Cobblers are THE BESTEST!

I posted about a pair of shoes that I was absolutely in love with, but was afraid I couldn’t wear b/c they were too narrow for my feet.  ENTER COBBLER who stretched them overnight and they were perfect the next day 🙂

So yes, I DID WEAR THESE to the Christmas party last month 🙂  They fit perfectly fine and looked FANTABULOUS!  Of course, I’m not used to walking in heels anymore, so after a couple of hours of standing/running around after Shrimpie, I was patting myself on the back for bringing my ballet flats 🙂

Let’s take a look again, shall we? Sole Society’s Margie T-strap Studded Beauties that are close to the Valentino’s seen around, but for a wee fraction of the price!  Now, if Sole Society no longer carries your size, try Nordstrom as they carry Sole Society as well 🙂  You’re welcome 🙂


If only I had narrow feet

Well, that’s a catchy title, if there ever was one!

You see these lovelies?  They are shoes from Sole Society called “Margie” and I LOVE THEM!  Seriously, I posted on Instagram asking if it was possible to be in love with a shoe.


I was so disappointed that Sole Society didn’t have my size in stock.  THEN, I saw Nordstrom did (*angels sing*) so I ordered and got them here by Monday.  I took them out of the box and I swear, my mouth couldn’t stop grinning.  I was THAT happy.  I tried them on and loved how they looked!   However, my feet are too wide (I guess?) and so they were pinching my pinkies.

I didn’t know if you could stretch patent leather so I called cobblers around and they said they could.  I also tried walking around in them w/socks on.   Still, I was hesitant to stretch, and possibly, damage such a pretty pair of shoes.  Plus, what if all that stretching still didn’t do anything ?  Would I be able to return them?  Being uncertain, I ordered a 1/2 size bigger yesterday from Nordstrom and chose Next Day Shipping (which is $25!!!!).  I figured they would get here on time and I can see if they would fit or not and if not, take 1 of the 2 to the cobbler and get it back on time for our Annual Holiday Party on Saturday.  When I ordered, they were in stock.  I checked today and the status said Estimated Ship Date was tomorrow, 12/14!!!  BOOOOOOO!

I did a Live Chat w/them and it turns they were on backorder and none in their warehouse so they had to find a Nordstrom that carried it.  They took off the Next Day Shipping fee (only right), but I still won’t get it here by Saturday.  I don’t think they ship on Saturdays…they said next Business day which would be Monday / Tuesday (depending on when it does finally get fulfilled).

So, it looks as if my lovies won’t be on my toesies on Saturday afterall.  I love the way they look, but I love comfort more.  Maybe I will take the ones I have to the cobbler to see if they can stretch enough to make them fit.  I kind of doubt it though (see bottom left corner pic).  I want my toesies to not feel like they’re going to fall off.  I don’t want to be sitting all night with my gorgeous shoes!  What’s the point in that?

Holiday Party Dress – 2012 #1

affordable holiday party - 2012

I think this dress may be the winner…IF it gets here on time and fits.  I got my original order and it was too small so I ordered it again w/rush shipping.  Should be here tomorrow and I need to hope it fits bc I loved it!

So, which shoes?

 hmmm…long cardi, short cardi or blazer?

Accessories?  I need to go through and unpack my fashion jewelry now, I guess.

Windy City Dress in Forest –
shoes from top left counter clockwise
Sole Society – “Stephanie” in black  | ModCloth – “Surprise and Shine Heel” in Gold  | Sole Society – “Stephanie” in Platino|  Sole Society – “Julianne”  |  Sole Society – “Margie” via Nordstrom

New Year’s Resolution – 2013: #1

MIA for almost 1.5 months and I’m back with a confessional type entry…here goes…

New Year’s Resolution #1 will be to limit myself with shopping.

I’m not sure by how much yet.  Maybe 1 or 2 shoes per season, 1 outerwear, etc…or maybe by a dollar amount.  I’ll have to think about it.  It just can’t be ALL of this in ONE week.  This is all because we’re going to a Holiday Party next weekend and one thing led to another.

Exhibit A:

TJMaxx - DKYNC Dress

TJMaxx – DKYNC Dress

DKNYC Dress purchased at TJMaxx – Fits ok, but a bit loose on the shoulders (built in cami straps keep falling) and waist.  I’m afraid I’ll forget to suck in mah belly and I’ll look pregnant all night.

Exhibit B:

modcloth "Windy City Dress"

modcloth “Windy City Dress”

“Windy City” Dress from ModCloth.  Wasn’t sure about the Forrest Green color, but it is the holidays…and a bit more subdued than a red, but more than a black.  Besides, the shoes coming up would all look great with this…yes, that’s PLURAL on the “shoes”.

Exhibit C:

modcloth - "Essential Elegance" skirt

“Essential Elegance” skirt

Lot of Fashion Bloggers out there have nothing but love for this skirt sold by ModCloth.  Who am I to argue?  I thought I could pair this with a gold sequin top that I got on clearance from Target last year as a possible ensemble for the holiday party.

Exhibit D:

Sole Society’s “Margie” Studded T-Strap (purchased at Nordstrom).  What is not to love about this shoe?

sole society "Margie"

sole society “Margie”

It is feminine, sexy, femme fatale and a take on a pair of Valentino’s I saw at Nordstrom’s.  I was almost very upset because I had these as my FIRST Sole Society purchase, but there was some problem with processing my payment.  I had to wait until 7am PST to talk to a rep and by the time that happened and it got all sorted (which was fairly quickly once I finally was talking to someone), it was no longer available…as in SOLD OUT in my size.  Now, it’s rare Sole Society re-stocks and even if they did, I don’t think it would be before our party next weekend.  So, I was desperate and googled it.  Lo and behold, Nordstrom had them and saved the day!

Exhibit E and F:

Sole Society’s “Stephanie” cut-out heel…I mean come on, I had to, that’s my name!

sole society "Stephanie"

sole society “Stephanie”

I was looking for a gold shoe and I liked the look of this and that the platform wasn’t too much.  I’m pretty over all the platform goodness of years past.  If it’s more than an inch, I’ve started to look away.  I think I’m just getting too old to rock those (mid-30s, in case you were wondering).  Even these I had to think about longer than usual.  Anyway, I was looking for gold to pair w/the skirt and gold sequin top.  Now I can see this with the green dress as well!  Now, my problem is that none of these clothes are in my possession and I’m not sure how they’ll fit so I ordered these in black as well to wear with the DKNYC sequin dress…but now, I’m not so sure they’ll go together anyway.

Exhibit G:

Last, but not least, Sole Society’s “Julianne“:

sole society "Julianne"

sole society “Julianne”

When this first came out, they featured the cobalt/royal blue color which is gorgeous.  Problem is, I’m not young enough or confident enough to pull off such a bold color.  Besides, I’m trying to limit my shopping and am afraid I would have had to buy outfits for that blue suede lovey…I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ve built outfits around shoes plenty of times, but I’m really trying to just work with what I have…at least after today 😉

So, I can’t figure out how to justify any of this except that dangit, I love them all – at least online.  I’m actually hoping they don’t fit right or are not comfy, etc…so I can return some of them because I think I would keep them ALL!  Mind you, 1…1 holiday party.  I work from home and can be in sweats all day long if I wanted.  I am not a Fashion Blogger…just someone who wants to have access to the fashion she likes.  I know I’m ridiculous though – I still have a pair of booties and a pair of riding boots STILL in boxes and I’ve had them for over a month now!  I also have other heels, flats, etc.  either just worn once or none at all.  I think I may have to sell some on eBay again…Really, I need to cut the shopping down or I’m going to need a second job just to fuel my clothes/shoes/home decor shopping addiciton!

By the way, these can also be found on my Pinterest Board: Style & Fashion

Orange Stripe & A Trip Down Memory Lane

Been in a bit of a fashion rut as of late. I just haven’t been in the mood to get all dressed up and such. I guess it’s partly to do with the fact that I’m trying to tackle some spring cleaning daily and so I’m not really in the mood to get dressed to get covered in dust or what have you. Even if I’m out and about, it’s just to pick up Beans from school or to go and buy some organizational things (like baskets! I’m obsessed w/baskets…hubby FINALLY caught on after we moved out here…only took him 9 years!).

We’ve been in our new place for about 7 months now and we still have boxes unpacked and also have started to pile up some clutter here and there. I’m just trying to stay on top of it all before I get crazy overwhelmed. I need to start switching out winter/summer clothes too. It’s just hard to get totally be done in that department when the weather can’t make up it’s mind. Yesterday, I had to wake up and put the heater on. Midday, the fans were on. By late afternoon, the air conditioner was on. Then again, I don’t mind it too much. It’s not bitter cold nor is it sweltering hot.

So anyway, I do miss getting dressed up and trying to figure out how to take pics of myself (hahaha…that’s more challenging than putting myself together!).  But, I did find some pics from mid-April when I was going to join Jessica’s Stripes Style Challenge, but never got to put my posts together in time.

This is me out and about at Target w/Shrimpie(wasn’t kidding when I said that I sometimes get dressed up just to go shopping):
orange stripe



Can’t really see the shoes, but they’re fun brown wedges…Dolce Vita for Target S/S 2011
Dolce Vita for Target
Shirt: Allison Britteny for Meijer ..::.. Jeans: Old Navy Flares 2011 ..::.. Bangles: Forever 21 2011 ..::.. Watch: gifted from hubby Michael Kors (also seen here) ..::.. Ring: Avon 2008?  ..::.. Wedges: Dolce Vita for Target 2011 ..::.. Sunglasses:  Michael Kors via TJMaxx

PS – I have a love/hate relationship with our home mirrors. In our mirrors, I look like I’m about 5’7″ and svelte with long legs to boot. In reality, I look like this…

That’s me w/o sunglasses and showing my “full”** figured 5’2” self…at least as of 04.15.2012.  I’ve chopped off my hair since then, but haven’t quite fallen in love with it…might get it re-done.

**I really shouldn’t insult real full-figured women.  I apologize.  I’m really not full figured naturally, though I wouldn’t mind it (if I could just flatten the belly a bit and lose some more jiggle)…I like curves!  Anyhow,  I was always a skinny-minnie up until I had myself some babies and I just haven’t lost my weight to go back to what I was:  Petite size0/2/4.  I think I was a “tight” 2 below…almost a 4?

photo circa 2003…

This was at a photo shoot taken by my parents’ old neighbor who was trying to get into photography and was testing out her camera. I remember I went out the night before and didn’t even shower because I was running late (ahah TMI, I know! Sorry! Oh mid-twenties…where are you?????). I had to bring 3 different outfits and I remember I came up with this one the fastest b/c it was one of my go-to outfit styles/combos for when I used to have to go into the office.  I can’t believe that was almost 9 years ago and I can’t believe I remember the makings of that outfit:

Shirt: from ..::.. Pants: Bootcut pants from Old Navy ..::.. Boots: Charles David via DSW (I miss you too, DSW! Not one by us anymore 😦  )..::..Belt: Banana Republic (miss you too!) ..::.. Necklace/Earrings: Set gifted with some pinkish stone