4 Weeks Later

evil goodness

Pumpkin Cheesecake – aka evil goodness

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I do hope everyone had a great holiday season and a fantabulous New Year so far!  We had a great Christmas and New Year full of decorating, baking, cooking and wrapping/opening presents.  I am not ready to let go of Christmas yet.  I can’t bring myself to bring down our tree and decorations, but I just have to keep reminding myself that dust…dust is our enemy.  I am hoping to post recaps of the holidays soon, but today’s post is to update myself on my 4 Week Goal Accountability post.

4 Weeks Ago, I set these goals and by today, I was supposed to be able to say the following, confidently.  Unfortunately, it was a lot harder than I anticipated and our holiday baking and cooking frenzy was no help.  So the only things I have been able to accomplish are crossed out.

By January 10, 2013, I will be able to proudly say I:

  • have worked out at least 4-6x/wk (Turbo/Gym)  – only 2-3x/week.
  • lost 10 lbs – actually gained 4lbs, but it feels like 10.  my cheeks feel chubbier…my belly and thighs feel humungo! 😦
  • am able to do 10 push-ups with no knees  YEAH BOSS!  BIG CHECK on this one!
  • am able to do 10 tricep push-ups  – nope…only about 3.
  • lost 2″ from my waist – scared to check, but I probably added 2”.
  • drank 80 oz of water daily By far, the easiest since I love water.
  • can run 1 mile straight – haven’t even tried.
  • can finish CORE 20* (floor work) without stopping – haven’t tried either.
  • limited bad carb in-take – baked goodies messed me up,  big time!
  • increased fruits and veggiesmy body looks for salad…love it!
  • made daily TO DO lists and prioritized  Big CHECK on this…though my “priorities” don’t always get done did.   I need to work on that now.

So, there you have it.  2 steps forward, 200 steps back.  I wish I never tasted good pumpkin cheesecake (until this past Thanksgiving, I didn’t like anything pumpkin).  Once I tasted the (expensive) pumpkin cheesecake,  I decided to try to save money and make one myself and darn it, it turned out great!  I didn’t realize it was so crazy high in calories!  I mean, I knew it was high, I didn’t think 1/12th of a cheesecake could be over 400 calories!

Anyway, I am keeping at this this and if I don’t do some kind of “reset”, by February 7 I will need to cross more things off this list.  I really need to focus and make a change.  My cholesterol needs to go down. I do not want to go on medication if I can help it.  I repeat, I DO NOT want to go on medication.

So, I’ve started to take steps and log my food in myfitnesspal.com and am going to try to burn at least 600 calories at the gym tonight…



Losing Weight, Not Just for the Vain

4 Week GoalsYup, I need to lose weight and it’s not to look pretty or be skinny anymore. It’s nothing to do with vanity…nope. It’s for my health. I had some bloodwork done and my numbers were pretty high for cholesterol. In fact, the doctor said I should be on medication with my numbers, but she didn’t want to put me on medication until I tried to lose weight first. I’m not even clear on how much weight I need to lose.  She may have told me, but I think I was too dumbfounded at the moment and forgot to ask.  I think even losing 10 lbs would help.

Through the years, I have had my ups and downs with weightloss. I had stints of getting into working out, running, dieting, etc. I would lose weight, but would gain it back. I never got to my goal weight. Over the summer, I started one of the BeachBody programs (same company that sells/promotes “P90X”, “Insanity”, etc.). I started “TurboFire” and let me tell you, it is great! The instructor, Chalene Johnson, knows how to get you going and keep you going. I lost weight on it, but didn’t keep it off because I didn’t keep up with the program and at some point, fell off the wagon w/working out and eating.

My problem is 2-fold: Eating (not the best of foods and not in small portions) and Motivation.

I can be so gung ho about working out and getting in shape and my mindset will be in the right place, but for some reason, I end up getting distracted and losing that motivation. This time around, it was because girls and I kept getting sick with the change in seasons. Still, when we got better, I didn’t go back to working out with gusto like I did.

Same with food, I can be so healthy 1 week and then devour fast food and junk food the next week (and the week after that, etc.).

I need to stop this, I know it. I like how I feel when the inches come off. I love that my clothes get loose and I’m not “muffin-topping” like crazy.  I love that I have more energy when I workout and lose weight.   I love that even my skin benefits from me sweating (releasing toxins, I guess). I need to get going and make changes. I need to be healthy. High cholesterol at 35 is not cool. Being on medication is not cool and for what? Lack of focus and motivation?!?!

I need to start eating better, but dieting is not for me. Restricting myself from certain foods just makes me binge on them later on. I just need to eat clean as much as possible and/exercise more portion control.

I know what I need to do and I need to make myself accountable.  My #s need to go down and not just on the scale.  They need to go down for cholesterol and dress sizes.  I hate that I just had to buy an XL skirt because my waist is too big, but I have to get it hemmed because it’s too long.   Big waist and short legs are just not a great combo!

I follow Chalene Johnson’s FB page and she put on there to make 4 Week Goals. That was one of the 1st things I did today and I posted it on Instagram and on our Turbofire Challenge Group page on FB. pDaddy signed up for a family gym membership so I am starting to go there now…so far I went Friday and Sunday. I may not be following Turbofire workout schedules to the “T” anymore, but I will still use some of those DVDs. They are awesome workouts! I wish I could have had more focus and more determination/motivation to do the full 90 day program because I know I would have seen results. I saw results after the first 2 weeks!

So anyway, here is me…being accountable with 4 Week Goals (pictured above):

By January 10, 2013, I will be able to proudly say I:

  • have worked out at least 4-6x/wk (Turbo/Gym)
  • lost 10 lbs
  • am able to do 10 push-ups with no knees
  • am able to do 10 tricep push-ups
  • lost 2″ from my waist
  • drank 80 oz of water daily
  • can run 1 mile straight
  • can finish CORE 20* (floor work) without stopping
  • limited bad carb in-take
  • increased fruits and veggies
  • made daily TO DO lists and prioritized

There you have it.  4 weeks from today.  Wow, I just made “resolutions” before New Year’s!


*CORE20 is a TurboFire workout

Too Old For This!

Last week, out of nowhere, I broke out. All of a sudden, I had 3 pimples. I don’t know if it’s because it’s getting warm out and my overly oily face is producing oil at a faster rate or because I’ve been working out and sweating and not always able to
jump into the shower right away (ahhhh motherhood) or the fact that I’m just being reminded that I was (and maybe, still am) a late bloomer.

Late bloomer w/huge pores 😦 Ugh, I’m putting myself out here…this is a pretty close-close up of my skin and how horrid it has become. I had NO idea that skincare included facials at least once a month and that exfoliating should be done once a week…maybe 2-3 if you have oily skin like I do…Oh and let’s not forget masks…once a week. Yes, I went on a skincare research overload and all of this, I only learned about last summer. I always thought facials were just for relaxing and pampering. I don’t remember Mum going through all of this, but then I just realized she has visible pores too. I guess she didn’t know either.

As part of my resolutions, I’m trying to take better care of myself so, I’m off to get a facial tonight…or a peel or something. Whatever. I’m going to see an aesthetician(sp?) for a consultation and we’ll see what the next steps are. I just hope there’s some hope left. I know there’s no way that I’ll ever have small pores again, but I hope there’s something that can be done to even out the texture of my face.

Note to all of you out there, especially you young ones who think you have perfect skin – which may, now: NEVER go to bed w/o washing your face or at least removing your make up. I’m told, and I’ve read, that’s the #1 cause for clogging pores and making them huge!

I only really started wearing make up a few years ago (and still not everyday), but never really made it a habit of taking my make-up off (don’t judge!). I used to have porcelain skin way back when…all I would wear was maybe powder. I couldn’t figure out how to apply foundation and I’m actually still learning…So, I never had to remove make up (because I barely ever wore it) or never found it necessary to wash my face before bed (again, don’t judge me!). I’m so paying for it now 😦

Let’s file this under: “Things I know now”…and “I wish I knew then”…and “Older = Wiser”.


Boots!It’s been crazy around here so posting has been put on the back burner. BUT, I just wanted to share the fact that I finally found these boots! These boots that I’ve been drooling over since I saw them at Target and on Target’s website.

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, I’ve banned myself from Target. I went there once to get fish food which cost about $2.50. I left that day with my receipt showing $249+. That same week, I went there 3x and spent way more than I should have…Between getting things to organize around the house and clothes for me and the girls, it was just too much and NONE of that was for Christmas shopping (I still think it’s too early, though I’m getting bit by the bug slowly, but surely).

However, I saw these boots in the store and I just had to have them! Unfortunately, they didn’t have my size in the store (7) and since I couldn’t try them I didn’t want to buy them online in a smaller size. They only had 5, 5.5, 6.5 and 11 available online. I was going to buy the 6.5 online, but didn’t want to bother with shipping (they’re $49.99 so it doesn’t qualify for the “spend $50 and get free shipping special) and having to possibly return them, etc.

Yesterday, the girls & I met up w/my SIL and my niece because I wanted to get my niece the same dress and boots as my girls so they could match on Thanksgiving (I’m weird like that…totally taking after my mom who used to dress my brother/sister the same and my cousins and I the same). While going to get the boots for my niece, I decided to look at the Women’s Shoes and lo and behold, there they were. Size 7s! I tried them on and they were too big!!! I started to frantically look for a 6.5 and again, lo and behold, there they were on the top shelf (almost missed it).

How cute are they? Totally would go so nicely with some dresses, skirts and even jeans! I cannot wait to wear them! They’re not as comfy as the reviews on the website said, but I think that’s because my right foot is a bit bigger/wider, but whatever…I don’t plan on walking miles in them. I also scored on some clearance dresses and so I think I have my Thanksgiving outfit ready…

I just love that Target has so many cute clothes now. I don’t even really hit any other store for my fashion choices. I’m frugal like that, but I just need to remember to buy in small doses!

New Look – For Me Too :)

Ok, so I feel like I need a new look too and so, before I do something drastic and chop off all my hair again like last year, I shall start with the eyes…

Which do you think would look best? Gray? Green? Pure Hazel?
(click on pics to view them in a bigger size…and um, let’s ignore the overly cheesy smile again, mmmkay? thanks 🙂 )




Here are my eyes – au natural:

So…what says you?

You Capture – YOU!

Beth over at ishouldbefoldinglaundry.com hosts the weekly “You Capture” challenge and this week is my first time joining. This week’s theme is “YOU” – as in capture yourself. Truly challenging for me as I have a problem w/taking pics of myself (kinda shy, hands too shaky, flash doesn’t work well w/the mirror, my arms are short, etc..)…so, sorry for the poor quality of the photos. Hoping to have a better week next week!

Well, here goes:

  • Sportin’ the look of the day…It’s amazing I’m not in PJs!
  • morning me morning me

  • With a dress I’m too short for, but I really like it. Need your opinion on this one as I’m thinking of getting it hemmed. I think it’s supposed to be a little past your knees and not above your ankles. Then again, the long makes me, well, longer and more lean. What says you?
  • short? long?

  • Again showing how short I am w/a Maxi dress (and I’m already wearing kitten heels like in the dress above)…and just meeeee….sans make-up, contacts, etc…I did use a bit of blur on PS b/c my face was looking a wee bit shiny!
  • me w/a maxi dress me

    Want to participate or see other’s who’ve joined in on this week’s challenge? Head on over to Beth’s page:

    It’s Gotta Be the Shoes…

    boots!Ahh yes…I love www.endless.com.  I ordered 2 pairs of boots from them Wednesday early in the evening (i think it was before 7:00pm EST).  Thursday afternoon, my boots arrived.  Behold the boots that will make me shop even more b/c now I need to get outfits to go with them because more than any other accessory, the shoes make the outfit…(whew…that was one long sentence 😀 )

    Madden Girl – Singerr in TAN (on MY right foot) – I now want this in gray.  SO comfy, but came a bit big.  I probably should have ordered a half size smaller.  Still, that leaves room for me to double on socks on those cold winter days (again, I don’t know when I’ll really be out b/c I work from home, but still…I think I just don’t want to return them I love them so much…lol)

    Rampage – Berlynn in CAMEL (on MY left foot) – Seemingly comfy as well, but I don’t know how long I can stand on these.  I’m just not used to wearing heels anymore.  But for high heels, they’re comfy.

     Now, the shopping madness will begin becuase I need to get nicer tops, sweater dresses or just something that will go with the awesomeness of these boots.  I’m in love and they’re not even real leather!  So, maybe a sweater dress (that doesn’t accentuate my belly b/c then it will look like a maternity dress), some skirts and leggings?  hmmm…Plus, I have 2 more pairs coming – a pair of gray boots and that brown menswear shoe I mentioned in my previous post. Oh man, I need to stop.  I can’t shop too much.  I mean, we are in a recession.  BUT, like I told my girlfriend (after she called me “Imelda”[Marcos]), , I’m merely restocking my shoe supply.  Over the summer, I cleared out closets and the basement.  I gave out a lot of  my old shoes and boots b/c they no longer fit me (since I had my babies, my feet grew!), were out of style or b/c they got all nasty and moldy from an old flood we had (and the bin that had my shoes wasn’t shut tight).  So, yeah, I’m restocking.

    I just have to remind myself not to go crazy b/c Christmas is around the corner and so is December…the end of another quarter which means possible layoffs and with this economy?  I don’t feel safe any longer, but I’ll always have my boots 😉