Bullet Style:

  • Kind of spooked that an old friend of mine got buried this morning – on my birthday. 31 years young…got hit by an SUV while crossing the street. Sounded all too familiar as I got hit by an SUV crossing the street over 7 years ago. Was never able to make it to her wake…I’m sure she understands. She was always very understanding and always so happy and literally made the room shine w/her radiant smile. RIP Debbie Debs…God Rest Your Soul and be with your family now and always…
  • Well, that was a downer! Let’s try to change that a bit.

  • As a treat for my birthday, I got myself a Big Mac Value Meal. Haven’t had one in a long time and hey, why not? My diet’s out the window anyway. Besides, I’m sick and stressed and need comfort food 😉
    I treated  myself to a Big Mac for my bday ;)
  • Been running around going nuts buying last minute stuff for Beans’ Halloween Birthday Party tomorrow. No cake store around me so I can’t find anything CINDERELLA-ish for her cake. All I managed to find was a Cinderella candle. She will be a Cinderella and a Pirate so I got some pirate stuff too. Maybe we’ll make Cinderella go on a treasure hunt!
  • I can’t wait to see everyone in costume!
  • We’re going to decorate my parents’ house tonight for Beans’ party…ordering Chinese for my bday 🙂
  • Beans is testing for her ORANGE belt later today!
  • I wanted to take a day off from work today…Instead, I will be working late tonight 😦 So, I took a 2 hour lunch to balance it out – sorta
  • So, we’ll be decorating and celebrating my bday w/Chinese while I work on/off checking emails and loading stuff to tables…oh joy!
  • If you actually read all that and are still reading, here’s Beans rockin’ to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'”:
  • (grrr…why can’t the flickr video embed correctly???)