jump in the pool during my lunch break. woo-hoo!
  • Pictures – We’ve taken so many, but I’m too lazy to upload to Flickr. I guess I should upload to Flickr the same time I upload to FB.
  • Twitter – I have an account, but it doesn’t appear correctly on my sidebar…hmmm…If it did, I would update it more often. Then again, seems like everyone’s just twittering instead of blogging these days. I kind of miss reading blogs.
  • The Grim – Is it me or have there been so many deaths as of late? Celebrities like Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcet, Ed McMahon…Friends, Family…Yesterday, my BIL’s cousin passed. He was 34. Still unreal. Today, it’s my BIL’s bday. Poor guy is, needless to say, still devastated.
  • The Great – My girls have been awesome!
    Beans is one week from testing for her Yellow Belt in TaeKwonDo. She’s really starting to get really good at writing letters and talks so well that my Dad is still in shock when they have conversations.
    Razz is starting to really formulate words and makes little sentences. She recognizes all the letters although she still gets a couple wrong here and there. She also knows her colors. Her favorite color is Pink and knows her sister’s fave is Green.
    Both of them LOVE to sing and talk and play and swim and well, fight…ahhh siblings…but it’s always nice to see them hug and kiss and make up

So, that’s what’s up in these neck of the woods. I’m determined to upload pics soon and post more often…Hopefully, it won’t take me over a month to post again!


I know, it’s been a LONG-LONG-LONG-LONG while.  I’m pretty disappointed in myself for not blogging more often, but like I said, “life happens”.  I wish I did blog more though because I would love to have been able to look back at the past year via this blog…But, it is what it is.  Life was just crazy busy and then when it was winding down, I didn’t know where to begin until now.
I still don’t know where to begin, but I guess I’ll give a rundown of what’s been going on in the past 6 months…well, as much as I can remember anyway.

Let’s see…last I wrote was in April?  So let’s start in May…


  • Mother’s Day – Celebrated @ my parents’ and by watching pDaddy in his Opening Game playing league Basketball.  Since it was Mother’s Day and most of the team either had children (so their wives wanted their Mother’s Day “right” or had their own moms, there were only 5 of them who showed up to play.  Yes, 5.  They played the entire 2 half game (20 minutes each) with no subs, nothing.  They actually were doing well, but finally ran out of gas in the last 5 minutes and lost 😦
  • Santa Cruzan Parade – Filipino/Roman Catholic Parade in honor of the Mama Mary.  The girls were flower girls.
  • Memorial Day – BBQ @ my parents’ w/family and friends in and out of the bball league


  • Worked like CRAZY this month.  I mean I was logging in over 60/70 hour weeks.  Too bad I don’t get paid OT.  I worked so much I had to go to my parents’ house so my mom could watch the girls while I worked.  It was very common for me to sleep at 1 or 2 am and be back online by 8 or 8:30.  I would only take breaks to use bathroom and help my mom feed the girls.  I would even eat and work at the same time.
  • Father’s Day – BBQ @ my parents’.
  • My older sister married her second husband on one of the hottest days…in a non-denominational church w/no air conditioning…while I was in a strapless, but floor length gown…in which I was having an EXTREMELY “fat” day…ugh I hate those!  Poor Beans was a flower girl and even though she didn’t have a floor length dress, she was all kinds of hot as well.  But, I have to give it up to her, she did well overall.


  • We went to the Philippines for 3 weeks.  Finally, a vacation.  It’s been so long since we were on vacation.  The girls did well on the plane (total travel time of 21-22 hours + getting dropped off early to depart and waiting around for almost an hour and half to pick up luggage and get picked up).


  • Not too much…My SD turned 13.  I teased my husband and said he’s old for having a teeny-bopper…and said he made me a young mom.  lol…


  • I am working like crazy again.  Like I always say, this is like tax season for accountants in our line of work.
  • My dad celebrated his bday on Labor Day @ my parent’s house.
  • My uncle celebrated his 64th bday and now we keep singing, “Will you still love me?  Will you still need me?  When I’m 64”.
  • RAZZ celebrated her 1st Bday!  Yes, little miss divalicious princess turned 1!  (definitely more on this on another post sooner rather than later 🙂 ).

And now we are in October.  What are the highlights this month?

  • I’ll still be working a lot.
  • It’s Spa Week next week 🙂
  • BEANS will be 3 on the 27th!!!  3!  She’s turning 3!!!
  • I’ll be turning 31 on the 30th.  31!  I’m turning 31!!!

Maybe one day, I’ll go back and post about all of these past activities/incidents/occasions in more detail, but for now?  I think that’s a good enough for a 6 month recap 😀