2013 Super Bowl XLV11 – ehhh

Is it me or did the Super Bowl lacked a certain “umph” last night, no? It just seemed like another football game to me. No big electric filled feeling (or maybe there was and it took the electricity down with it). Even the commercials weren’t all that. We tuned in the middle of the 2nd quarter so maybe there were other commercials, but I don’t think we saw the resident Coca Cola Polar Bears or did we miss that? I know we missed the Budweiser Clydesdales, but usually they would have more than one commercial, right?

Best commercial IMHO? RAM’s “God Made a Farmer”. Maybe it’s because we have migrated to the heartland in the midwest and it resonates with me more now, but really, it was darn touching and respectful.

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To me, the highlights of the game, besides Beyonce, were the lights going out and that giving the 49ers some kind of momentum and run. Other than that, it was kind of boring to watch, like THIS is the Super Bowl??!?! One team totally dominating the other? I’m glad they actually came out fighting and gave the Ravens a run for their money.

Now I know there were great plays made and I am happy for Jersey boy, Flacco, but overall, it just lacked a certain “WOOOOOHOOO” factor. I’m not a sports editor or anything…I’m just sayin’.

PS – I noticed I actually write more about football than basketball when I’m a bigger basketball fan than football. Go figure.