BornDay…Seeing ORANGE!

I should have titled this “Beans’ Birthday-day Wrap-Up…lol…

More pics from Beans’ Birthday Dinner @ home…We always have a get together with the fam on our real birthdays and, maybe, a bigger birthday party too w/more friends and the rest of the fam.

family + her cousin

the troop - too bad the cup/water bottle got focused!

Her FAVE present
– Handy Manny “Puh-Pair” shop from Lolo & Mum. We got her a camera (so she stops trying to use ours!):

handy manny "puh-pair" shop! her own cam (so she stops trying to use ours!)

Pics of Mama & Papa’s presents came out blurry, but she loved her clothes too! And here she is being silly w/her card from them – eye all peeking out ;):

clothes! silly w/her card

Ever since Beans was born 4 years ago – 3 days before my birthday – my birthday has been put on the back burner. I knew that was going to happen when I was initially told her due date was my birthday. I’ve gotten used to it and actually don’t mind it. I don’t really need a reminder to tell me I’m getting older! I’m happy w/the birthday greets from family/friends via email, phone, text message and even FB. Friends keep telling me we should go out to celebrate anyway and I would love to, if my birthday didn’t fall during the busiest sesason of our work year and I wasn’t so exhausted or sick!

So anyway, for my bday, I was surprised to still score a few presents. One of the best presents? Beans passed her TKD test and got her ORANGE belt! So proud of my little bugger 😉 This time, she had to break the board using her arm/elbow (I forgot what that “punch” was called). For her yellow belt, she had to break the board w/a “hammer” punch using her fist.

Here she is w/that elbow/arm punch breaking the board! Took her a couple of tries, but she did it 🙂

My little TKD superstar 🙂

How terrible that this is the only pic of me on my bday – so haggard looking…That would be the direct result of working and running around doing errands for Beans’ Halloween Bday Party.
me & my girls

pDaddy & his girls

The rest of my birthday was spent @ my parents’ house decorating and prepping for Beans’ Birthday Party with the help of my siblings, nieces and nephews…Halloween was extra exhausting this year! That entry, coming up tomorrow, I hope.


That’s the color of the day, folks!

Beans is testing for her Yellow belt later this afternoon and I, for one, can’t wait! I can’t believe it! She started TaeKwonDo (TKD) late April and has REALLY loved it! She asks me every morning if she has class that day. There was a point where she would get all upset when class was over and didn’t want to leave! She’s been wanting her yellow belt ever since May – when she was exposed to the fact that other kids were testing for them (and other belt colors). She’s also been obsessed w/trophies. Her TKD studio has trophies and plaques all around and she’s just been wanting them. A little birdie told me that if she passes, not only will she get a certificate and a yellow belt, but a trophy as well!

Ever since the Instructors told me last week that she was ready to join in the next round of testing, I’ve been so excited. I think I’m going to be an emotional mess once I see her reactions to receiving any of the 3 things I mentioned. I just REALLY hope she gets it…I guess I shouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch, huh? Still, I’ll be a mess either way!