WW: 4th of July Weekend 2012

4th of July this year was HOT and on a Wednesday and HOT. I had a love/hate relationship with it. I loved it because WHOO-HOO! Got a break in the middle of the week. Hated it b/c OH NO! 2 Mondays! And it was HOT! Did I mention that already? It was in 100s ALL week and didn’t “cool” off to the upper 80s until Saturday afternoon.

Still, it was a great weekend. I was off Wednesday and Friday and our awesome friends from NJ came by to visit us! We toured them around our new neck of the woods (though it’s all cornfields once you go beyond a 5 mile radius). We also snuck in a trip to Chicago…perfect timing too as we celebrated our 5th Anniversary 🙂

Buddy’s 1st trip to the city…I couldn’t stop singing “hot times, buddy(summer) in the city” (you know you’re singing it now too).
Hot Times...Buddy in   the City

Our hotel was kid AND pet friendly – giving them all goodie bags and treats. They even had a kiddie hour where they had popcorn and lemonade set up for the kids along with board games and a Wii station too!


And we had the “Palace Theater” lights as our view…
Palace Theater lights...view from our room
Palace Theater

Saturday, we ate a Filipino Restaurant. OH MY YUMNESS! How I’ve missed Filipino(unhealthy) food! We missed it so much, we had brunch there again on Sunday! I was so excited to eat I forgot the “before” pic. Here’s the after…I wish I had more room in my belly!

There happened to be a street fest going on so we got to go check it out and the girls even got to go on a pony ride! Excuse me as I am ripping Shrimpie’s top…This must have been one of the times she let go and I had to quickly hold her up / tighter:
Shrimpie Pony Ride

Razz Pony Ride

Beans Pony Ride

Thankfully, it cooled off on Saturday and we got to celebrate our 5th Anniversary without sweating every second of just standing outdoors.

Razz & Beans at the Navy Pier w/Pirates and in front of the Ferris Wheel entrance (holy long line batman):
Ahoy Mateys!  ARGGGHHHHH!

Razz and Beans at the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel

Here we are in our room before heading out again:
07.07.07  - 5 year anniversary

Grabbing our grub w/Chaprille who drove out from NJ 🙂
Chaprille came from NJ and spent 4th of July / celebrated our anniversary w/us :)

Dessert – chocolate crepe w/ice cream:
Anniversary Dessert

Walking along Michigan Ave, we spotted our “anniversary” building:
Seven Seven Seven Michigan Ave... 07.07.07 Our Anniversary :)

So, of course, we had to pose in front of it.  Don’t mind my windblown bangs in the windy city…And no, we didn’t mean to match.  I only brought 1 tee b/c I thought it would be crazy hot like the previous days.  He only had this tee to match his sneakers (which he wore this night b/c of all the walking we were planning on doing.  Otherwise, he would just wear his sandals).

777 Michigan Ave - our anni :)

We didn’t take too many “touristy” type photos since we did a lot of that back in February when we went. We didn’t make it to they Skydeck like we had planned. The line was too long and we were supposed to come back, but dinner was so yum and filling that we wanted to walk a bit and then watched fireworks from the sidewalk as the Navy Pier was putting on a show. Sorry, no good fireworks pics here. We were on the sidewalk and had a sign in our view at times.

fireworks from Navy Pier - view from the sidwalk

It really cooled off at night and the Windy City proved why it is called that:
Razz & Beans "windy" city it is

Felt like our stay was too short, as always. Really starting to like Chi-town (though I’m not sure I like saying “Chi-town”…lol).

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Jealousy, You Are One UGLY B!T(H

I’m not one for cursing, please excuse the title, but hot damn…jealousy is ugly, isn’t it? Especially towards those you love.

I’ve been hitting the gym since February. That’s about 3 months now. I know I haven’t pushed as hard and I know I haven’t watched my food in take as much as I should have. I shouldn’t be surprised that the scale doesn’t move much. In fact, I wasn’t even going into this whole thing with a weight loss goal (until recently). I just wanted to get moving, feel better, get the blood flowing and not be so sedentary. And, I’ve been doing just that and I do feel better when I hit the gym. I have just started to push harder this week (and the scale moved down today!).

BUT, pDaddy just started going to the gym a couple of weeks ago. That would be 2, maybe 3, weeks ago. As of Tuesday night, he was so right in praising himself for seeing some results and losing 8lbs. He lost 8lbs in 2-3 weeks. I lost 8.5lb just as of today…3 months later. 12 weeks later.

At first, I was proud of him and did the usual “You suck! I can’t believe it!” because that’s how it’s always been. He would just be able to get the weight off quicker when we got into our “we need to get in shape” modes. But as the night went on and we were chatting over dinner, he mentioned it again. And, here’s where it gets ugly, I cut him off and got my angry voice on and told him to stop rubbing it in (more than once)! It went something like this:

HIM: I can’t believe I’m at this weight now. That’s 8lbs and I don’t even go to the gym a lot.
ME: Do you have to rub it in? (starting to sound sarcastic)
HIM: I didn’t really change my eating much either.
ME: Yes you did, you only had a veggie burger today and salad yesterday.
HIM: Yeah, but still…that’s pretty awesome, right?
ME: Seriously, rub it in some more. Do you have to keep rubbing it in?

I didn’t yell, but my tone definitely changed and I sounded really mad at him…He just looked at me dumbfounded and then collected his thoughts and said he wasn’t trying to rub it in…it wasn’t something against me or to make me feel bad. I, finally, get it together and apologize. I OPENLY admit that I’m not mad, just jealous…I mean, I was seriously jealous…like I felt myself turning green with envy.

I think that took him for a loop because I’m not really the jealous type – ESPECIALLY when it comes to other women / girls and such. Ask him, it used to bother him when we first started dating and didn’t act like crazy, jealous girl b/c some girl was looking at our direction / looking at him…or that I didn’t acknowledge it (even if I did notice it).

Anyway, I continue to apologize and say that I’m just jealous and that I wasn’t mad at him. We continue on through the night and all is well. Still, I can’t help, but feel bad. So, during one of our email exchanges yesterday, I apologized again:

…I’m really sorry about last night. I wasn’t mad at you. I was just, seriously and ashamedly(is that a word?), jealous. I wish I could lose as quickly as you, but my body’s just not built to be like that anymore. I know I’m not that college freshman that kept losing weight no matter how much and how many times I ate! I’m not that 20something that would go to the gym to just “tone” up b/c I had no real weight to lose. I just get frustrated sometimes and took it out on you. Sorry…  They’re not kidding when they say jealousy is ugly, huh? Sorry for being selfish there. Instead of me praising you and being supportive, like I usually would, jealousy reared its ugly head  But honestly, was not mad you. Keep doing what you’re doing. It actually gives me hope when I see your transformations.

He writes back and says:

Oh, no worries…nagulat lang ako konte (translation: I was just a little surprised) but I hear your frustration. Sorry too for I was praising myself (as usual), hehe…but not appropriate when you’re trying to lose and I end up being the one that loses the weight. Don’t worry, you’ll get there eventually – who’s rushing anyways  . I just feel bad that you have to work harder than I do …but whatever your goal is – just know you’re fine just the way you are 

And what happened? I felt worse for being such a jealous biatch and teared.

Lesson Learned? Get over thyself and stop the damn pity party. Be thankful for supportive spouses…especially when they have to deal with your crazeeee.

WW: O.M.G. – Oh My Girls

Yes, my girls. My trio…the “princess trilogy”…my girls that are all growing up really quickly. For the rest of the week, I’m going to try to post about where the girls are in their lives…what they like, what they’re up to, how they’re doing…that kind of thing. I feel like, while this is my blog and I’m liking that I’m talking about my beauty finds and what I’m up to w/regards to my resolutions and running, I miss posting about my girls and their milestones. I am a MOMMA after all 🙂 Besides, I like looking back at all my posts about Razz and Beans and their milestones and wish I did more of those posts…something to keep track. I used to blog under my own site and while pregnant w/Beans and before here so, I’m trying to see if I can find those old files and read those too. I want to do the same for Shrimp…what a way to see how different they all are.

I also want to talk about fun stuff like going to the park and sisters getting along (and will probably also talk about them bickering)…
fun on the slide

Or reading to pDaddy on relaxing Sundays…
storytime on a relaxing sunday...

Or them being girlie and wanting to play with make-up and nail polish and dressing up, but also being sporty and goofy. I feel like time is passing on by way too fast for my liking so I need to remember to take the time to capture them here or via pictures or videos or whatever. I used to love scrapbooking and while that may be a great way to preserve some of these memories, I don’t have the time for it. Plus, I’ll have to wait until Shrimp is not getting herself into everything. I can’t even get her to sit and color b/c crayons, markers, or whatever writing utensil you give her, goes straight to her mouth 😦

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pDaddy: Bball Injury & Surgery

papapsxray2 Well, well, well…the pDaddy is currently under knife b/c of that injury right there. pDaddy loves basketball and played in over 6 leagues in a year. However, moving to the midwest put a stop to that for 6 months as he tried to find new leagues or pick up games or what have you. After a 6 month break, he gets a break…in his hand. That x-ray right there shows a fracture to the 5th (small) metacarpal.

He usually plays outside and is a great 3-point shooter. I guess he was a bit rusty though and wasn’t hitting his shots. In an effort to help out the team in other ways, he played defense and started going for rebounds (which is really not his strong point…again, outside shooter). He went up for a rebound and the guy from the other team tried to grab the ball, but somehow managed to push it back down on him (?) and everyone just heard a crack as his pinky went backwards. Only it wasn’t his pinky that broke, but his metacarpal (that bone sticking out up there circled in red…um, shouldn’t exactly be sticking out).

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he goes under (anesthesia always freaks both of us out) so that the ortho surgeon can fix it and put in 2 pins while he’s in there.

On a lighter note: Guess he’ll be setting off all the (airport) metal detectors now.


I’ve been posting mostly to Facebook the past few months and, obviously, not here or Twitter. The “status” update there says “What’s on your mind” or something like that. What’s on my mind? Obviously TOO much to post as I went over the character limit:

What’s on my mind? Too many things! Care to step inside? No? Too bad, here it is anyway…I need to just let it out…

1 – Lola being sick (grammie on Mom’s side). She was hospitalized a few weeks ago and stayed there for about a week w/a visit to ICU too. She’s doing better now, but still not fully recovered. She will be 89 this November and we were planning a HUGE party for her 90th next year.

2 – Mum going to the Philippines (aka “PI” for “Philippine Islands”) to be with her. I feel for Mum. She’s got 2 daughters that are pregnant (yes, my sis is pregnant…2 weeks behind me, though I look like I’m 20 weeks ahead of her) and a sick mother. Mum was so torn about going to the Philippines to be w/her Mom and staying here to be be our Mom. We convinced her to go to PI and that we had our husbands, MILs (who are both nurses) and other friends and family. Besides, even if she stayed here, she wouldn’t really be “here”, ya know?

3 – Razz and Beans being sick. My poor girls caught a cough/cold/fever last Thursday and has managed to keep us in for most of Labor Day Weekend (except for when we snuck out to go to Target yesterday). It was scary on Saturday b/c Razz started looking and feeling really weak again and started her little cough – which, from what we learned back in the Spring – triggers her asthma. I didn’t want to be going to the ER again. Back in the Spring, they were in the ER and Razz ended up getting admitted then getting transferred to another hospital with a PICU (pediatric ICU) b/c her oxygen levels weren’t going up no matter how much they gave her. So horrible seeing her struggle with breathing, being so weak and just not being herself. Anyway, their doctor was away until today so I started giving both of them their nebulizer treatment and, thank goodness, it looks like it’s working.

We weren’t planning on staying home this weekend. pDaddy was going to VA for a basketball tournament and we were planning on going to my parents’ on Friday and staying at my sister’s the rest of the weekend. So, I didn’t force pDaddy to get groceries before he left. Yes, he’s actually been doing the groceries b/c I can’t walk much and he doesn’t want me walking much to trigger labor just yet. Good thing my in-laws came to the rescue. They brought us dinner on Friday, slept over, went grocery shopping for us on Saturday and slept over again Saturday night. They left us Sunday morning w/a stocked fridge and pantry and a chocolate cake to boot (MIL was in a baking mood Saturday night).

4 – My last day of work last Friday, but man, did they seriously put me to work the past couple of months. Even on Thursday, I was working so much that I barely got out of my chair and my legs and feet being so swollen were proof of that!

5 – I was also worried about pDaddy going to VA for his tourney and that hurricane named Earl that was hovering about the area.

6 – What to name this lil girl who’s moving around in my belly like she’s her own lil hurricane.

7 – Putting things away / cleaning – AKA Nesting – but I can’t even do much b/c I am SO huge and slow!

8 – Getting the rest of Beans’ school supplies. She starts PreK-4 on Friday…I can’t believe it. My lil girl, who’ve I’ve stayed home with since she was born, is actually going to start school! This Friday is a half day for her, but the rest of her days are full days from 8am to 3pm. Her school supply list isn’t so bad and actually, Mum and my siblings have been buying her stuff when they go out shopping, but I still don’t get why she needs 2 bottles of ketchup!

9 – Beans ACTUALLY starting school on Friday …oh my. Wait, I mentioned that already, right? Still in shock. I think dropping her off at school will send me into such an emotional and hormonal outrage that I’ll end up in labor. lol

10 – Thinking I was going into labor Sunday night (see previous entry).

11 – Hoping and praying, whenever Shrimpie does come, she’s happy and healthy like her sisters 🙂

12 – SLEEP! I miss SLEEP! And I know I’m not even going to get much anytime soon w/baby coming!

13 – How I’m going to juggle 3 kids and 1 being in school!

14 – Having to go back to work. Can’t we just win the lottery already?

15 – Having only a 2 bedroom house with 3 kids. Speaking of lottery…I really do wish we could just win it to get a bigger house AND not work. Did I mention Beans and Razz want a dog? Um, not quite yet my dears. We were supposed to list our house this spring/summer, but our basement renovation took longer than expected (that’s what happens when family does it and just does it on the side) and now, there’s no way in hell we’re going to be able to pack all our crap and move. At least getting our basement done forced us to purge some of crap. In any case, we don’t even know where to move to. pDaddy is set on moving out of state for a cheaper cost of living – which I get. However, I’m more worried b/c I’ll have a newborn and 2 other kiddos and all our family is here – with the exception of pDaddy’s sister and her family. My sister will also be having a little girl in the beginning of October and of course I want to be around to meet my new niece. In addition, who’s going to help us when we need it? Plus, we don’t trust anyone to babysit for us except our moms. How’s that going to work out?

See? Way too much going on in my head!

Ahhh Spring…

I should have really titled this post “aaa-chooo!”

Anywho, I love spring, really I do. I love the beginning of longer days, the warmer temps (we had a CRAZY, COLD, SNOW-FILLED WINTER! Good Riddance, Old Man Winter!)…I love seeing the flowers bloom, the leaves on the trees making their reappearances, the grass coming back into view, the birds chirping and even people w/their loud music in their cars as they drive by with open windows (take note, this will annoy the heck out of me come summer). I love the extra motivational kick I get w/spring cleaning and sorting and extra burst of energy the sun seems to give me.

What I don’t like? The rain…especially when it goes on for days and is torrential and causes floods. And while I like trees and grass and flowers showing off their lovely buds and colors, I don’t like the pollen that’s associated with all that. And apparently? Neither does poor Razz. I’m pretty much used to allergies. I’ve had them since I was 8? Maybe even earlier, but poor Razz. She’s getting them pretty bad this year.

Poor Razz Razz w/allergies

I took the girls for a follow up visit to their Doctor (they got sick after coming back from Disney and readjusting to cold temps again). They’re not sick anymore, but they do have allergies and the Doctor was saying she’s not surprised at all b/c the pollen count has been pretty high so far this spring. I’ve actually been suffering from allergies since the beginning of February – with snow still on the ground! But, like I said, I just deal…and because I’m pregnant, I don’t take any allergy meds even if my OB cleared Claritin or Zyrtec. I just figured, hey, I suffered through allergies when I was pregnant before w/o any meds, I’m going to try to do it again.

Poor Razz got prescribed eye drops and I’m glad the Dr. noticed – even if she wasn’t so bad when we were at the Doctor’s office. She’s more and more exhausted and wakes up late, naps late then sleeps late which starts the cycle all over again. When she wakes up in the morning, she’s either stuffy or sneezy, but still has droopy eyes and it takes her a bit to shake it all off and be all happy and energized like her usual self. I’m allowed to give her Children’s Claritin so I gave her one yesterday. I don’t think it really helped all that much though…poor thing…

But hey, look, flowers!
pDaddy thru the flowers
That would be pDaddy. This pic kinda cracks me up. It’s like I’m censoring some parts of pDaddy’s body or something using flowers from our Dogwood tree that we bought and planted last Spring… teehee…lol

PS – Again, more poor quality pics from cell phone cam, but whatevs. It’s easier to upload straight to Flickr via my cell…I don’t have to upload to the PC first then Flickr (i’m lazy like that lately).
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